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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 123 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel had summoned all the high-rank nobles into the palace including the so-called family relative of the royal family. He stared at each one of them while they were looking down at him because of a simple reason and that was he wasn’t from a noble family.

“Good morning and thank you for joining me in this short-notice invitation,” Mykel said and stared at each one of them while he was sitting on the chair that belonged to the Emperor. “I believe every single one of you has heard about my plan of making Manna the head of the Veatika Empire. I can see it in your eyes that none of you agree with that decision of mine,”

A man in blue and gold attire stared at Mykel from the corner of his eyes with despise. The only one who was still connected to the royal family, Duke Arftel, was the one who was supposed to be taking the throne based on the rumor that Mykel heard.

“With all due respect, we believe you have no right to interfere with the internal affair of our world. Especially when it comes to Veatika Empire because you’re nobody and just someone who came from another world,” Arftel said and all the nobles closed their eyes and nodded their heads arrogantly.

“But it was I who saved your world, and it was I as well who saved your trapped soul inside the crystal. That alone is enough to tell that every single one of you is indebted to me and to put it harshly, I own your life now,” Mykel said so casually while he leaned his back on the chair.

“What did you just say?!” Arftel yelled and slammed his hand on the table as he glared at Mykel furiously. “Do you understand what you just said counts as a threat to a noble family and the punishment is a beheading?!”

The other nobles started to point their fingers at Mykel and curse him for being disrespectful to the noble family, especially to the Duke’s family. Mykel couldn’t help but smile and looked at the knights who were present in the room while the nobles kept cursing him.

“Guards! Take this man out of here and put him in the guillotine!” Arftel shouted as he pointed his finger at Mykel and stared at the knights behind Mykel.

The knights looked at Mykel and proceeded to walk toward the table.

“The verdict is final, you’re going to die, Mykel Alester,” Arftel said with a smile on his face but then Mykel chuckled as he shook his head which made all of them look at him with confusion.

“How arrogant can a nobleman be that you’re blinded by power that doesn’t even exist anymore,” Mykel said as he stood up and the knights walked past Mykel and then grabbed Arftel’s arms.

“What’s the meaning of this?! Let go of me at once!” Arftel looked at the knights who pulled him away from the table while the other nobles were watching with confusion but then the rest of the knights held the other nobles down in their seats.

Mykel smiled and looked at Arftel. “Do you know how powerful a word can be? A word can produce ideals and hopes.” Mykel said as he walked toward Arftel. “And if those ideals and hopes are told to the right people, it gives courage and ideas,” Mykel stood in front of Arftel while he kept smiling at him.

“What are you trying to say?!” Arftel shouted and glared at Mykel.

“In my world, there’s no such a thing as nobles and commoners, imagine if this world can be like mine. What do you think will happen to the commoners after they heard that everyone can live equally?” Mykel replied as he looked at the knights.

“Of course, it gave them courage and that courage is enough to do something like this,” Mykel said as he looked at the knight and nodded his head.

The knight unsheathed his sword and decapitated Arftel without hesitation. All the nobles gasped and covered their faces as they trembled in fear.

“Do you understand your position as a noble now? It’s meaningless and I can take your life so easily as you take the commoner’s life,” Mykel said as he walked back to the table and then sat down. “Of course, I won’t remove the nobility system because what’s the point to have an Empress without a noble?”

All the nobles stared at Arftel’s dead body and then they all looked at Mykel.

“It seems that I got all your attention, let’s talk about the future of Veatika Empire,” Mykel raised his eyebrows with a smile on his face.

The next day, everyone was gathering inside and outside the palace, everyone was attending Manna’s coronation. They were all so happy to see her in her armor and a long robe that dragged on the floor while Mykel was standing next to the throne and watched her walk toward him.

The cardinal grabbed the crown on the red pillow, with all kinds of gemstones on all sides that embellished the crown. Mykel looked at the crown and then Manna stood below the cardinal, she went down on her knees while everyone silently watched her on the sides.

“In the name of Almighty and everlasting Gods and Goddesses, we ask for your grace and blessing upon this person, Manna Immane that as by the imposition of our hands, she is this day crowned Empress,” The Cardinal said and carefully put the crown on Manna’s head.

“I solemnly promise and swear to govern the People of the Veatika Empire,” Manna replied and looked at the throne in front of her.

Everyone was cheering for her as they clapped their hands with excitement.

Manna turned around and looked at the knights and the people were smiling at her while the nobles just stood there and clapped their hands. She then walked toward the throne and saw Mykel standing next to the throne as he pointed his hand at the throne.

Manna sat down on the throne and immediately a mysterious ray of light pointing at her came from the giant windows below the roof. Everyone was looking at her with disbelief because the mysterious ray of light was representing the blessing of the Constellations.

“To think the Constellations are giving you their blessings, you must feel really good right now,” Mykel quietly said as the people of Vaetika Empire bowed their heads down on the ground.

“This warmth, it makes me believe that I can achieve anything,” Manna said as she looked at her hand and clenched it. “I promise you that I will do my best and make this world fit for your taste, Mykel Alester,”

“Then I will give you a gift,” Mykel said as he activated his [Admin] skill and tapped on Manna’s level.




[YOU HAVE MODIFIED [Manna Immane]’s [LEVEL] TO 75!]

Manna was shocked when she saw her level rose to 75 so suddenly, and then she looked at Mykel with confusion and disbelief.

“No need to say anything, just keep your world safe from the demons because your world is now the frontline who will deal with Belphegor’s demon army,” Mykel said as he put his hand on her shoulder. “I have been staying in your world for too long, this will be a goodbye, for now,”

Manna looked at Mykel walking down the stairs as he lit his cigarette and then left the throne room.

Mykel looked at the tower that was in the middle of the capital city where knights and Awakeners were guarding the entrance. He then went to the blue portal to go back to his world.

“Wasted four days in this tower but it’s worth the time because, with Manna with me, everything will be easier from now on,” Mykel said as he puffed the smoke and walked in the endless hallway.

The moment Mykel came out from the tower, a notification appeared.

[Goddess of All has summoned you to her world, the Void Clouds]

“You have gotten be kidding me,” Mykel said as he stared at the notification and he got teleported immediately.

Mykel looked around and it was pitch black and nothing around him, it was the same feeling that he experienced before. He floated in the emptiness and he couldn’t see anything else, not even his hands or body because of how dark it was.

[Goddess of All has requested the system]

[The User’s [Admin] skill level is insufficient to interfere with the request]

[All of your skills have been disabled in the Void Clouds under Goddess of All request]

Mykel closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down because he believed that he did nothing wrong and he hadn’t broken his promise to Mara.

A presence could be felt from Mykel’s nape, a smooth cloth touched his nape and his right ear made him flinch.

“Long time no see, Mykel Alester,” A soothing woman’s voice whispered into his ear.


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