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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 120 Bahasa Indonesia

“Mykel? What’s the meaning of this?!” Manna glared at Mykel with disbelief as he stood in front of her with hundreds of dead bodies behind him including Elric, Helden, and Carson.

“Now I know why you only saw the fourteenth floor and fighting the demons. I guess you didn’t know what will happen to you afterward,” Mykel said and grabbed her neck then threw her into the forest behind the portal.

Manna stood up and she seemed fine even after she got thrown away quite far away. She unsheathed her sword and readied her stances as she watched Mykel walk toward her.

Mykel flew the throwing knives at her and she was fast enough to block and dodge them all.

“Athena, if you hear me now, I’m going to use your recipient and maybe put her back to normal,” Mykel said as he kept controlling the knives.

[The Goddess of Wisdom looks at you and nods with understanding]

“Good, I know you love your recipient like no other Gods and Goddesses. I will make sure to bring her back to her sense,” Mykel said and then started running toward Manna.

Mykel appeared behind Manna who was so busy dealing with the knives, and then he put his hand on Manna’s face. He slammed her down to the ground and it was enough to stun her then he used his throwing knives and stabbed her hands and feet so she couldn’t move.

“Now, let’s give it another try,” Mykel said as he pressed Manna’s chest with his left hand and grabbed the [Dagger of Lechery] from inside his blazer.

Mykel spend a whole day to brainwashed Manna with [Mind Control], [Desire], [Tyrannize], [Dagger of Lechery], and [Admin]. It took him hours to finally understood how to brainwash a person’s head by adding [Telepathic] skill into his skill tab and it was actually that simple by bending their beliefs slowly.

Mykel stood up and wiped the sweat on his forehead. “How are you feeling?” he asked as he looked at Manna who had just woken up from a deep sleep.

“My head hurts…” Manna said as she groaned and held her head with both hands.

Manna stood up as Mykel watched her and then she looked at the corpses of the knights. She was staring at them blankly for quite a while and then she looked at Mykel with confusion.

“I didn’t kill them,” Manna said to herself and shook her head. “No, I don’t remember killing them, why would they do that to me,” she kept talking to herself.

“Stop thinking about it, you’re only going to hurt yourself,” Mykel looked at her with his arms crossed. “Can you walk? Let’s go to the next floor, we have to save your world,”

[The Goddess of Wisdom is impressed with your skill]

Mykel looked at the notification and smiled. “You owe me one for this,” he said quietly.

[The Goddess of Wisdom is feeling restless]

[The Goddess of Vengeful is comforting The Goddess of Wisdom]

[The Goddess of Love is cheering The Goddess of Wisdom]

“Did all of that really happen? Was I the cause of the downfall of the empire?” Manna asked as she walked behind Mykel.

“Yes, but that was because you were under their influence, so it wasn’t really your fault,” Mykel answered. “You can start over and lead a new world where death isn’t as beautiful as you think,”

Manna only hummed and kept following Mykel to the portal and looked at it for quite a while.

“Ready to move?” Mykel stared at Manna who seemed to hesitate to enter the portal.

“Yes,” Manna nodded her head and entered the portal with Mykel.

[The servant of Second Demon Lord Golgos has been waiting for this moment]

[Kill the servant and the Veatika world will be reunited]

Mykel looked at the blue barrier that wrapped the whole empire and he could see the demons were trapped inside the barrier. He looked at a person in rust armor standing in front of the barrier with his hands holding a staff that he stabbed on the ground.

“Rami…” Manna said quietly with a sorrowful voice as she approached the guy with his cape torn by time.

Mykel walked in front of the guy and saw the guy’s face that was so skinny that he had no flesh behind his skin. He sacrificed his life to keep the barrier up by keep holding the staff until he died from starvation.

“You protected the people in exchange for your life,” Manna said and looked at Rami. “It’s time for you to rest, my Vice Commander,” she carefully and gently touched Rami’s body and he collapsed immediately and the barrier disappeared as well.

“You can fight?” Mykel looked at Manna holding the staff and Rami’s dead body.

“My only purpose in life is to fight, there’s nothing else,” Manna answered and carefully put down Rami’s dead body. “Let me fight the demons, and even if I die, I have no regrets because everyone is waiting for me on the other side,”


[PLEASE SELECT AND MODIFY [Manna Immane]’s [Skill Tab]!]


[YES.] [NO.]

Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button and Manna immediately noticed that her [Body Enhancement] skill level rose to 10. She was so confused while she was holding her sword and then she looked at Mykel with disbelief.

“Live and atone your sins, I won’t allow you to die,” Mykel said and stared into Manna’s eye.

Since Manna was still under Mykel’s control, she couldn’t resist and do what Mykel told her to do.

Manna swung her sword and stared at the glowing blade. “I’m not planning to die here,” she said, and then she ran toward the demon hordes.

It was a sight to see Manna fight hundreds of demons on her own with only a sword and armor. She slammed her sword and created a massive projectile attack that was made of sharp and invisible wind.

Manna’s screams and grunts were expressing her sadness, anger, frustration, and guilt. All she cared about was swinging her sword and killing the demons, she didn’t care what was coming toward her.

While Manna was busy fighting the hordes, a demon with a bald head and long fangs with his belly covering his thighs and knees broke the gate and walked toward her. Manna looked at the demon lord’s servant and immediately ran toward him while she swung her sword to make her own path forward.

The demon servant growled at Manna and he swung his giant halberd toward her. She dodged it but the impact was enough to throw her away, she immediately recover and kept running toward him.

Manna swung her sword as hard as she could and created a projectile attack on the demon servant. He swung his halberd and blocked the projectile attack but he got knocked back from it. She used the opportunity to get closed to the demon servant, and the moment she was close enough to the demon servant, she leaped forward and swung her sword diagonally at the demon servant.

The battle was so intense they swung their weapons at each other and made shockwaves that were enough to push all the demons away from them. Mykel decided to help and cleaned up the demons for her so she could focus on fighting the demon servants.

For a demon servant who could withstand [Body Enhancement] level 10 was enough to give Mykel a suspicion about him. In the original story, the demon servant was so easy to kill by Manna but this time it felt like he possessed something that could be par on Manna’s strength.

Mykel decided to join in and observed what make the demon servant so strong, and so he used half of his strength to punch the demon servant’s on the chest. The demon servant’s chest was blown up and made a giant hole in his chest.

“What?! That’s weird!” Manna glared at the demon servant who was still standing up and growling at them.

“I see what it is,” Mykel stared at a purple crystal hanging near the demon servant’s heart.

Mykel used [Telekinesis] and took the crystal from the demon servant’s body. He stared at it and read the description of the crystal.

[Crystal of Souls: A crystal to contain the souls of the dead, the more souls inside the crystal, the greater the power of its effect (Current souls inside the crystal are 10,512)]

Mykel stared at the demon servant and crushed him into nothing with his [Telekinesis].

[You have cleared the fifteenth floor of Belphegor Tower]

[You are the first to clear the fifteenth floor]

[Please enter your name]

[Enter the Tower of Belphegor to enter the sixteenth floor]

[The blue portal to your original world is now open!]

[You have saved the Veatika World from Demon King Belphegor!]

[All the floors that belonged to the Veatika world are now being reunited!]

“This crystal doesn’t belong to this world or demon world,” Mykel stared at the crystal in his hand.


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