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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 118 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel destroyed the walls and tore them down like trees in the forest, he knew where he should go so he kept destroying the cliffs all the way to the northwest. It only took him thirty minutes to reach the village or the remains of a medieval village in the northwest.

Mykel saw livestock everywhere but he couldn’t find anyone and the reason would be because of the earthquakes. He walked through the vast land and saw houses in front of him with smoke coming out from the chimney.

A guy looked out through the window and saw Mykel was staring at the livestock, he then came out of his house hurriedly. “Hey! Stay away from my livestock!”

Mykel looked at the middle-aged man standing in front of the house with his hand clenched at him. After that commotion, more people were coming out of their houses and looking at Mykel weirdly because of his odd outfit in their eyes.

“Where’s the gate?” Mykel asked as he walked toward the middle-aged man.

“Gate? What do you want from it?” The middle-aged man asked.

“Stop asking and show me where the gate is,” Mykel said as he stood in front of the middle-aged man that was taller than him. In fact, everyone in Veatika was taller than him because, in this world, everyone was blessed with a tall body with much stronger muscle.

“Are you from another world?” The middle-aged man asked. “If you are, and looking at your appearance, you’re not going to make it out alive, kid,” he said and stared down at Mykel.

The reason why Mykel asked for the gate was that the walls or the cliffs were moving randomly which made it impossible for everyone to remember the path since it changed frequently and it included the gate.

Mykel used his [Telekinesis] to lift the middle-aged man up. “I will ask you one last time, where’s the gat?”

“C-calm down! Put me down first and I will tell you where it is!” The middle-aged man replied as he was panicking and trying to balance his body.

Mykel carefully put the middle-aged man down. “You can just say that in the first place, why makes things hard?” he asked.

The middle-aged man cleared his throat and turned around. “Manna! Where’s Manna?” he shouted to the people that watched them from the distance.

A woman with black short hair and with a bit of muscle in her biceps and forearms tilted her head and raised her hand. She walked toward them with her dark blue eyes as she stared at Mykel with her eyebrows furrowed.

“What is it, chief?” Manna asked and looked at the middle-aged man.

“This guy, he wants to go to the gate, he has a death wish it seems,” The middle-aged man answered and pointed his fingers at Mykel.

Manna raised her eyebrow. “Are you sure you want to go there? I mean, whatever, come on,” she said and turned around as she walked away.

Mykel followed her and walked next to her. Her height was the same as Mykel’s.

“From which world did you come?” Manna asked as she kept looking forward.

“Earth,” Mykel answered and looked at how tall those people were.

“Well, just so you know, you’re not the first one to come to our world. You were the sixth who managed to leave the death maze,” Manna said and sighed with a bit of annoyance. “Nobody came back alive the moment they entered the gate, I guess you will be the sixth that will die because of your arrogance,”

“You have quite the muscle, were you a knight before?” Mykel asked and of course, he already knew who she was since she was the only one who could help him to save Veatika from the demons.

“I don’t know what you called yourself in your world, but we called ourselves the Ordained. I’m one of them and I’m the only one on this floor so you should know already how bad my world’s condition is,” Manna answered with her hands in her pockets.

[NAME: Manna Immane]

[LEVEL: 43]



[ARCANA COIN: 95,700]


Edict (Passive): The User will gain bonus destructive power the more people the User command. (Current level is 10. Increase 0,2% destructive power for every person the User command)]

Courage (Active) (Benefactor Exclusive): The User will add [Mind-Stability] level 5 to all the people around the User. The effect lasts for an hour and can only be used three times a day]

Forsee (Active) (Benefactor Exclusive): The user can see the future of tomorrow and can only be used once a week]

[Regeneration (Passive) (Benefactor Exclusive): Triple the [Recovery] effects and can restore missing limbs]

“You’re strong enough to clear your own world, but why you didn’t want to do that?” Mykel asked.

Manna scoffed. “It’s not that simple, we can fight the demons but that doesn’t mean we can survive the death maze. We can easily fight the demons but we will die of starvation in the maze, so we don’t want to risk our lives since the demons are not even attacking us anymore after the breakout,” she answered.

“We could go now but the plague would also kill us even though we have food that’s enough to feed everyone for a whole week. We have no cure for the plague and as long as the corpses of the demons that invaded our world was still laying on the ground, there’s no safe place for us anyway,” Manna explained.

Mykel looked at the top of the cliff and the dead bodies of the demons were up there and they could do nothing about it. They had to find a safe spot on each floor so the plague didn’t kill them.

That proved how smart Belphegor was because he could conquer a world with Awakeners that were way stronger than his world. He didn’t use force like any other Demon Kings, he used his brain and used their weakness to fight against them.

Veatika world was invaded and the breakout happened, he brought plague inside the demons and it was enough to reduce their population.

“That’s why we don’t make a move yet because we have no information about the next floor,” Manna said.

“Why don’t you use your Forsee skill, Manna? You might be able to see what will happen tomorrow,” Mykel asked as he walked next to her.

Manna suddenly stopped walking and stared at Mykel with suspicion and disbelief at the same time.

“How do you know about my skill?” Manna asked with her eyes squinted.

Mykel smiled. “Who knows, but I can promise you it won’t be disappointing,” he answered.

Manna closed her eyes to activate [Forsee], and in less than a minute she opened her eyes and stared at Mykel with a surprised expression. She saw Mykel cleared not only the eleventh floor but also up to the fourteenth floor. She noticed that she was there as well with him and the other Ordained fought by her side to fight the demons.

“How was it? Were you enjoying the show?” Mykel asked with a smile on his face.

“Who are you?” Manna asked with curiosity.

“You can just say that I’m a friend with one of your Benefactor,” Mykel answered and he didn’t lie about it because Goddess Bia joined him and served him.

“So, Supreme Commander Manna, how about we save your world?” Mykel asked with his arms crossed and eyebrow raised.

Manna stood there for quite a while and stared at Mykel judgingly, she clenched her hands and immediately ran back to the village.

“What’s wrong Manna? Why did you come back? Did something happen?” An old woman asked whose house was next to Manna’s house.

“Nothing, I forgot to bring something,” Manna replied with a smile on her face then entered her house.

Everyone looked at Manna’s house and heard a commotion from the inside of her house.

Ten minutes later, she came out and she wore dark grey silver shiny armor and a dark blue cape with a helmet on her head. Everyone was shocked when they saw her wearing her armor again, and some of those people hurriedly went back to their houses.

Manna stood in the middle of the road and one by one people came out with armor on them and a weapon on their waist or hands. She looked at them and nodded her head then they all walked toward Mykel.

“Are you ready?” Mykel asked and stared at Manna and the others.

“Yes, we have been waiting for this day to come,” Manna answered with a serious expression.


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