Chapter so you are beautiful sister? Su Shi, be the disciple of the poor Tao!

Chapter so you are beautiful sister? Su Shi, be the disciple of the poor Tao!

“Su Shi, wake up!”

Su Shi did not know how long he had been drifting, when a call suddenly came to his ears.

Consciousness gradually regained clarity and opened his eyes with difficulty.

Only to see a strange woman was looking at him, with a hint of anxiety in her expression.

“You are ……”

Su Shi wanted to speak, but found that he could not make any sound.

Seeing him finally wake up, the woman breathed a sigh of relief, “You have a lot of guts, to dare to merge with the dao with your body!”

To merge with the Tao with one’s body?

Su Shi was a little confused.

When he looked up and looked around, he froze.

He saw that he was in the darkness, as if he was in a boundless universe and void.

The body has become translucent, through the skin can see the bones and meridians, and even the Dantian can be seen clearly.

It looks like it’s about to dissipate!

“What’s happening to me?”

Su Shi could not speak with his mouth.

The woman saw his confusion and explained, “This place is filled with the purest laws of the Great Dao, and while you are sensing the Great Dao, you are being assimilated by the Great Dao yourself.”

“If it is completely assimilated, the physical body and the divine soul will completely dissolve and become a part of the Great Dao.”

“At that time 860 count the gods can not save you!”

Su Shi’s enlightenment is too strong, can sense the laws of the great dao, but therefore also more easily eroded by the great dao

Realizing his own situation, Su Shi could not help but a moment of fear.

Just now, I felt extremely comfortable, I did not want to wake up, but I did not expect to almost put my life on the line!

If this woman hadn’t woken him up, the consequences would have been unthinkable!

After a while, the translucent body solidified a bit and finally regained the ability to speak

“Thank you for saving my life.”

Su Shi’s tone was sincere.


The woman looked startled.

No one had ever called her that.

Su Shi looked around, “What exactly is this place?”

The woman looked back and said, “This is the Dao Hidden Spirit Realm, the most secretive place of the Heavenly Mystery Pavilion, and you are the second person qualified to enter.” The Taixu true hermeneutic spirit realm was in, and the secret hidden mysteries of the Dao heart were clear.

Even the elders didn’t know that there was an extra-worldly spiritual realm hidden behind the cliffs of the Ask the Way Cliff.

Su Shi said curiously, “Then who was the first person to enter? Zhan Qingchen?”

The woman shook her head, “It was the poor Tao.”

Hearing the word “greedy dao”, Su Shi felt that the tone was somewhat familiar, and suddenly reacted, “You are Daoist Sikong?

Sikong Lanyue nod, “Yes.”

Is it really her?

Su Shi looked at the woman in front of him.

Without the cloud cover, finally saw her clearly.

Soft green silk into a bun, eyes cold as if rejecting people a thousand miles.

But the looks are surprisingly lovely.

Skin like fat, white and red, under the bridge of the nose, pink lips can be broken.

Even in the wide Taoist robe, it could not hide the tall and graceful figure.

“So you’re not an old Taoist nun, but a pretty sister?”

Su Shi was a bit dazed.

In the original book plot, Sikong Lanyue never showed her face, but I didn’t expect such a scenery to be hidden under the clouds and mist.

Sikong Lanyue willow eyebrows slightly frowned, “Who is your sister? You don’t want to talk nonsense.”

The voice is soft, obviously in anger, but it sounds as if she is being petulant.


Su Shi cleared his throat, “Where did the Daoist’s clouds go?”

Sikong Lanyue said, “The spiritual territory is filled with the laws of the great dao, even the poor dao can not use the spiritual power

Su Shi felt a little.

He felt that the spiritual energy in his body was completely suppressed, and he could not even do simple breathing and exhalation.

Looking at his translucent body, he inquired, “So what should I do now?”


Sikong Lanyue said, “As long as you no longer resonate with the Great Dao, your body will naturally recover slowly.

“That’s okay.”

Su released his heart.

Looking at his vain appearance, Sikong Lanyue sighed: “To be able to enter the Dao Hidden Spirit Realm, you are indeed the one who is destined.”

“Destined person?”


Su Shi raised his eyebrows.

He remembered that Yun Qiluo had said the same thing.

Sikong Lanyue said, “The true dragon comes out and controls the mixed elements …… You are carrying dragon qi and can also sense the mixed elements dao, it is simply exactly the same as the prophecy.”

Su Shi shook his head, “What if the prophecy is wrong.”

“Absolutely not wrong.”

Looking at her determined look, Su Shi was curious, “How can you be so sure?”

Sikong Lanyue was silent for a moment and said, “Because the great power …… who spoke this prophecy is the poor dao’s master.”

“Your master?”

Su Shi was stunned at his words.

“Twenty years ago, the purple star crossed the sky and the dragon qi of Kyushu was in turmoil.”

“Master realized that a change was coming, so she joined forces with other divination dao masters, burned her lifeblood, investigated the cause and effect, and spied a glimpse of heavenly opportunity.”

“But she already had a short life span, plus the heavenly dao backfired, and soon fell and died.”

“The prophecy made by the master with his life, it is naturally impossible to be wrong.”

Sikong Lanyue’s voice was calm, but Su Shi still heard a shiver.

He was also surprised.

I didn’t expect the great power that predicted the plot change to be the previous head of the Tianji Pavilion?

The atmosphere was quiet for a moment.

“Su Shi-…”


“Be the poor dao’s disciple.”


Su Shi suspected that he had heard wrong.

Sikong Lanyue said seriously, “You are carrying the Great Dao, and you are incomparably compatible with the inheritance of Tianji Pavilion, if you are willing to take the Dao of Poverty as your teacher, the Dao of Poverty will definitely teach you without reservation.” She originally had some hesitation.

But after learning that Su Shi was the person of prophecy, the decision was already made.

On the one hand, it was for the inheritance of the Heavenly Mystery Pavilion.

More importantly, however, was the last wish left by the master: [The welfare of the people of the sky is dependent on the

[The well-being of the living beings all depend on this person, make sure to keep him in the Tianji Pavilion].

Su Shi scratched his head.

The other party did not seem to be joking.

A supreme power suddenly wants to accept himself as a disciple? This did not prepare him at all.

“Are you willing?”

Facing that serious and expectant look, Su Hui gave a reply, “No.”

Sikong Lanyue frowned and said, “You don’t trust Greedy Dao? Or do you think the poor dao is using you?”

Su Shi shook his head, “That’s not true, I believe that Daoist Sikong is sincere, and with your status there is no need to use such tricks.”

“Then why did you ……”

“I’m afraid that the Holy Lord will be sad.”

Su Shi said, “If I worship the Daoist Master, my Holy Lord will be very sad.”

This was different from being an official in the court, worshipping a master was a very serious matter.

Once he worshiped Sikong Lanyue as his master, he was a disciple of Tianji Pavilion.

The good and the devil are not mutually exclusive, and the Holy Lord and Sikong Lanyue are deadly rivals, they will definitely be very sad to learn about this

Thinking of that naive devil emperor, Su Shi’s heart is full of tenderness.

Although the inheritance of Tianji Pavilion is tempting, but he does not want to disappoint Yun Qiluo’s trust.

Su Shi said frankly: “Daoist Master is a good man, but we really don’t fit.”

Sikong Lanyue: “……


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