Chapter original romance helps cultivation? Sikong Lanyue doubt life!

Chapter original romance helps cultivation? Sikong Lanyue doubt life!


“And also kiss?!”

Sikong Lanyue like a lightning strike.

Her lips opened slightly and her eyes were filled with disbelief.

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

The chief heir of the Tianji Pavilion, her most beloved disciple, was actually lying in a man’s arms at this moment, and doing such an absurd thing!

“Absurd, too absurd!”

“Didn’t she say that she and Su Shi were friends? How come she’s now a babe?”

Thinking about all of Zhan Qingchen’s previous perverse actions, everything was already self-explanatory.

“So she has been deceiving the poor dao all along!”

Sikong Lanyue’s body was surrounded by clouds and fog.

Inside, apart from shock, more is loss, a feeling of betrayal by the most trusted person.

Looking at the two people’s infatuated appearance, her body trembled slightly.

I hate to separate them immediately.

But reason made her hold back from making a move.

Even if Zhan Qingchen was taken away now, it would only be treating the symptoms but not the root cause.

It is necessary to really understand the relationship between the two before it is possible to bring the disciple back to the right path.

Although this “spying” is a bit immoral, but for the sake of Zhan Qingchen’s dao heart, she can not care too much.

“Poor Tao wants to see, Su Shi in the end to Qingchen did what!”

860 Sikong Lanyue eyes cold.

Qingchen is she watched grow up, the relationship between the two has long been not as simple as ordinary teacher and disciple.

If Su Shi used any nasty means ……

She definitely will not give up!

After a long time, the two separated.

Zhan Qingchen looked at Su Shi smitten, “Bad guy, I really like you.”

Su Shi eyes doting, “Got it.”

At this time, Zhan Qingchen thought of something, “You killed that eunuch today, will there be trouble behind?

After all, in front of so many people, and also the court’s fourth-ranking officials.

Su Shi shook his head and said, “No, it won’t.”

Lin Li struck first, Xu Hai and others saw it in their eyes.

The other party has moved to greed, absolutely cannot leave a scourge.

“By the way, there’s that Jiang Sheriff, she seems to like you a lot.”

Thinking of Jiang Tiyi’s adoring eyes, Zhan Qingchen’s heart was a little sour.

Su Shi said funny: “I didn’t even know her before.”

Zhan Qingchen hummed, “Don’t we know each other now?”

She had a vague sense of crisis.

Although the two had established a relationship, but nothing really happened.

Zhan Qingchen bit (cfag) her lips, hesitated for a long time, and whispered, “How about we ……”


Su Shi knew what she was going to say, directly shook his head to interrupt.

Zhan Qingchen froze for a moment, “Do you do not want me?”

Su Shi scraped the bridge of her upturned nose, “Not do not want to, is not yet able to.”

“If your master sees it, I’m afraid the consequences will be hard for you to bear.”

Zhan Qingchen shook her head, “I’m not afraid.”

Su Shi said seriously, “But I’m afraid, I can’t ruin your immortal path.”

If something really happened between the two, with Sikong Lanyue’s character, even if he didn’t expel Zhan Qingchen from the division, he would probably lose his position as chief.

This was something he definitely did not want to see.

Zhan Qingchen understood his meaning and squirmed: “But I heard that there are some things that lovers must go through, I’m afraid you’re not happy

Su Shi froze for a moment.

So the other party is worried about this.

“Fool, as long as I’m with you, I’m happy no matter what.”

Su Shi eyes gentle, there is not a single distraction in his heart.

This girl is really silly some cute.

In the clouds, Sikong Lanyue eyes are a little baffled.

I thought Su Shi was coveting Zhan Qingchen’s lust, but I didn’t expect that to be the case.

Even in the face of Zhan Qingchen’s embrace, he still maintained restraint and proportion.

“Is it not what the poor dao thought?”

At this time, only to see Zhan Qingchen’s jade cheeks flushed, and came to Su Shi’s ear, “Bad guy, sooner or later, I will give myself to you.”

Sikong Lanyue covered her forehead.

I thought it was Su Shi who seduced Zhan Qingchen, but now it seems to be just the opposite.

I didn’t expect my own disciple to be so indisputable ……

It was hard to calm down and look down again, only to see the two of them pressed together again.

“Still kissing?”

“Is there an end to it?!”

Sikong Lanyue heart are dripping blood.

The little cotton jacket that he had worn for more than ten years, was it about to be stripped away by someone else?

It was late at night.

The atmosphere in the room was quiet and warm.

Su Shi’s fingers curled the satin-like green silk and asked, “Qingchen, how is your recent cultivation? Zhan Qingchen blushed, “recently is a little slack ……”

Since falling in love with Su Shi, full of the mind is loaded with each other, it is difficult to quietly cultivate.

Only when you are with him, your mind can be tranquil.

“Is it true that, as the master said, the love between a man and a woman will interfere with the heart of heaven?”

The Tai Shang meditation is a distant sense of heavenly opportunity.

The cultivation system of the Heavenly Mystery Pavilion revolves around the four words “sensing heavenly opportunities”.

The stronger the resonance between one’s dao heart and the heavenly opportunity, the faster one’s cultivation speed will be.

Sikong Lanyue hiding in the clouds nodded frantically, “Of course ……”

“Of course not.”

Su Shi frowned, “The love of men and women, and the heavenly dao has what to do with it?”

“There are things mixed into, the first heaven and earth was born, independent and not change, the circumference of the line and not dangerous, this is the nature of the heavenly path

“Is it possible to talk about a relationship and lose the heart of the dao?”

Zhan Qingchen froze, “independent and does not change …… circumambulation and not critical?”

She then dawned on her.

The heart of heaven is always there, will not change because of external objects, only she blinded her own eyes.


The spiritual platform trembled.

The long-silent dao heart thumped!

Zhan Qingchen’s daoist robe flipped, his body was surrounded by divine light, and the whole person was hanging in the air on his knees.

“Tai Shang Tai Xing, strain without stopping. Expel evil and bind charm, protect life and protect the body.”

“Wisdom and purity, peace of mind, three permanent souls, no loss of spirit.”

Muttering the ancient incantation under his breath, the spiritual power rushed into his body.

I don’t know how long has passed.


It seems that something cracked open.

Zhan Qingchen opened his eyes, and divine light swept by under his eyes.

“Suddenly, a breakthrough!”

Late Jindan stage.

She had broken through to the late Jindan stage!

Zhan Qingchen herself couldn’t believe it.

She had been stuck in the middle stage of Jindan for so long, but she had broken through so easily?

This was actually quite normal.

For a genius like her, sometimes all that’s missing is a hint of enlightenment.

Zhan Qingchen excitedly wrapped her arms around Su Shi’s neck.

It seems that not only is falling in love not bad, but it can also help her cultivate!

“Thank you!”

Su Shi smiled and said “Who am I?”

Zhan Qingchen’s small face slightly red, “My …… husband

In the cloud layer.

Sikong Lanyue look dumbfounded.

“How is it possible?”

“Red dust rolls, all are negative.”

“Cultivating the heavenly dao, sensing the heavenly opportunity, and cutting off personal feelings, this is the ancestral motto of the Heavenly Opportunity Pavilion.”

“How can it be wrong?” .


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