Chapter 216 master agreed to fall in love? Ask the Daoist cliff to prove yourself!

Chapter 216 master agreed to fall in love? Ask the Daoist cliff to prove yourself!

Su Shi froze.

He had indeed said this.

But it was a self-talk in the dead of night, with only Zhan Qingchen by his side, so how could Sikong Lanyue know?

He realized something and his eyes narrowed slightly, “I didn’t expect that Daoist Master Sikong had such a hobby?”

Sikong Lanyue face does not change color, “poor Taoist just do not worry about Qingchen.”

“Hiding in the shadows and spying, this is the way of the righteous sect leader?”

Su Shi looked unhappy.

Sikong Lanyue coldly said: “You did that to the poor Tao’s disciple, the poor Tao has not yet asked for punishment, but you first blame the poor Tao?” Su Shi’s heart fluttered.

Sure enough, the other party knew everything.

Zhan Qingchen still looked confused, “Master, what are you talking about? Shengzi Su is very good to my disciple, and saved my life, we are very good friends.”

Sikong Lanyue shook his head “eight six zero” said: “lying in the arms of others called husband, but also kiss …… cough, you call this a good friend?”

Zhan Qingchen: (O_G))

Pretty face quickly dyed sweet red, eyes panic, stammered: “Master, master, how do you know?”

Sikong Lanyue coldly snorted, “No wonder you kept speaking for Su Shi before, the poor dao thought you were just grateful to him, but I didn’t expect you to do such a treacherous thing!”

This traitor!

Speaking of this she still had a fire in her belly.

“Disciple ……”

Zhan Qingchen lowered his head in shame.

Su Shi frowned and said, “The matter of men and women, the great morality of mankind, I and Qingchen love each other, how is it so treacherous?”

Anyway, the other party knows, then there is nothing to cover up.

Sikong Lanyue said, “As the chief of the sect, openly violating the ancestral teachings, is it not considered treacherous?”

Su Shi shook his head and said, “It is clear that your Tianji Pavilion ancestral training is against human decency.”

“What are you saying?!”

The clouds around Sikong Lanyue surged.

Faced with the brilliant pressure of the supreme being, Su Shi seemed to have purple Qi sweeping under his eyes, his face was fearless and did not dodge.

“Master, disciple against the ancestral training, no matter what punishment willingly accept.”

“But this has nothing to do with Su Shi, the disciple is completely voluntary.”

Zhan Qingchen stepped between the two.

Looking at that firm look, Sikong Lanyue suddenly lost something inside.

Her most beloved disciple would rather be punished than help another man speak.

She waved her hand and resumed, “That’s all, Greedy Dao is too lazy to care about you guys.”

Zhan Qingchen was stunned and said incredulously, “Master, you are agreeing to this?”

Sikong Lanyue helplessly said: “Poor Tao does not agree, but is it useful?”

His own disciple understood himself.

Zhan Qingchen had already identified Su Shi.

Even if the two are forcibly separated, the heart is not so easy to change?

If it is regardless of the stick to beat the lovebirds, the effect will only be counterproductive, and may even affect the immortal road

“Master, you’re so good to me!”

Zhan Qingchen excitedly pounced into Sikong Zhangyue’s arms.

Her arms wrapped around her neck and her face rubbed against her intimately.

I thought that the master would be obstructed in every way, but unexpectedly agreed to the two dating!

Sikong Lanyue was frozen.

They had been together as master and disciple for more than ten years, and Zhan Qingchen had always respected her, but had never acted so intimately.

“Qingchen has really changed ……”

“But this change, the poor dao still quite like it.”


Sikong Lanyue cleared his throat and hummed, “You rebellious disciple, the poor dao has not allowed you to be together yet.” Zhan Qingchen’s small face suddenly fell, “Then the master said what to do.”

Sikong Lanyue said: “Poor Tao can not punish you, but the rules are the rules, the sect chief and in love, you can only choose one.”

“I choose Su Shi!”

Zhan Qingchen did not hesitate.

Sikong Lanyue glared at her, “No-good thing!”

Zhan Qingchen pouted, “But the disciple just likes him~”

At this point, Su Shi said, “Is there no other way? Ancestral training is also determined by people, Sikong Daoist master as the current head, change should not be a problem, right?” Sikong Lanyue shook his head, “can not change.”

Su Shi frowned, “Why?”

Sikong Lanyue lightly said: “Because poor Tao is a stubborn old Taoist nun.”

Su Shi was a little embarrassed.

This Taoist nun really holds a grudge.

“It was me who spoke out of turn before, Daoist Master Sikong should not take it to heart.”

“If Daoist Master can keep the chief position of Qingchen, I can agree to any condition.”

Su Shi’s tone was sincere . ・・・・・・

Among the clouds, the corners of Sikong Lanyue’s mouth curled up slightly.

Waiting for this word from you!

“Well, since you said so …… although the ancestral training cannot be changed, but if you can prove your own dao heart, Qingchen can still continue to be the chief.”

“Self-evidence of the dao heart?”

Su Shi wondered, “What does that mean?”

Zhan Qingchen thought of something, “Master, you mean ask the Dao Cliff?”

Sikong Lanyue nodded, “That’s right, if you can prove that your dao heart is still clear and uncorrupted by the red dust at the Ask the Way Cliff, then you can still continue to be the chief heir.”

Zhan Qingchen nodded, “Disciple is willing.”

“It’s not just you.”

Sikong Lanyue looked at Su Shi, “He also has to prove himself before he can do so.”

“After all, this is your ‘husband’, the poor dao must see his daoist heart, otherwise how can I be confident to give you to him?”

The word “husband” was bitten very hard, and Zhan Qingchen lowered her head shyly.

Su Shi was a bit confused, “What are you talking about?”

Sikong Lanyue stood up.

“Let’s go, you’ll understand later.”

Qiongyun Peak, Ask the Way Cliff.

The cliff was straight and smooth, as if it was cut by a sharp sword, emitting a glittering jade-like luster.

The elders of Tianji Pavilion gathered under the cliff.

“Why did the Sect Leader suddenly open the Ask the Way Cliff?”

“I heard that the chief has returned, could it be that she is going to prove her dao heart?”

“But didn’t it already prove it when it was first imminent?”

The crowd 0.6 people were talking.

This cliff has a mysterious origin, it is said to be a divine jade that fell from the nine heavens, and has stood here since the opening of the Tianji Pavilion.

It has the miraculous effect of sensing the heavenly opportunity and investigating the heart of the dao.

Every time a chief disciple is crowned, he has to prove his dao heart here.

Now that it suddenly opened again, the elders were a bit baffled.

“The Sect Leader is here.”

The crowd looked up, only to see a cloud of mist falling from the air, followed by two figures

One of them was none other than Zhan Qingchen.

And the other …… was actually a man?

A body of white clothes, upright, handsome, handsome, looks a hint of familiarity.

“Su, Su Shi?”

“It seems to be really him!”

“Devil’s Way Shengzi Su Su Shi?!” .


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