Chapter 215 Could the ancestral motto be wrong? The stubborn old Daoist nun?

Chapter 215 Could the ancestral motto be wrong? The stubborn old Daoist nun?

Sikong Lanyue couldn’t believe it.

But the fact was in front of her eyes, Zhan Qingchen had indeed broken through.

Spiritual energy is abundant, the realm is solid, a solid late Jindan stage.

“Strange, why is Qingchen’s dao heart not affected in the slightest, instead it’s even more solid than before?”

[Love between men and women is a gut-piercing poison, rolling red dust will only obscure the dao heart.

[Only by cutting off love and desire can one sense the heavenly opportunity.

This is an important platform that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Tianji Pavilion.

But Zhan Qingchen now fell into the red dust, but the dao heart is not affected at all, but the strength has been improved.

Could it be that the ancestral teachings are wrong?

In fact, talk about love is to help cultivation?

Sikong Lanyue for a moment – a moment of confusion.

Although she had long since ascended to the Supreme, she knew nothing about the love of men and women, and this matter was beyond her understanding.

“Independent and unchanged, circumscribed and unchanged ……”

“I didn’t expect Su Shi to have this kind of comprehension of the Great Dao.”

Sikong Lanyue hesitated for a moment.

In the end, the two were not separated.

For now, it seems that there is nothing bad for Zhan Qingchen.

Looking at the two people’s infatuated and loving appearance, she was a bit flustered and secretly shattered.

“How absurd!”

At the third night, Zhan Qingchen fell into a deep sleep.

Looking at her beautiful sleeping face, Su Shi’s eyes were filled with tenderness.

Afterwards, however, he sighed.

“When we get to Tianji Pavilion, we won’t be able to hold her like this.”

“Sikong Lanyue side is indeed a bit troublesome.”

“That old Daoist nun is stubborn and will definitely beat the lovebirds with a stick…a Su Shi muttered secretly.

Having read the original book plot, he had some understanding of Sikong Lanyue’s character.

The two of them were in a relationship that was more difficult than the sky.

Sikong Lanyue: “???”


Old Taoist nun?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

Sikong Lanyue held back her anger.

“It’s just that, for the sake of him helping Qingchen break through, let’s not bother with him for now.”

“Wait for the poor dao to study it properly.”

The emptiness broke and the figure dissipated.

Su Shi was still thinking about countermeasures, unaware that all this had been seen by the other side.

The next day early morning.

Snow Maple City city gate.

Jiang Tiyi reluctantly looked at Su Shi.

“Duke Zhen, take your time on the road, and make sure to come over and sit down sometime.”

She knew that Su Shi did not want to make too much noise, so she did not notify the other congregation.

Otherwise, the city gate would have been flooded with people.

Su Shi casually said, “Snow Maple City may not come again, but if you go to Kyoto as an officer, we do have the opportunity to meet again.”

After saying that, he and the Tianji Pavilion crowd flew away.

Looking at the distant back, Jiang Tieyi’s eyes gradually became firm.

“Good, then it’s a deal.”

“We will definitely see each other in Kyoto!”

Su Shi did not realize that his casual remark had given the Three Law Division Nga an additional top powerhouse and Lin Lang an additional Iron Blood God Catcher!

The crowd swept through the clouds in the air.

Zhan Qingchen glanced at him, “It seems like that Jiang Sheriff really worships you.”

Su Shi said with amusement, “Jealous again?”

Zhan Qingchen shook his head and said, “There are thousands of people in the Chengtian Continent


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