Chapter 212 Su Shi Kyushu Fan Support Association! Jiang Tiyi’s hidden identity!

Chapter 212 Su Shi Kyushu Fan Support Association! Jiang Tiyi’s hidden identity!

Sikong Lanyue sized up Feng Chaoge.

This empress had really changed.

The previous Feng Chaoge only had the imperial rivers and mountains in her eyes, and would do anything to consolidate her imperial power.

Nowadays, however, she is not so indifferent, but instead has a few more little girl-like caprices.

The feeling given ……

seems a bit like Yun Qiluo?

Feng Chaoge spoke out: “Did you hear all the words I just said?”

Sikong Lanyue asked, “What words?”

Feng Chaoge looked at her, “As long as you dare to kill Su Shi, it is a capital crime, including you!

Sikong Lanyue frowned slightly, “You are threatening the poor Tao?”

Feng Chaoge nodded, “I am threatening you.”

The clouds swirled, the atmosphere was stern.

Sikong Lanyue lightly said: “poor Tao has its own principles of handling, do not need you to teach poor Tao to do things

“The people who should be killed, you say more, the poor dao will still kill.”

“But Su Shi ……”

“The poor dao would like him to live well.”

In the eyes of Sikong Lanyue, the world’s life will always be put first.

The benefit of the people is good 25, for the people is evil.

If Su Shi died, Yun Qiluo will definitely wash Kyushu in blood, and then there will be a lot of people.

This is one of the reasons for not killing.

The second, just Su Shi’s actions, she saw all in the eyes.

Blocking the river, killing the demon dragon, protecting the people of the city.

This is a great good.

Even if you kill Lin Li, it is only a slightly bloody means, can not change his contribution to the life of the people

There is also Tianqu Mountain and Desolate Plain City, Su Shi’s “goodness” has been verified more than once.

“With such a good heart and such potential, it’s a pity to stay in the Underworld Sect.”

“But, why was he able to devour the divine soul just now?”

“It seems that the Underworld Divine Technique does not have this ability, right?”

Sikong Lanyue couldn’t help but be a little curious.

Feng Chaoge looked at Su Shi from afar.

The jade hairpin she gave to Su Shi could sense the fierce and evil Qi in the vicinity.

Just now was to detect the aura of the dragon, which is why Xu Hai and others came over to support, and himself did not feel at ease to run over from Weiyangdu.

“That augur dragon is carrying a trace of dragon qi, seems to have been devoured by Su Shi ……”

“Could it be that he is really my Ziwei emperor?”

Feng Chaoge’s eyes were confused.

At this time, Sikong Lanyue said, “Your heart is in turmoil again.”

Feng Chaoge glared at her and said in annoyance, “Are you annoyed? What does it matter to you whether my heart is in turmoil or not?”

Then he directly shattered the void and left.

Sikong Lanyue revealed a smug smile.

At last, he had gotten out of his last bad temper!

Xu Hai and the others left with Lin Li’s corpse.

Quiet returned to the shores of the Feng River.

The crowd was still immersed in the shock just now and couldn’t come back.

So the masked man is Su Shi!

Although I had heard of Su Shi’s reputation, but I never thought it would be so strong!

The divine realm dragon, half-step through the Xuan strong, in front of him there is no fighting back!

Killing across realms was like drinking water.

This is the strength of the first genius of Lin Lang?

Tianji Pavilion junior sister was surprised, “Chief, Su Shi is actually your friend?”

Zhan Qingchen’s cheeks reddened slightly, but did not deny it, “He is my best best friend!”

Facing the astonished gazes around, Su Shi was a little helpless.

The reason why he didn’t take off his mask just now was that he didn’t want to be recognized, so as not to bring trouble to Zhan Qingchen

The result is that the identity was finally exposed.

A prompt sound came to his ears.

[Snow Maple City reputation increased, influence the subsequent plot trend, gain plot value 20 points.]

“After showing my face, I did add the reputation.”

Su Shi shook his head.

This was an unexpected gain.

At this time, Jiang Tieyi came quickly and excitedly said, “Lord Zhen Guo, it’s really you!”

Su Shi said curiously, “Have we met before?”

Jiang Tiyi shook her head, “I have never met you, but I have admired Lord Zhen Guo for a long time.”

She took out a name book from her bosom, and on the cover was Su Shi’s portrait.

“I am the president of the ‘Fusu Society’ Chengtian Continent


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