Chapter 210Weren’t you called Lei Feng? How did you become the Duke of Zhen Guo?!

Chapter 210Weren’t you called Lei Feng? How did you become the Duke of Zhen Guo?!

(Note: Poor Daoist refers to Sikong Lanyue Herself)

The crowd looked up, only to see several figures breaking through the air and arriving.

The leader was a man wearing a qilin official uniform.

The adjutant behind him spoke out, “Where is the Snow Maple City steward?”

Jiang Tieyi walked over, “~ I wonder how many of you are ……”

The adjutant raised his head and said, “This is the North River County Lin Taishou, we received a message from Feihong, heard that a demon dragon has appeared in Fengjiang, specially – rushed to support!”


Jiang Tieyi froze for a moment and hurriedly bowed, “My subordinate Jiang Tieyi, head constable of Snow Maple City, meet the Great Constable Lin.”

Just now, when she saw the demon dragon appear, she felt that something was not good, so she released the flying geese to go to the county capital to ask for help.

But unexpectedly the Sheriff himself came!

Snow Maple City City belonged to the jurisdiction of Beijiang County.

The Northern River County Governor, Lin Li, is the top boss of the Snow Maple City Lord!

Lin Li’s voice was majestic, “How is the situation? The demon dragon has escaped?”

Jiang Tiyi shook his head, “The demon dragon has been killed by senior Lei.”


Lin Li’s eyes flashed, “Who did you say that senior Lei was?”

Jiang Tieyi said, “Senior Lei is a great power of the righteous path who came to support, Senior Lei

Su Shi had disappeared.

Looked back.

Hmm? Where is the person?”

Only to see that he was squatting at the riverside, busy peeling and drawing the skin of the black dragon.

Jiang Tieyi said, “That one with the mask is the senior Lei Feng who killed the black dragon.”

“Surprisingly, it’s a jiao!”

Seeing the body snaking in the river water, Lin Li couldn’t help but freeze for a moment.

Although the metamorphosis was not complete enough, it had already grown eagle claws and mane, and was almost as close to a real Jiao dragon.

At the very least, it must be at the peak of the divine!

A hint of incandescence swept across the bottom of Lin Li’s eyes.

Hearing that a demon dragon had appeared, he immediately brought people over.

Save people is secondary, but mainly for the opportunity!

But everything and the word “dragon”, that are rare treasures!

Dragon scales can make treasure armor, dragon flesh can strengthen blood, dragon eyes can enhance the divine sense, tendons and skins can be refined into magic weapons!

If you can get a trace of the true dragon’s qi, it is a great fortune!

Lin Li glanced at the adjutant.

The adjutant instantly comprehended and said in a loud voice, “Stop!”

Su Shi ignored it.

The adjutant stepped forward and reached out to grab Su Shi’s shoulder, “I told you to stop!”

The fingertips have not touched the clothes, the dao flashed, directly blown away!

Zhan Qingchen’s hand squeezed the spell and said coldly, “What do you want to do?”

The cultivators sheathed their swords.

These people obviously did not have bad intentions.

Su Shi was their life-saver, so naturally they couldn’t just sit back and watch.

Looking at that cold face, Lin Li’s eyebrows locked up.

Zhan Qingchen is also in?

This is a bit of trouble ……

However, seeing that jiao dragon corpse, greed still prevailed.

“I am Lin Li, the governor of Beijiang County, thank you all for your help in slaying the demon.”

“But this demon dragon corpse I have to take away so that I can report to the state pastor.”

Lin Li said with a crown.

The crowd was not idiots and saw through his thoughts at a glance.

“Shout, what’s the big tail you’re pretending to be?”

“Isn’t it just that you have your eyes on the treasure on this augur?”

“When the fight you do not come, after the fight you come to grab things?”

“The dragon was killed by senior Lei alone, what does it have to do with you?”

Tianji Pavilion junior sister shattered a cry, “How shameless!”

Jiang Tieyi’s expression also cooled down, “Lin Taishou, this is not quite appropriate, right?”

Before the Fengjiang River floods frequently, the people are not living, sent so many letters for help, all sunk in the sea.

Now as soon as the dragon emerged, the governor immediately brought people over.

So this is the idea!

Lin Li’s face could not stand it anymore, he coldly snorted: “No matter who killed the dragon, since it is in Beijiang County, it should naturally be at the disposal of the court, don’t be insensitive!” “Just a Nascent Soul, but also has the ability to kill the divine dragon?”

“There must be something fishy here, this official will have to examine it properly!”

“Men, take this dragon corpse away!”

The officers and soldiers immediately gathered around.

“I see who dares!”

Zhan Qingchen’s eyes were bitterly cold and he wouldn’t give an inch.

Lin Li sneered, “Chief Zhan, this is not Land of Great Clouds! If you want to stop me, you are not qualified!

His aura was unreservedly released, and his powerful aura made the crowd’s faces change!

Half-step Tongxuan!

Chengtian continent is a clan Chang fertile land, can serve as a county governor, the strength is naturally not weak.

Not their group of Jindan Tsukiji can resist.

The two sides were at a standstill.

At this time, Su Shi finally disposed of the black dragon corpse.

He carried the white jade-like dragon tendon in his hand and looked at Lin Li, “You want this?”

Lin Li’s eyes blazed and he nodded, “Hand over the dragon corpse, and this official can let you go.”

…. Request flowers0….

Su Shi put away the dragon tendon, “No give.”

Lin Li took a step forward and said in a stern voice, “If you wait for this official, things won’t end so well

“A mere fourth-ranked eunuch, official authority is not small.”

Su Shi sneered at him, “Then show me your hand?”

“Hmph, just show off your words!”

“No matter which clan you belong to, no one can fight against the court in the Chengtian Continent!”

Lin Li grabbed bravely!

He wanted to see what this masked man was all about!

A cold aura swept across the bottom of Su Shi’s eyes.


Just then, an angry roar rang out.

A sturdy man in a purple robe broke through the air, followed by a large and small group of officials from the Chengtian Continent.

…. .0

Lin Li froze, “Lord State Shepherd? Why are you here?”

The purple-robed man didn’t even look at him, quickly stepped in front of Su Shi, bowed and said, “The subordinate official is late, I hope Lord Zhen Guo forgives me!

The officials bowed to the ground in unison, “Greetings to Lord Zhen Guo!”

The air fell into dead silence.

Everyone stared dumbly at Su Shi.

This pig-headed masked man …… is the Duke of Zhen Guo?

Su Shi took off his mask to reveal his handsome, Fu-free face.

The body five-clawed golden python swallowing clouds, under the eyes seems to have a faint purple light flickering, emitting the majesty of the king!

“It’s really him!”

Lin Li was struck by lightning.

Su Shi said indifferently: “Do not you want to strike at me? What are you waiting for?”

Lin Li’s knees went weak and he fell to the ground, “I dare not! I didn’t know it was you!”

This is the Grand Duke of Zhen Guo!

The first class Duke, the important minister of Lin Lang who supervises all the officials and holds the Shang Fang sword!

The fourth-ranked eunuch is just a joke in front of the other party.

Su Shi sneered, “You mean, if I am not the Duke of Zhen Guo, you can kill and seize the treasure?

The officials all winced!

Killing people and taking away treasures?

This Lin Li’s guts are too big!

Lin Li’s face was pale and his body was drenched in cold sweat.

Wasn’t this man a disciple of the righteous path, whose name was Lei Feng?

How did he suddenly become the Duke of Zhen Guo?

“That little sheriff even dared to trap Laozi!” Jiang Tieyi stared at Su Shi in a daze.

“So it’s really him ……” Six.


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