Chapter 209 turns out to be really a dragon! The new title, Violet Wei Emperor Star!

Chapter 209 turns out to be really a dragon! The new title, Violet Wei Emperor Star!

Su Shi froze for a moment.

It seemed like something had drilled into his body?

Looking inside his dantian, he only saw a small translucent snake trapped under the ancient small bell.

It was the black dragon that had just left its body to escape.

It was lying under the ancient bell, trembling, with a look of fear, without any of the majesty and dominance of just now.

This ancient bell could actually suppress its soul power!

“This human is really in the Nascent Soul realm?”

“How can anyone’s YuanYin look like this?”

The black dragon knew that it had kicked the iron plate.

But how could it have expected that this iron plate would be so hard!


The seal script on the ancient bell lit up, then slowly rotated.

A strong oppressive feeling came from the ancient bell, as if it was a grinding wheel that was crushing and devouring its divine soul!

“If the divine soul is destroyed, then it will be a real death!”

The shadow of death enveloped it, and the black dragon trembled and begged for mercy, “Please, don’t kill me, I’ll grant you any condition! By the way, I, I can give you all the dragon qi!

Su Shi was right.

It is not a dragon at all.

Originally it was just a viper in the upper reaches of the Feng River, that is, an earth snake that could be found everywhere, not even a vicious beast.

But it just so happened that after falling into the earth crevice and obtaining a trace of true dragon’s qi, it was able to open its spiritual intelligence.

Under the nourishment of dragon qi, the life layer 860 times gradually metamorphosis, and perceived the method of exhaling aura.

It took hundreds of years of cultivation to reach its present state.

But its bloodline is too poor, a trace of dragon qi is not enough to fully metamorphosis.

So it moved to eat people’s minds.

Sucking human blood essence, catalyzing the bloodline, metamorphosis into “blood auger”.

In order not to attract the attention of the human race, it went downstream along the Phoenix River, only to the surrounding cities and towns, eating a few people to change places.

Always safe and sound.

But here for a few more days, the result was the end of the disaster!

Su Shi watched with cold eyes.

The ancient bell slowly but firmly rotated, and the black dragon’s divine soul shadow gradually collapsed and dissipated.

“I’m not willing to give up!”

“Why should the human race be able to cultivate openly and honestly?”

“I coincidentally obtained a trace of dragon energy, which has a chance to change my fate, hiding at the bottom of the river for hundreds of years in seclusion and cultivation, but just a few mortals to eat, why should I be killed?

“This is not fair!”

The black dragon was full of resentment and resentment.

In its eyes, mortals were just curled up ants, just a tool it used to enhance its bloodline.

Unbeknownst to it, in Su Shi’s eyes, how was it not a cricket ant?

“Weakness is the original sin.”

“You can only blame yourself for being too weak, right?”

Under Su Shi’s indifferent gaze, the black dragon’s divine soul was completely crushed and devoured.

The soul was destroyed, and the body died.

A wisp of purple vapor rose up, the original ancient small clock seemed to brighten up a bit, emitting a faint luster

The galaxy of stars behind it flowed.

In the middle of the stars, a purple star slowly lit up.

The star chart in the dantian is now lit up with two.

One is the “proud sun” burning with golden flames, and the other is the purple star that just lit up.

At this time, Su Shi’s ears sounded a reminder: [Host killed the “black sun”].

The host killed the “Black Blood Devil Jiao”, affecting the subsequent plot trend, gaining 50 plot points.

[Obtain the true dragon’s qi.

The host’s fortune has increased, and he is currently in the “Underworld Rakshasa Sect” and “Linlang Kingdom” camps.

[The host has obtained the title of “Violet Star”.

A series of system prompts smashed him a bit.

“This little black snake actually gave me 50 plot points?”

“Black-blooded Devil Scout?”

Su Shi suddenly remembered something.

In the plot of the book, there was indeed a dragon that came out of nowhere and was so strong that it was a scourge to the world

But that was a demon king of the Transmigration realm.

And the scales are blood red, and not black.

Sandy Heart Kingdom” qi boost.]

It was eventually put down by Feng Chaoge himself.

“So that’s it?”

“It seems that it really has the potential to transform into a jiao, only to be killed by me in advance.”

Su Shi shook his head.

If it was really a transmigration demon king, then he would definitely hide away, but now it’s only at the sub-divine realm, and it dares to come out and pretend to be a real dragon?

Looking for death!

In addition to the plot value, qi luck has also increased again.

If the true dragon lookout technique can look at themselves, Su Shi will find themselves above their heads flashy light, a purple pillar of light rises to the sky!

Qi luck invincible, the emperor’s phase!

The most interesting thing to Su Shi, or “purple (cfag) emperor star” this title.

The title is very rare, and he only got one when he killed Ye Xiao.

Look carefully at.

[Purple Wealth Emperor Star: the revered of the stars, the lord of all the obsidian, the emperor who overrides the heavenly orders.

【Majesty is raised, aura is raised, charisma is raised.]

The higher the cultivation level of the opponent, the lower the chance of triggering the effect.

“Charisma again?”

Su Shi sighed.

If handsome is a sin, then he has already committed a heinous sin, and the sin continues to deepen ……

As for this “submissive” effect.

Although it looks good, but can not really improve the strength, he also did not put too much on the heart.

Open the attribute panel.

[Host: Purple Weird Emperor Star – Heavenly Fate Killer – Su Shi]

[Status: Full of Qi and blood, refreshed]

[Talent: Saint Perfection]

[Realm: Middle Genesis]

【Methods: Heaven and Earth Mixed Element Nine-Turn Taihe Fu (Second Turn), Heavenly Man Sutra (Perfection)

[Plot value: 175 points]

As we all know, the longer the name, the stronger the battle power.

Su Shi looked at his ten-word-long name and secretly nodded his head.

Storyline value is also close to two hundred.

, Underworld Breathing Method (Da Cheng) ……]

This time again earned a lot of money.

Originally, I was forced to take a shot, but I didn’t expect to end up benefiting myself.

“Zhaoge is simply my lucky star.”

Su Shi revealed a smile, “Worthy of being my little baby!”

The battle was over.

The golden giant slowly dissipated.

The body of the torn black dragon was still lying on the ground.

The scene was dead silent.

All eyes were gathered on that pig-headed masked man.



This masked man was able to slay the dragon with his bare hands!

Strength simply exceeded everyone’s imagination.

Tianji Pavilion junior sister’s throat was a little dry, “Chief …… what exactly is the origin of this friend of yours?”

This is too powerful!

Zhan Qingchen looked at Su Shi obsessively.

She could not wait to tell the world that this, this was the man she liked!

Jiang Tieyi walked over and bowed, “Thank you senior for beheading the dragon, I wonder what your name is?

Su Shi cleared his throat, “You can just call me Lei Feng.”

“So it’s senior Lei.”

Jiang Tiyi’s heart was a little lost.

Originally, seeing this iconic golden flame and white clothes, she thought it was the man ……

But think about it.

That man, no matter how strong, is only a Nascent Soul nowadays, should not be able to press the divine demon dragon to the ground and rub it

“Snow Maple City will always remember the benevolence of senior.”

“Your name will be recorded in the city journal for the people of the city to look up to and venerate!”

If Su Shi hadn’t done something, not only would they have escaped death, but even the people of the city would have suffered.

This is a great merit!

It deserves to be recorded in the book with heavy ink!

“Thank you senior Lei for saving my life.”

“Listen to me to say thank you, because of you, warm ……”

The crowd was grateful from the bottom of their hearts.

Just then, the sound of breaking air came from the distance, and several figures swept in!

Someone is coming! .


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