Chapter 207: The divine flame to kill the demon,

Chapter 207: The divine flame to kill the demon,

The water candle demon is still breaking the water out.

Looking at the densely packed demons in front of us, the crowd’s scalps couldn’t help but feel a little numb.

Why are there so many demon beasts gathered here?

“Prepare for battle!”

“Don’t let them enter Snow Maple City!”

Jiang Tiyi’s voice rang out.

The crowd’s hearts fluttered.

If these demonic beasts charged into the city, I’m afraid the consequences would be unthinkable!

The heavenly god-like pig-headed boy!


The water candle demons opened their hideous mouths and came raging on the surface of the water!

The battle was instantly fought!

A time of gorgeous sword light dao!

The water candle demon is a relatively common beast, the highest strength will not exceed the Golden Dan realm, but if in the water, practitioners rely on the Dao magic magic, can still fight back and forth.

But the ordinary catcher is not so lucky.


Almost a moment later, several constables were torn into pieces! Jiang Tiyi’s eyes were icy cold.

The fighting ability would almost double!

“Sinful beast!”

She swung her giant ruler and slapped it down with a bang!

The surface of the river sank steeply, then raised huge waves!

Dozens of demonic beasts were directly slapped into mush!

The crowd was amazed, the strength of the 25 head of the river catcher was too much!

Zhan Qingchen body in the air, Daoist robe hunting.

“The seven elements of the Big Dipper, the divine energy unifies the sky. The Big Dipper Great Sage, the mighty light of thousands!”

A magnificent light erupted from his palm, instantly turning a large swath of ferocious beasts into ashes!

Heaven-grade divine ability: the Northern Dipper Divine Incantation!

With these two powerful people adding their support, the crowd’s morale immediately rose, and the Daoist magic poured down without stint

The demonic beasts were quickly harvested.

Limbs and skeletons floating on the river, scarlet blood constantly washed down by the water.

The water candle demons finally realized that something was wrong.

They have opened their spiritual wisdom, sensing that the situation is tricky, and turn around to burrow underwater.

“Not good, they want to run!”

Jiang Tiyi eyes flashed a trace of anxiety.

If these demon beasts are allowed to leave, it will not take long to come back, and will not be able to solve the water problem at the root!

But the water candle demon is an aquatic demon beast, in the river water as flat.

The crowd could not do anything but watch them go underwater.

“Damn it!”

Jiang Tiyi clenched her silver teeth.

At this time, only to see the masked man who has not made a move, the fingertips ignited a golden fire,

The next second, the entire river surface into a sea of fire!

The crowd froze.

Only to see the demon beast just entered the water again leaped out of the water.

The body is burning with brilliant golden flames, issued a painful ear-piercing wail!

Golden flames burning, the river water boiling and gushing, swallowing all the beasts in it!

Even if they are hanging in the air, they can feel the terrifying power of burning everything!

Everyone watched this scene in awe.

What is the origin of this masked man, to grasp such a terrifying divine fire?

Casually flicked into the river water.

Jiang Tiyi seemed to have thought of something.

“A golden flame?”

“He can’t be ……”

“But the color doesn’t seem quite right.”

Even the demonic beasts of the Golden Dan realm could not resist the Blazing Star Liege Flame, and were burned to ashes almost instantly

In less than a moment, all water candle demons annihilated!

Golden flames recede, the river water back to calm.

The burning temperature has not yet dissipated, the air is filled with water vapor and the smell of roasted meat.

Su Shi slowly rowed the boat back to the shore.

Jiang Tieyi flew down and arched his hand: “Thank you, senior, for slaying the demon!”

Although the other party’s appearance could not be seen.

But this level of powerhouse, calling out senior is certainly no problem.

“Fengjiang River flooding has been removed, the cultivators who helped will be recorded in the Snow Maple City Records, I still don’t know senior’s name?”

Jiang Tieyi inquired.

The city journal is a record of a city’s development.

The turmoil encountered, the help received, all will be recorded in it one by one H.

In the current record of Desolate Plains City, Su Hui’s name was also recorded, calling him “the lone hero who destroyed the alien conspiracy by himself and saved Desolate Plains City by his own death.

It is also a sense of fame in the history of the world.

The reason why many of the righteous are happy to take action, is not to leave a reputation?

Facing Jiang Tieyi’s curious eyes, Su Shi shook his head and said, “Who told you that the floods have been removed?”


Jiang Tieyi puzzled: “The demonic beasts should have died out, right?”

Su Shi twisted his head to look.

The true dragon lookout technique was activated.

Only to see the river’s dark and fierce Qi surging, wrapped in the dense demonic Qi covering the sky!

There are still big demons in this river!

“Get your people to withdraw as soon as possible, it is estimated that there will be a big mess soon.” Su Shi looked helpless.

He is not a living thunderbolt, every day net busy helping people.

“Zhaoxiao is not Conan body, right?”

“How come every time I’m with her, it’s either the foreigners slaughtering the city or the ferocious beasts wreaking havoc?”

Zhan Qingchen was still outside the situation, smiling nightmare like a flower looking at him.

Looking at that silly smile, Su Shi sighed, “No way, who let Laozi just like her?”

Jiang Tieyi puzzled, “senior, you said the big mess refers to ……”

The words have not yet fallen, the calm river suddenly set off ten thousand waves, row of mountains and sea!

Su Shi nodded and said, “That’s what I’m referring to.”

Jiang Tiyi mouth slightly open, “This, what is this?”

Only to see that the water level of the Fengjiang River was rising continuously, crossing the bank with a devastating force.

The turbid waves were empty, as if they went straight to the sky, and the whole Snow Maple City was covered with shadows!

This is a real monstrous wave!

The crowd is horrified!

860 Jiang Tiyi’s face was as pale as paper.

If this huge wave is really shot down, I’m afraid the entire Snow Maple City will be flooded by the river!

But in the face of this creation-like greatness, they even move their fingers are very difficult, simply can not rise a hint of resistance.

“It’s over.”

Jiang Tiyi’s eyes were full of despair.

Suddenly, the ground beneath his feet trembled.

The crowd looked back and was once again shocked by the scene in front of them.

Only to see Su Shi hanging in the air, behind him endless yellow sand coalesced, forming a towering barrier out of thin air!


The river water shot down, the sand wall did not move at all.

Surprisingly blocked the ten thousand feet of waves!

The giant waves rose again, and the sand wall also rose higher and higher.

Boom boom boom!

No matter how crazy the water waves hit, they never let go!

Su Shi manipulated the yellow sand, seemingly fighting against the entire Phoenix River with his own strength! Looking at the pig-headed young man who was like a god, the Tianji Pavilion junior sister gulped, Zhan Qingchen came back to her senses, her cheeks slightly smoldering red, the bottom of her eyes were full of admiration.

“That of course, he is the most powerful!”

Chief, this friend of yours is also too powerful, right?”

“Look guys, what is that?!”

At this moment, a shocked cry came from the crowd.

The crowd looked up, only to see two large lanterns lit up in the waves, revealing a sinuous, huge figure!

“Surprisingly, it’s ……”

“Dragon?!!!” .


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