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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 342: Smacking The Demon King With A Legendary Shovel! Bahasa Indonesia


The ground around us trembled, as gigantic roots emerged from everywhere, as big as skyscrapers themselves. Their tips becoming sharp and pointy, rushing towards me with all their strength!


My body was hit, being completely destroyed in the process!


The entire forest trembled as a shockwave of Spiritual Energy flowed everywhere upon my body’s death…

“What an insect! Did you truly believed you stood a chance against me? In your stupid Player terms, I am way past your Level!” Laughed the Demon King. “I’ve won! And so easily at that! This power… it is superb! Now all of you spirits, submit to me, or perish-“


However, I quickly emerged right behind him, his roots unable to catch me on time. My body reconstructed itself from the nature in my surroundings, roots, wood, branches, flowers, even mushrooms and ground itself, in just a second, I was back.

“YOU! …H-HOW?!”

“You can’t easily kill a forest by only stomping over their saplings. As long as Nature Exists, I will!”


His enormous body began shapeshifting once more, gigantic branches in the shape of claws reached up to me in an instant, from all around!

“[Farm Spirit Protection]! [Spirit Fusion]!”




However, his blows were intercepted by hundreds of Lesser Spirits flying in front of me, fusing together through [Spirit Fusion] and becoming large elemental shields!


[You’ve merged dozens of Lesser Spirits and created the [Elemental Spiritual Shields Spirits]!]


The shields didn’t disappeared instantly upon being hit, but they charged all the energy they tanked and then, glowed brightly, unleashing a counter strike against the Demon King, the three shields created quickly blasted his wooden claws into smithereens!



The Demon King suddenly stepped back with his gigantic body; his glowing red eyes glared at me in utter shock. Although I lost half my spirits there to protect me, they didn’t go down without giving him a nice spanking.

“Nnngggh…! This wood is supposed to be the most durable in this world… Yet you’ve disintegrated it…?!” He roared in fury. “And you! What are you waiting for?! Attack!”

The Miasmic Treants had yet to fight me as my very presence was unleashing a barrier-like aura. The combination of so many skill effects created such a powerful “Aura Domain” as the Great Spirit called it.

Those that stepped into my domain not only were bathed in life and light, but the Lesser Spirits sprouting from everywhere would sacrifice their lives to take them down one by one. The Miasmic Treants alone couldn’t even reach me now.

“An Aura Domain!” The Demon King was left perplexed. “How come a Player has managed to acquire one of the Secret Arts that the original Heroes of this world conceived?!”

“The what?” I asked while raising an eyebrow. “This is just the effect of combining the effects of Terrain Tiles and several other Skills, I don’t really know how to actually make it…”


“And we are not good friends to go around chit-chatting either!”

I ran forward without any fear, as I raised my weapon, shapeshifting it into a gigantic scythe and imbuing a hundred different Spirits through Spiritual Infusion!

“Here’s a big one! Can you take it?!”

I jumped into the skies, Wind Spirits and Lesser Gust Spirits gathered in my foot, lifting me all the way into the skies.

I raised my scythe once more, infusing more of my Mana, the elemental spirits fusing and converging inside of the weapon generated a beautiful rainbow-colored aura of spiritual power!

“Eh?! T-That’s…!”

The Demon King of Miasma panicked, as I charged my attack and then unleashed it against him!

And of course, it was an all-time classic!

“[Spirit… ATTACK]!!!”

The enormous Spiritual Scythe was swung vertically, unleashing a devastating slicing attack made up of rainbow-colored spiritual power!




The Demon King began using his branches to resist the attack, gathering his resolve and power as he unleashed an enormous aura of Miasma, covering his surroundings and then, dragging the Miasmic Treants into his body, absorbing them!




However, my attack was stronger, and quickly exploded, covering his entire body as it consumed his corrupted miasmic wood. Countless bits of wood reached the skies, raining over the forest and then being slowly purified by my Terrain.


Over half of his enormous body was gone, and the rest was falling apart into pieces. Is this it? Can I finally beat him now? I remember Titania said there was a Core in the Tree of Beginnings as well, the Heart of the Forest! It is too corrupted now, so it cannot be purified, but I can shatter it, and free the Tree of Beginning’s soul from his imprisonment and at the same time, end the Demon King’s invasion.

“You’re such… a pest. Annoying… damned insect! Thinking you can… get in my way… You don’t know how much I’ve sacrificed… How much I’ve worked for this moment… How much I have suffered!”

The Demon King started rambling as his body started crumbling apart, I had yet to see his core, it was probably underground, as he hid it from my view. I have to find it and crush it before he regenerates!

“I don’t know what you’ve been through, but I am sure as hell it doesn’t justify killing millions of innocents for just your selfish desires!” I roared back. “And I am sorry, but I cannot really have empathy with someone like you! [Spirit Fusion]!”

The Spirits sprouting around my surroundings heard my call, gathering within the palm of my hand. I began charging a powerful attack by fusing the spirits into my Magic!

“Pity? Do you think I want your PITY?! ME?! I… ONLY WANT YOUR DEATH!!!”


A gigantic shockwave of Miasmic Energy erupted from the underground, breaking through the terrain and infecting hundreds of my Tiles in a split of a second!


The Terrains that were corrupted started to quickly mutate, as hundreds of enormous tentacles made of Miasma appeared, one after the other, fighting against the Spirits and crushing the plants and nature I was birthing with my powers.

“Pity from garbage like you… Is the least thing I want!!!”


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