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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 340: Devastating Everything! The True Power Of A Dryad! Bahasa Indonesia

Seeing the weapons stats, I was left surprised…

[Gaia’s All Purpose Creation Tool]

[Item Type]: [One-Handed Weapon]

[Item Quality]: [C]

[Item Requirement]: [Race: Dryad] [Job Class: Farmer]

[Item Durability]: [102500/102500]

[Item Effects]

[ATK]: [+2500]

[HP]: [+250]

[MP]: [+500]

[STR]: [+120]

[VIT]: [+120]

[DEX]: [+120]

[AGI]: [+120]

[INT]: [+120]

[WIS]: [+120]

[LUC]: [+250]

[Item Abilities]

[Gaia’s Blessing]: This weapon was crafted by Gaia herself, containing her Divine Power in the form of her Blessing. Item Durability is increased by +100000, ATK by +1500, and all Stats by +100. Item can Evolve once enough Materials are absorbed. Special Abilities can emerge depending in the items the Weapon absorbs and Durability can be restored this way. Additionally, all Skills and Magic Effects and Damage are increased by +100%.

[All Purpose Tool]: This weapon can shapeshift in any form the user desires, as long as that form is a Tool for Farming, Mining, Fishing, and other Production-related Job Classes. Depending in the weapon type, different weapon-type skills can be used freely without restrictions.

[Spirit Connection]: This Item is connected with the power of the Spirits of the World. It is possible to freely imbue Spirits into the weapon and enhance its powers, stats, and elemental damage temporarily. While Spirits are imbued into the weapon, Skill and Spell Damage increase accordingly to the power of the Spirits +25%.

[Item Description]

A Wonderful and beautiful tool that seems to have the shape of a small golden shovel. It was crafted using Gaia’s Divine Wood and the Metal is made of Orichalcum, the metal that the Gods themselves can create through their harnessed Divine Power.

It has the all-purpose ability to shapeshift into different types of tools that are Creation Class-oriented. It can evolve, and fuse with spirits for temporary buffs and special abilities. And can develop endlessly by absorbing high quality materials or other items, evolving into countless different forms.

The Ultimate Weapon for my Chosen Hero, Planta.

I didn’t had any more doubts about it, I can’t just sit idly when I’ve got this weapon!

After separating from my group and telling them to do things around the sky while I jump from the ground to the air consecutively, I quickly reached the ground below, appearing right in the middle of a giant sea of Miasmic Treants readily waiting for me!


I impacted the ground using the amazing weapon, one of its effects allowed for it to easily shapeshift around, perfect for me! Without further ado, I decided to copy Lily’s way of fighting, as I shapeshifted my weapon into the shape of a hammer and hit the ground as strong as I could!


An enormous shockwave of Spiritual Essence emerged from within my weapon. As the power of the Spirit Farming Tool Mastery skill activated itself, even as this was a hammer! I guess sometimes even hammers can be used as farming tools, hehehe…


The enormous Spiritual Essence Aura spread into the ground, the Miasmic Terrain was quickly affected and transformed into new, Farm and Forest Terrain. Grass, flowers, herbs, and new saplings appeared one after the other.

The Treants that witnessed everything began falling back in fear, as I smiled back at them rather maliciously. I was rather tired of this. Tired of this evil Demon King never dying, and tired of this endless army of trees that never goes away.

“Plant Absorption.”

I touched the grass and plants that grew around me, as I suddenly felt as if their lives and souls merged with me. My power slowly began rising steadily…

“D-Don’t be afraid!”

“It is only a mere Dryad…”

“We must kill her at all costs so our lord can prosper!”

“Don’t let her do as she pleases!”


Hundreds of Miasmic Treants rushed towards me, but as I absorbed the power of nature surrounding me, I felt stronger than ever!


I raised my leg and kicked the Treant behind me.


It wasn’t a normal kick at all though! An enormous shockwave of green-colored energy flew out, impacting tens of Miasmic Treants at the same time!

“And… Punch!”

I used a fist to hit my left, the very punch unleashed yet another shockwave of energy, blowing away several Miasmic Treants at the same time…


However, there were several things I learned.

Absorbed plants are like spendable energy, once I unleash that powerful blow, their energy is spent and so my stats and power deplete too.

So the solution? I just have to keep spreading plants alongside my Terrain and absorb them as I fight.

All while I receive the buffs of my other Skills such as Photosynthesis, Daughter of Nature, and Forest Guardian!

“And… Scythe!”

I shapeshifted my weapon into a large scythe and slashed my surroundings my spinning around!


An enormous slashing attack sent shockwaves of green and gold color around my surroundings, a sudden explosion came right afterwards, as even more Miasmic Treants blew up into pieces!



I even surprised myself there.

As long as I am in my forest, I am like the forest deity.

I am strong enough.

With all these buffs stacked up.

And with the spread of my Terrain… I can do it.

I continued hitting my surroundings using my weapon, shapeshifting it into a shovel and then lifting the surrounding tiles, pulling the Miasmic Treants underground and then crushing them with the same terrain I lifted!


And then I shapeshifted the weapon into a giant hammer, hitting several more as I ran through the forest. The terrains continued to change as Acorn supported me from far away.

Spirit Sprouts started emerging everywhere, it was working, I was changing the surroundings!

And as I jumped into midair, I impacted the ground strongly using the hammer!



An enormous shockwave of energy flew everywhere, purifying more and more Tiles, over a thousand at this point!

The impact unleashed a shockwave of life and nature energy, which spread even further, everywhere!

Even the giant Demon King noticed my presence, as he noticed his surroundings started to change once more.

“Huh? YOU!”

“Where are you going? We are not done yet!”


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