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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 330: Fear And Doubts Bahasa Indonesia

(Planta’s POV)

As I walked where I left my Familiars protecting my friends, I quickly saw a window emerge in front of me. This was something I hadn’t seen before…


[Your Party has been automatically added to the [Grand World Quest: Save the Life and Spirits of the World]!]

[The Demon King of Miasma has taken over the continent of Verdant and after almost being defeated by Player Planta, he has managed to escape and possess the Tree of Beginnings, the heart of the forest, life, and the spirits!]

[However, there’s still hope… Player Planta’s Heart of the Forest must be protected against all costs, while the possessed Tree of Beginnings must be slain as soon as possible before everything turns to the worst!]

[As special Effects for participating in this quest, every member that joins gains x3 times more EXP and Gold, and level restrictions for EXP and Gold acquisition are lifted.]

[Rare Drop Items chance is increased by x5, and new items drop from monsters defeated.]

[Those that defeat the most enemies will be rewarded greatly.]

[Time Limit: 1 Hour.]

“This is…?”

I still felt slightly dizzy, but I could clearly read the Quest was about… protecting my Heart of the Forest while also telling me to slay the Tree of Beginnings.

Ahh… To think things have turned this way. It is really like Titania said, it feels like everything is about to end.

Without realizing it, I’ve been living in a completely different world, with actual living and breathing people.

I knew there was something odd, but I guess I can finally tell this is all real.

Do other Players know this? Aside from my Party, I doubt others can actually tell unless they try to log off?

Maybe I should try to log off with everyone and save our souls from all of this?

…After all, this is not a world I belong to.

I… I live in Earth, with my daughter, Mark, and everyone else.

This isn’t my world.


I shouldn’t…

[Logging Off is possible]

[Do you want to log off?]

Eh? It is possible now?!

Did the Demon King loosened his powers or something?

I am very sure I couldn’t do it before…


I should really go away.



Suddenly, I heard the voice of the Great Spirit within my soul.

“I understand that you feel afraid. I get it! This… everything that is going on is horrendous already. Mark almost died, and you could die now at any moment…”

“Great Spirit…”

“But I… we need you.”


“Please, don’t go…”

The Great Spirit begged me for help.

I never thought she would… ever do such a thing.

“Minutes ago you were all spirited! What happened?”

“I… several things came to my head once I’ve managed to cool down…”

“I understand the fear, despite having been in this world, you always thought it was all a game. But it… it isn’t.”

“Why? Why let random people get inside this world through the pretext it’s a game?”

“I… have no idea, I’ve been sealed all this time. Only the gods could answer such a question.”

“I… see…”

I ended falling to my knees.

Suddenly, tears started flowing from my eyes.

“I… I am afraid… I don’t want to die… I’ve done so much yet that monster’s still alive…”


“What can I do? I am just… a widow, a single mother raising her daughter. I am just a nobody…”

“I wouldn’t call that a nobody. You’re someone special, Planta.”

“But Mark… he almost died, I don’t want this to happen to him again, or to me… I fought, I did what I could yet…”

“I’m sorry if it came as I was forcing you… I really don’t want to, I feel just as terrible. But this world is in peril now, you’re… the only hope I have.”

“Great Spirit…”

“I beg of you Planta… Please… I beg of you…”

The Great Spirit emerged in her humanoid form in front of me, kneeling and crying.

“Please… please help us…”


What am I doing?

Why… am I doubting now from all times?

What’s wrong with me?

There’s someone in front of me begging for help.

How many times has this scene repeated through my life?

How many times have I begged others to help me?

To give me a second chance…

How many times have I been fired from my job, lost my money…

How many times have I cried desperately thinking I couldn’t maintain my life or help my daughter in her studies?

Why am I doubting when someone is in front of me, asking for help?

There shouldn’t even be a second thought.

I am not that kind of person.

I’ve become like this… not only because of the hardships of my life, but also because of my husband, and my daughter…

They have made me into the person I am now.

“Don’t cry…”

I hugged the Great Spirit, and caressed her head.

“I’m sorry for doubting. I am really afraid, in fact, I am terrified of my life… But I simply can’t step out of this now…”

I stood up, helping her stand up as well.

“I’ll do it… Sorry for that, that’s not how I usually am. As a woman… I’ve usually always hid these feelings deep within my heart, because I know they’re weaknesses people always use against me… I never show that face because I’ve experienced others taking advantage of me many times.”


“But this is different… I am… I am not the same as before.”

I looked into the sky, which was shown as an enormous hole was made leading to the surface within the underground.

“Let’s do this together, okay? I’ll help! I’ll use every single trick I’ve got, and the power of the spirits as well…”

As I said those words, my surroundings were quickly purified through the terrain skills. I hit the ground with my very foot and it quickly spread the terrain, grass, flowers, and even saplings grew. Dozens of spirit sprouts appeared as well.

“This is not over yet…”

“Of course it’s not over yet!”

And then, I heard her voice.



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