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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 300: Against A Terrifying Miasmic Power! Bahasa Indonesia


Jeremias simply decided to fill the entire place with Miasmic Water to drown us all in here. The water easily consumed the Spiritual Barriers we tried to create.

“Drown in Miasma and stay put! I know you Immortals cannot be dealt with normally!” Jeremias smiled.

The damned man suddenly began flying away as we were all drowning on black and slimy water. From within the water countless red eyes appeared everywhere, tentacles began pulling us down.

All while we were taking damage constantly and all were being inflicted with a poison-like status, it was like a combination of all the diseases we have healed put together!

“Uwaaaah! Come back you damn…!”

I couldn’t even muster more words as I felt my entire body beginning to burn from the inside. I looked at my hands and they started to melt away! The Miasma was killing us too quickly!

The worst part was that although I had great regeneration to everything, the Miasma was draining everything and didn’t even let me use magic, the spirits didn’t answered either, they probably all died…

“Unnggh…! Planta, hang in there!”


Titan suddenly began extending his body as he became taller and taller, sprouting out of the Miasma and then carrying me out.

“Uuggh… GEEEH!”

I began throwing out all the miasma I swallowed, it was melting all of my insides while I regained some of my MP and began healing my entire body as fast as I could.

“T-Titan! Are you okay?!” I asked.

“I am alright! I can just keep creating more bark to keep on it. The buffs you’ve granted gave me a lot of stats. I can resist this better than you can most probably due to my higher durability and HP.” Titan analyzed the situation.

“Ugh, he’s running away! I can’t believe he won’t even fight us!” I cried, looking as Jeremias began flying away from us without even giving us a glance.

“Agghh! Planta!”

“Lady Planta!”

“Are you okay?!”

I suddenly heard Rita, Lily, Acorn, Nieve, Florie, and Titania’s voices. I looked behind me and saw them still alive. They were soaked on miasma and their HP was going down rather rapidly, but they were rescued by Belle and Huginn who could fly.

Also apparently Saphee, Huginn, and Terra were immune to the Miasma, they looked completely fine on it! Meanwhile, my other Familiars were resisting it very well for some reason. Even Loki who was a plant like me was taking on the miasma no problem.

Why is that? Is it because they’re monsters? Maybe… Maybe monsters have an innate resistance to Miasma or even immunity to it?

Titania was okay as she hovered over the Miasma, her spiritual projection cannot transfer magic to her real body so she would be alright even if she died in this form.

“Yeah we are alright, but Jeremias is running away!” I cried. “Ugh… Damn it… DAMN IT!”

“Don’t worry, we are here for that too!” Lily said, quickly beginning to unleash all her Mana.

“Miasma’s not even that bad of a deal for me, look at all the Malice I can absorb!” Achlys suddenly began laughing evilly. She was actually being buffed by this?!


“Huh?! What the…?!”

Jeremias suddenly stopped flying away as he saw the entire sea of Miasma being absorbed by Rita, she generated a black hole inside of the palm of her hand and started sucking it all out!

“Malice’s Absorption! Maximum Input!”


She started using MP to absorb as much Malice as possible, which resulted in a part of the Miasmic Sea to begin being drained away… but that wouldn’t be enough.

“Guys, I got an idea! Use your Inventory!” I said. “Open it and suck all the water inside!”

“Oh, that’s right!” Titan said.

We all quickly opened our Inventory and began absorbing the Miasmic Sea as if it were an item.



[You acquired [Miasmic Water] x101!]

[You acquired [Miasmic Water] x123!]

[You acquired [Miasmic Water] x112!]

[You acquired [Miasmic Water] x173!]

[You acquired [Miasmic Water] x64!]

[You acquired [Miasmic Water] x78!]

[You acquired [Miasmic Water] x94!]

Items can stack up to 999 times, so we began absorbing everything with ease. Even after reaching 99 in Miasmic Water, we simply used a single item slot, and we had hundreds!

“T-That’s… space magic?!” Jeremias asked. “Tch! Well, no matter, I have no business with you lot now that I-“


Before Jeremias could run away any further, an enormous Mountain Wall was summoned. Lily and I combined our magic as I conjured the same spell by calling the Land Spirits, which suddenly began hearing my call once more as the Miasmic Sea started receding.

“Mountain Wall! Mountain Wall! Mountain Wall!”

I began spamming the same Spell over and over again, as more and more Land Spirits jumped into my help and materialized into these Mountain Walls.

“Greater Crystal Wall!”

Meanwhile, Lily combined her Earth Spirit Magic with her Crystal Magic, generating an even tougher Greater Crystal Wall, cornering Jeremias, and stopping his only route for escaping.

“Y-Youuu…! You dare believe you even stand a chance?!”

While leaving the Miasmic Core at the side, Jeremias entire body began overflowing with Miasmic and Chaotic Power, reaching absolutely insane volumes of power!


His very aura unleashed a powerful shockwave of darkness and miasma, infecting the Roots that had already been tainted once more by his Miasmic Sea. As a Hamadryad, I could hear them, the screams of all the trees of the forest, they were crying in pain!

The shockwave alone threw us all into the ground, he was too powerful. His stats had been enhanced even more not only by his bizarre Miasmic Demon Transformation, but by that floating sphere of chaos he got at his side! As if things couldn’t be worse, although the Miasmic Sea was consumed already, it was still soaking us entirely, weakening us even more and almost inhibiting us of using flashy magic.

“Hmph… This is more like it. Kneel before the absolute might of my Master!”


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