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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 282: Against The Four Rulers Of The Underground Caves! Bahasa Indonesia

Four Bosses and a dozen Cult Members stood before our path towards Jeremias. The more time we delayed fighting them, the more time Jeremias would have to be able to break through into the Root Forest and infest the entire Forest of Beginnings with his Miasma… We cannot spend much time fighting these monsters, but they sure look tough. However, if they have the same weaknesses as their small counterparts, we might be able to fight them off…

“Guide, quickly show me all four of their status!”


The Guide quickly showed me four holographic windows of the four Field Bosses.

[Giant Crystal Turtle Emperor: Lv48] [Status: Infected with Miasma, Brainwashed]

Description: The powerful and almighty Emperor of the Giant Crystal Turtles. It has lived a thousand years and has devoured many crystals, growing a gigantic shell capable of withstanding most blows and having an incredible resistance to elemental magic. It is sluggish yet each step is devastating, and it possess high level elemental magic that it’s near-indestructible crystals can conjure. This monster has been infected with Miasma; all of its stats have increased. Its

Its weakness is its speed and sluggish movements. Its weight is too big, if its legs are crippled and the crystals destroyed, it becomes nothing but a sitting duck.

Skills: [Great Crystal Fortress] [Grand Elemental Crystal Projectiles] [Mini Meteor] [Slicing Storm] [Boulder Blast] [Water Torrent] [Super Great Defense] [Heavy Slam]

Title: [Crystal Turtle Emperor]


[Shadow Vampiric Crimson Bat Queen: Lv45] [Status: Infected with Miasma, Brainwashed]

Description: The Deadly Queen of the Shadow Vampiric Bats. Boasting an immense size and deadly jaws. She has an incredible ability to fly at amazing speeds. It is capable of biting through anything with those overwhelming fangs and can both drain blood for nourishment and conjure Blood Magic to control the battlefield, her echolocation is top notch. This monster has been infected with Miasma; all of its stats have increased.

Her weakness is having incredibly low defensive stats, which she make sup with her amazing speed. Has a strong weakness against wind and lighting elements.

Skills: [Vampiric Fangs] [Shadow Projectiles] [Blood Sucking] [Blood Spear] [Blood Detonation] [Blood Bat Mirage] [Hallucination]

Title: [Queen of Vampiric Bats]


[Crystal Rhinoceros Beetle King: Lv49] [Status: Infected with Miasma, Brainwashed]

Description: The powerful and immovable King of the Crystal Rhinoceros Beetles. Possess an indomitable strength and is rather fast for its immense and overwhelming size. It doesn’t know any magic but it’s size, weight, and strength alone make up for it. This monster has been infected with Miasma; all of its stats have increased.

His weakness is lacking magic coverage and proper ways for self-regeneration, constant attacks in a certain spot can break the shells and easily reach the soft inner body.

Skills: [Overpowering Horn Attack] [High Speed Drilling] [Bloody Charge] [Berserker Attack] [Super Enhanced Crystal Armor] [Greater Defensive Boost]

Title: [King of Crystal Rhinoceros Beetles]


[Giant Crystal Slaughter Mantis Queen: Lv50] [Status: Infected with Miasma, Brainwashed]

Description: The all-powerful Queen of all Assassin Mantises from the Crystal Caves. Her enormous size paired up with her deadly blade arms make for an incredibly powerful monster, it has no enemies whatsoever and often does as she pleases across all her territory. A behemoth capable of slicing anything in her path… This monster has been infected with Miasma; all of its stats have increased.

Her weakness is that her size is too big for her weight, and she lacks complete control over the balance of her body, often being prone to tripping over the floor if one of her legs is destroyed. Additionally, her defenses are not that good and once her blades are dealt with, its threat level becomes way lower.

Skills: [Slicing Blades of Calamity] [Destructive Glare] [Overwhelming Aura] [Assassination] [Merciless Hunter] [Gluttonous Eater] [Ruthless Killer]

Title: [Queen of Crystal Assassin Mantises]

Amazing, not only did he showed me the stats, but he even put their weaknesses?! This is something completely new! I guess Guider is putting a lot more of effort now.

“Did you add the weaknesses?”

“Yes, usually you can only find them when you go into the monster compendium, but I’ve made a shortcut into their status.”

“That’s amazing, as long as these stay there, we can figure out how to deal with all of them. And we need to do it as fast as possible!”


The Crystal Turtle Emperor roared furiously, as its shell suddenly shone brightly with colors, only to be taken over by darkness. Purple flames, black water, black winds, and purple crystal boulders were summoned in an instant, so big they resembled meteors falling from the ceiling!


The projectiles fell towards us at a fast speed, almost breaking the sound barrier as they impacted the ground before us, countless elemental explosions that began to spread out miasma everywhere happened right after that.


“Damn it, they’re trying to overtake the terrain by spreading more Miasma! These guys don’t even intend to engage us completely, they just want to push us back as much as possible!” Titan said, as we had to regroup together and fly across the skies through our mounts, evading the enormous magical attacks reaching us from the shell of the deadly Crystal Turtle Emperor.

“Which one do we take on first? There’s no way we can fight them alone, we should gang on each one of them!” Achlys said.

“I agree, they’re way too strong for us to separate our team once more.” Nieve said.

“We have to strike them all together!” Acorn said.

“Planta, do you have any idea?” Asked Titania.

“Look!” I said to my team, quickly showing them the status of the Monsters and their weaknesses.

“Wait, their weaknesses show in the status?!” Asked Titania. “If this is true then… the Vampire! Let’s kill the Vampiric Bat first, she’s the weakest of the four!”

“The Vampiric Bat Queen will be the most troublesome if we approached the other three, you’re right. After that, we must defeat the Mantis Queen, then we got for the big guys. The turtle and the beetle.” I commanded.

“Alright!” Everyone roared while feeling pumped up by my very simple strategy, it was so simple we couldn’t even call it that, but knowing their weaknesses seemed to boost everyone’s morale.

We flew across the ceiling, evading the magic of the Turtle Emperor and sometimes blasting it with our attacks in midair, until the Bat Queen noticed us, flying at an incredible speed towards us!


Her claws suddenly reached us as she attempted to attack Belle!



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