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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 269: The Three Bosses Soul Orbs Bahasa Indonesia

As we explored the caverns through the long corridor we were following through, I began to think about my Skills. Taming and Summoning were all max level now but had yet to evolve. Is this their limit for now? Or maybe I need to evolve again for them to evolve? Hmm… There might be bigger conditions than that to evolve Skills I believe.

But now that I’ve maxed their levels, I can summon new companions and tame more monsters. I had considered summoning something new, but having them get killed easily is not something I would really prefer… Although I don’t really know if new Summons adjust their levels to their summoners, but I believe they all start at Level 1, they simply have higher base stats the higher the level of the Summoning Skill is dependent to the slot unlocked in that time.

For tamed monsters, it is all a variable. You can tame anything… As long as you can convince them. I’ve been able to tame Mimy and Silver because they hatched from eggs as babies, so it was very easy to become their new mothers. But for wild monsters it is incredibly hard, hitting them and getting them to near death doesn’t seem to work either, something more than that is required.

I also got a limited amount of slots, maybe I should choose which monsters I would want to tame instead of taming things randomly. Drakons seem certainly pretty strong, taming one wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, the problem is… how can I even do that. Aside from that, there’s no other monsters around here we have found before.

Though I’ve got a checklist of monsters I want to tame. I’ve always wanted a fluffy wolf, a big one would be great. And also a bird of some sort, that could easily fly me through the airs. And perhaps something else like a big bug? Maybe I could tame one easily, I think the Fairy Kingdom had tamed many of them, I don’t think it would be hard to purchase a grub of those Giant Golden Beetles and raise it as a baby like Silver and Mimy.

And for Summons… Plant Companion will give me more plants of any sort, and then there’s the Farm Animal Companion which will summon Farm themed Summons. Unlike tamed monsters, Summoned Familiars don’t have a bar of affection and don’t require constant care, as long as you get them some food they’re good to go and will always remain loyal, the difference with tamed monsters is the lack of customization.

I mean the whole game got thousands of different types of monsters to choose from while summons are divided in categories. Although they’re still random, they’re within a category and you don’t have much free will at what you’ll get… Except if you use these strange items I’ve acquired when I defeated the three Bosses of this Forest.

The [Miasmic Mushroom King Soul Orb], the [Shadow Crow King Soul Orb], and the [Venomous Snake Queen’s Soul Orb]. “Soul Orbs” are super special items that Boss-type Monsters drop occasionally, they’re actually rare items, but due to my high LUK stat, they dropped all three times I fought these Bosses respectively. They had different uses. I heard from Titan that they can either be used to enchant weapons (and only weapons) to grant them a “Soul” which will enhance the Weapon’s stats and give them a unique Weapon Skill, which seems quite tempting, and the other option is “use” them and imbue them into a compatible Summoning Skill.

If things go well, you can summon a Familiar themed after the Boss’ Soul, usually a smaller and cuter version of the Boss. But wouldn’t it be a bit weird to just summon Titania’s friends that died? We don’t even know if it is really them and all… I already checked and all three of the souls are compatible with my Skills. The Snake and the Crow are compatible with Farm Animal Companion (I didn’t knew snakes could be farm companions) and the Mushroom with the Plant Companion (I am fairly sure Mushrooms are a completely different clade and not from the plant kingdom, but whatever).

And regarding the Soul Weapon System, they can get easily power creeped, this means that these low-level boss souls are not that good, and once you imbue one into a weapon, when you want to change it, the first one will simply disappear. If I use them into my weapons right now and then find something stronger I want to use, I’ll be forced to either change my weapon entirely (which I really don’t want to, as it is the weapon I made out of the Tree of Beginning’s Branch), or destroy the old soul, something I don’t want either as those souls are of Titania’s friends.

So I am pretty much forced to either ignore them forever, gift them to somebody else, or… well, summon them. Apparently, they might even change their appearance as they’re themed after the Summon Skill in specific… I don’t know how a farm animal themed snake or crow would look like but whatever. Maybe I should just summon them already so they can begin leeching EXP in the sidelines and level up quickly.

As we flew using Titan’s Flying-type Elemental Beast Spirits towards our destination, I proposed this idea to Titania and told her the truth about the Soul Orbs I had.

“Y-You have their soul orbs? So the System does such a thing…” She sighed.

“I don’t know what to do to be honest…” I sighed.

“Hm, then summon them!” She said.


She took it easier than I imagined.

“A-Are you sure Titania? You won’t get… mad? Or uncomfortable about it?” I wondered.

“Not at all!” Titania said with a smile. “I think you should do it. Don’t feel restrained because they were my friends before. I don’t know if they’ll ever remember me, or if they even are them in the first place… Don’t feel afraid, I won’t hate you or something for doing it, and they might end up being way stronger than normal summons, right?”

“Yeah…” I sighed. “I guess we are doing summons in the middle of our travels!”


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