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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 50.2 Bahasa Indonesia

Are Other People’s Things Nice To Look At? (2)

Shi An had wrapped himself up tightly and stuffed the fire gem Mu Heng had given him into the pocket of his inner clothes, but he still couldn’t fully resolve the chilly weather of the Aiwen District.

It was unforgivable that he had been forced to come to this hellhole and go out in this harsh weather!

Shi An’s anger at the thieves increased a few degrees.

He lifted his eyes, the crimson tide in his dark eyes that had never gone away ever since discovering that one of his treasures was in the Aiwen Academy principal’s hands.

The young man’s voice was clear and soft. “Hey, is this direction correct?”

Demon insect: “My Lord, don’t worry. My puppets are already there. It’s absolutely correct!”


The principal of Aiwen Academy was called Lu Yuanyi.

There were five academies on the continent and each academy’s principal had their speciality in studies: Principal Pei of the Ability Academy specialized in ancient languages while the principal of Aiwen Academy specialized in magical defense.

His residence was in the center of the academy, a very elaborate and ornate tower.

The interior of the tower was luxurious and extravagant.

Thick carpets covered the floor, fireplaces were ablazed, and the walls were intricately and elaborately decorated. Every piece of furniture was crafted to satisfy one’s desire for the most extravagant and glamorous pleasures.

Lu Yuanyi sat on a recliner and stretched his short, thick fingers to stroke his half-bald head.

Looking into the light, he admired the rings he wore on his five fingers, his eyes slowly tracing them one by one before finally settling on the white gemstone ring he wore on his thumb.

The clear stone shone brightly in the light and was simply mesmerizing.

Lu Yuanyi smiled faintly with pleasure and satisfaction as he looked at the collection that belonged to him.

The gold thread-encrusted rocking chair swung back and forth, creaking under his heavy body.

“Is it nice-looking?” An unfamiliar young man’s voice rang through the room without warning.

The tone was clear, with a soft ending that rose slightly, sounding cheerful and gentle. But for some reason, it made people feel inexplicably creeped out.

Lu Yuanyi’s scalp tingled and he broke into a cold sweat as he jerked up from his recliner and summoned his magical defensive shield out of habit.

“Who’s there? Come out!”

Beads of sweat seeped from Lu Yuanyi’s half-bald head, reflecting greasily in the light.

How could it be?

Although he wasn’t exactly proficient in other areas of expertise, he wasn’t so bad as to let his enemy sneak into his room unnoticed.

There was still not a single figure in front of him, but his instincts were alerting frantically, signaling the approach of danger.

But it did not matter.

Lu Yuanyi took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

In the field of magical defense, if he called himself second, no one would dare to call themselves first. This time, his opponent was still too naive and careless to give him time to release his magical shield. Since that was the case, there was no possibility of the opposite side hurting him anymore.

At that moment –

The young man’s soft voice rang out behind him. “Why? Don’t want to tell me?”


Lu Yuanyi’s eyes snapped wide, subconsciously turning to look behind him.

Before he could catch a glimpse of the actual shadow, a bright silvery-white flash of light swept past his eyes, the light so dazzling and brilliant that it made his eyes hurt instantly.

The next second, there was a sound of scraping a sharp nail against a metal surface.

Clack – clack –

The bits of shattering sound gradually became clear, intense and symbolic of ominousness like a hastening of footsteps trampling on Lu Yuanyi’s heart.


Lu Yuanyi was horrified and hurriedly used his magic power in an attempt to strengthen the defense in front of his body –

It was already too late.


A crunching sound resounded in the room.

A lone hand suddenly clenched, forcibly crushing Lu Yuanyi’s magic shield!

The bones were slender, the skin was white, and the nails were neatly trimmed and rounded, with a soft pink tint.

Such a beautiful hand, encased in a thunderous force, passed straight through the shattered magic shield and strangled the middle-aged man’s thick, fat neck.

Under the light, the back of the white hand shone with metallic silver as if covered with a layer of delicate but tough scales.

The fingers tightened slightly and slowly lifted upward.

Lu Yuanyi’s toes gradually left the ground, fluttering in mid-air with difficulty. His eyes were bloodshot, his mouth wide open from lack of oxygen, gasping for breath. He used his short, thick fingers to get rid of the hand around his throat.

But the hand seemed to clasp around his throat as if it were made of iron.

W-Who is it?

How could there be a human in this world that destroyed his defense magic with only his bare hands…?

Lu Yuanyi lowered his head with difficulty, opened his eyes, which had begun seeing black, and looked at the man who had lifted him –

The other man’s form was shrouded in black smoke and could not be seen except for a pair of crimson vertical pupils that looked steadily over in the darkness, like flames blazing in the depths of the abyss, flickering with a ghastly light that chilled him to the bone.

The look under those eyes was cold and fierce as if it was a predator scrutinizing its prey.

“Ignoring people’s questions is not a good habit.”

The young man’s gentle, innocent voice rang in his ears. “So, I will ask one last time.”

The fingertips slowly applied force and the throat bones made an overwhelming creaking sound as if they would be crushed hard in the next moment.

“Are other people’s things nice to look at?”


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