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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 49.1 Bahasa Indonesia

Give Me Back My Treasure, AHHH! (1)

On the plane.

A faint buzz echoed in the big metal space and the air currents skimming the aircraft’s surface brought a not-so-subtle vibration.

The cabin was filled with big, strong students from the strength system. Although there were not many of them, the inside of the plane looked full and crowded.

The slender boy sitting by the window looked out of place among his peers.

In fact, Shi An was not too short for his age, but his body frame and his face were small, his eyes were round, his skin was white, and he was thin and slender, so he looked frail and pathetic when he was squeezed into this group of sturdy students who were on average 1.9 meters.

Zhao She turned his head to look at Shi An, sitting beside him, and lowered his voice, saying with some incredulity, “Why are you in the strength system?”

Zhao She didn’t think anything of it when he saw Shi An in the field earlier, thinking he was simply passing by.


He saw Shi An walking toward the registration desk, choosing the first flight leaving that night.

Shi An narrowed his eyes and looked over. “You don’t think I look like I belong here?”

Zhao She: “…”

Do you think you look like you belong here?

“You don’t believe it?” Shi An scowled and rolled up his sleeves. “Do you want to arm wrestle me right now?”

Zhao She’s eyes fell on the young man’s white and slender wrist as if it would break at the slightest strength, and then he looked at his own robust and muscular arm, the corners of his mouth twitching.

“N-No need.”

Shi An snorted, turning his head to look out the porthole.

He was now seething with anger.

It was one thing to know that his treasure had been stolen and another to hear that it had been contaminated with his own two ears.

He had worked so hard, carefully selected, and finally saved up a cave of treasures, but those thieves had removed everything while he was sleeping. As a dragon, Shi An couldn’t accept this.

He didn’t know about this before, but now he had a chance to catch those filthy vermin who had gotten their hands on his treasure and make those nasty ants pay!

Zhao She spoke cautiously. “However, I never thought that you would come to participate in this academic exchange…”

After all, the destination this time was the Aiwen District. As companions who had traveled together, Zhao She was too aware of how much the cold made Shi An feel lazy and afraid. But as a result, he never expected Shi An to not only attend but also to sign up for a flight that was leaving that night. All of this was very unlike him.

Shi An unblinkingly said, “I won’t hesitate to win an honor for the school.”

He would be willing to do anything, even on a mountain of daggers and a sea of fire, for the sake of his lost treasure, not to mention a world of snow and ice.

Zhao She: “…”

Damn it. I don’t believe it.

Through the thick snowy white clouds, the plane descended slowly and the frozen landscape of the Aiwen District appeared outside the portholes.

The light blue sky and the snow-covered snowfields, with dark mountain ridges rising and falling, wound through a blanket of white. The extremely low temperature could be felt just by looking at them.

“…” Shi An subconsciously shriveled in his seat.

In fact, if it was a mountain of daggers and a sea of fire, it might have been a little friendlier to him…

At this time, Shi An couldn’t help but start to miss Mu Heng.

The warm, burning temperature of the human body was simply the perfect heater in this freezing place.

As soon as he left the airport, Shi An saw a familiar figure.

The man was tall with an upright figure, his long silver hair tied high, his icy blue eyes hidden beneath his eyelashes, and a powerful, imposing aura surrounding him that made the already low-temperature drop slightly more.

Shi An: “???”

What? Do I have the ability to make my wishes come true?

He closed his eyes and made a reverent wish.

–My lost treasure, appear!

But when Shi An opened his eyes, he was somewhat disappointed that the space in front of him remained unchanged from five seconds ago.

Damn it!

After realizing that Shi An might become the dragon’s target, Mu Heng immediately contacted the Ability Academy, but after the call was answered, he received an unexpected reply.

– Shi An had already left the academy and was on a flight to Aiwen District.

The plane had already taken off and it was impossible to reach Shi An. Thus, Mu Heng sent someone to contact the airport and get information about the plane’s arrival time.

Mu Heng looked at the young man, who was not too far away, narrowed his eyes and said, “Why are you staring blankly there? Come here.”

Only then did Shi An return to his senses and walk over quickly.

He looked at Mu Heng, followed by Wen Yao, and frowned with some confusion on his face. “Why are you guys here?”

Wen Yao opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by Mu Heng.

The man’s voice was indifferent and calm.

“I have bought a return plane ticket for you. After returning, someone will fetch you at the airport and send you to the academy next.”

Although the incidence of the Abyssal Rift had occurred within the academy last time, Mu Heng still knew the external defense system of the academy very well. As long as Shi An was within the Ability Academy, his safety should be guaranteed.

Shi An: “???”

He froze and took a couple of seconds to respond, “Ah? Do you want me to return?”

Mu Heng said, “Yes.”

Shi An refused firmly. “No way! I want to win an honor for the school!”

Mu Heng: “…”


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