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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 43.2 Bahasa Indonesia

A minute later, Shi An slowly turned his head and looked at Mu Heng, who had been following him since he got out of the car, and asked with some uncertainty, “That…are you going here too?”

Mu Heng shook his head calmly, “No, I’m going to find the principal next. ”

Shi An: “……”

He pointed to the building in front of him suspiciously, “The principal is here? ”

Mu Heng shook his head, “No. ”

Shi An: “……”


Mu Heng lowered his eyes and stared at the dazed young man in front of him, and his fingertips twitched slightly.

He suppressed his urge to touch the other’s hair and said calmly, “Your tardiness this time is my reason, so this time I will accompany you in. ”

Shi An: “……”

He said dryly, “This, this is really not needed. ”

Shi An’s time in human society was not short. Although he still lacked some common sense, he still knew what a compelling thing it was to let Mu Heng show up with him on the first day of school. This was simply contrary to his original intention of keeping a low profile.

Finally, at Shi An’s strong insistence, Mu Heng compromised.

He nodded, “Okay. ”

Shi An breathed a sigh of relief and walked into the strange building with an empty schoolbag.

Inside the building was a huge independent and wide hall, which was somewhat similar to Wang Li’s training grounds that he had been to before.

He was quite late, and the first class of had obviously begun.

Since all of them were parallel classes this time, they were all freshmen in class together.

The teacher is a middle-aged, short, gloomy man. A pair of gray eyes are pressed under the eyebrows of the same color, and his gaze always made people feel cold.

His name is Xu Chengwen, and the course he taught was the foundation of primary magic training.

Due to his bad attitude and his habit of often maliciously failing students, he was the most unpopular teacher in the entire first grade.

Xu Chengwen’s eyes were sharp when he saw Shi An sneaking in from behind the training ground.

He sneered, raised his voice, and said, “Look, late for the first day of school. If I didn’t know anything, I would think you were some kind of genius. ”

“You, come here. “Xu Chengwen pointed to the position next to him with obvious mockery on his face.

Shi An walked over obediently.

“Hm, let me think about it, isn’t this Shi An? I heard that you were very famous before you entered the school, so you were late on the first day? Hmm? ”

Xu Chengwen said strangely.

There was a snicker in the group of students below.

No one didn’t know Shi An because he was a waste without magic power. He had not successfully been enrolled in school for several years. This year, they didn’t know what method he relied on to finally get in.

“Come on, try it. ”

A trace of mockery flashed across Xu Chengwen’s eyes, he bent down, picked up one of the balls, and threw it into Shi An’s hand.

This is part of the basic training of primary magic power. The more magic power was infused, the greater the brightness of the ball.

He said,

“Since you were late on the first day, you should be very confident in your magic, right? ”

There was a burst of laughter in the audience.

Everyone’s gaze stayed on Shi An’s body, without a trace of kindness in their eyes, waiting to see him as the butt of their joke.

There was even a freshman who had the courage to heckle and said, “Teacher, don’t embarrass him. This is probably a wrist-training ball in his hand!” ”

The laughter became louder.

“Boom! ”

A violent explosion sounded in the spacious training room.

Like a clear rest, the entire training room was quiet.

Shi An was also taken aback.

Since he changed back to his dragon dragon, his strength had been a bit unstoppable.

But…why were these people reacting so much?

Shi An blinked blankly, looked down at the remains of ball in his hand, and then turned to look at the stunned group of students, some of whom didn’t quite understand why the room was silent now.

Wasn’t it wrist training ball?

The expression on Xu Chengwen’s face also stiffened.

He didn’t expect that Shi An didn’t infuse magic into the ball, but directly tightened his fingers and pinched the ball directly.

The ball didn’t even light up, but it was shattered to pieces.

And the biggest question was, how was this possible?

Although the ball was used to detect the control of magic power, as teaching equipment, the magic pressure and physical pressure that it could withstand was very powerful.

What kind of strange power was this?!

He frowned, took away the wreckage of the control ball from Shi An a little rudely, and muttered in a low voice, “There must be something wrong with the equipment…”

At this moment, Xu Chengwen’s phone rang, and he looked at Shi An irritably, “You wait, if I find out what you did…”

He sneered, then walked aside and answered the call.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Shi An secretly moved a few steps, came to Lin Yanming who was standing in the first row, and asked in a low voice,

“Speaking of which, what kind of class is this class? ”

Although the timetable was delivered to him, Shi An didn’t even look at it and stuffed it directly into his schoolbag.

However, there was such a big field, and it was a wrist training ball.……

Shi An thought for a while and guessed with some uncertainty,

“Physical education class? ”

Lin Yanming:“…………”

At this moment, Xu Chengwen came back after answering the phone.

His attitude changed drastically, and he said strictly but with a kind face, “Oh, it turns out that you were late to help Chief Mu. You are really a good boy. Why didn’t you say so just now?”

He looked at Shi An kindly, “Hurry up, return to the class. ”

The entire training ground was silent.

“Oh, by the way, Chief Mu asked me to tell you to give him a call after class and he will pick you up. “Xu Chengwen said peacefully.

Shi An was dumbfounded.

He stopped secretly yawning and froze in place.

The moment he heard this familiar name, he couldn’t help but recover the memory of last night.

The tips of Shi An’s ears turned red, he shrank back a little unnaturally, and he turned his head viciously to look at the dragon tail behind him.

In short, it was all your fault!

And… he would see that human again later… Shi An was even more worried.

As if feeling the mood of its owner, the big tail drooped down and swayed listlessly.

——So when will it retract?


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