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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 31.1 Bahasa Indonesia

After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 31.1

When he opened his eyes again, the sky was bright.

Shi An lazily rolled over and stretched out on the bed.

He just caught a cold, which was not a big problem. After taking the medicine, he slept solidly for one night, and there was no trace of the pain.

The sunlight outside the window was dazzling, and the room was bright and cheerful.

Shi An slowly got up.

It felt like a long dream.

In the dream, he seemed to see his long-lost treasure, shining brightly in a dark and dry cave.

He jumped up and hugged and didn’t let go.

For some reason, but the treasure that was supposed to be cold and hard actually felt warm when he hugged it, and it was even a little hot, which quickly dispelled the darkness of cold and pain.

Speaking of which, what kind of treasure could have this texture?

Fire gems? Warm jade?

Hmm, that didn’t seem right.

Shi An leaned against the head of the bed, yawned, and kept thinking about it.

At this moment, the door of the room was pushed open, and Wang Li followed behind the doctor and walked in.

He looked at Shi An and said, “I talked to the doctor just now. Your body index tests are all normal, and you should be able to leave the hospital this afternoon.”

Shi An cheered up: “Okie!”

Wang Li pulled up a chair and sat down in front of Shi An’s bed. He briefly told him what the other three agreed to, and then instructed him in detail on what to prepare for the next task. Finally, he concluded,

“The ruins of that abyss fissure are very far away. Since the mountain season is ending soon, we must leave as soon as possible.”

Shi An’s mouth was full of buns, and he asked vaguely, “How fast?”

Wang Li handed a glass of warm water over:

“We’re leaving tomorrow afternoon.”

Shi An took the warm water and gulped it down.

Wang Li frowned uneasily, “Slow down, don’t choke.”

At some point, he seemed to have started worrying about the other party’s concerning behavior subconsciously.

Shi An put the half-empty cup on the bedside and answered cheerfully:

“Tomorrow? No problem!”

Although his face still had a bit of unfading pallor, his eyes shone with eager brilliance.

Treasures, the sooner he got them, the better.

Wang Li nodded.

He stood up to leave but hesitated for a few seconds as he turned.

Finally, he decided to ask the question in his heart, “By the way, how was your chat with Chief Mu yesterday?”

Shi An: “…Ah?”

He blinked and stared blankly at Wang Li as if he didn’t understand the meaning of the other party’s words. “What?”

Wang Li was startled.

The doubts on Shi An’s face are very real, and there was no fraudulent element.

Could it be that Chief Mu didn’t come in yesterday?

That wasn’t right.

Wang Li’s mouth twitched slightly.

He pointed to the corner of the blanket that was being held down by Shi An and pulled out a dark sleeve, “Then, what is this?”

“Huh?” Shi An seemed to notice this.

He moved to the side, then pulled a coat from underneath his body forcefully.

The fabric was thick and luxurious, and it seemed to be hand-tailored, but it was crumpled and wrinkled at the moment, and there was still a little warmth on it.

“Whose is this?” Shi An was greatly puzzled by this.

Wang Li: “…”

This was definitely the coat that Chief Mu wore yesterday!

He couldn’t help but raise his hand and pinch the bridge of his nose. Afterwards, he told Shi An about the encounter with Mu Heng outside the ward yesterday.

Shi An showed a stunned expression, “Oh, no wonder, I thought it was so familiar!”

After all, Mu Heng’s last coat was still with him.

The old butler washed it carefully and asked him to return it, but Shi An forgot.

As a result, not only had it not been returned, but now there was an additional piece in hand.

“Anyway, we haven’t talked.” Shi An scratched his head, “I should have been asleep when he came in.”

After getting an exact answer, Wang Li didn’t think much, he nodded at Shi An, then turned and left the room.

Before taking a few steps, Wang Li suddenly stopped.

Standing in the empty hallway, he suddenly realized a problem.


Since Shi An was not awake when Mu Heng arrived yesterday, how did the chief’s coat get into Shi An’s arms?

Wang Li shook his head vigorously to dispel the strange thoughts in his mind.

It must be a misunderstanding, a kind of misunderstanding that he couldn’t think of but could be perfectly explained!


After forcibly turning the black smoke into his own subject, Shi An left it at home to look after the house.

After all, the bed and pillows in the room were made by Shi An, who worked hard to collect the treasure. Who knew if those two humans would take his treasure for themselves while he was gone? !

After everything was ready, Shi An waved his hand to say goodbye to the butler and turned to the car that Wang Li drove over.

The interior was far more spacious than it looked from the outside.

Wang Li looked up and was about to say hello to Shi An who had just gotten into the car, but was startled by the huge backpack stuffed behind him.

He was stunned for two seconds, and in the end he couldn’t hold back and asked,

“That…you are all, what did you pack in there?”

Wang Li seriously reflected on it in his heart.

After all, most of the supplies were prepared by him, and others should be able to set off with just some personal belongings.

Could it be that there was something else that he had not considered?


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