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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 25.2 Bahasa Indonesia

After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 25.2

“Dragons’ Mating Cycles and Heats” (2)

Shi An turned the pages of the book.

Not paper, but a specially tanned monster skin, and then through complex enchantments, it could be preserved for a long time.

This book is almost as old as he was. Although it used the common language of the human world at that time, it would be almost unreadable by today’s human beings, but for Shi An, there was basically no reading impediment.

Shi An stared at the text above, showing a look of nostalgia.

He sat on the bed and turned a page at random.

“..The number of scales on a dragon?” Shi An frowned.

What the hell.

He turned a few pages back impatiently, and read from the middle of the page—

“Detailed classification and living habits of giant dragons”…”Bathing methods of giant dragons”…”Colors preferred by different dragons”…

The more Shi An looked, the more wrong he felt.

He turned straight to the second half of the book.

“Development stages of dragons”…”How dragons find mates”… “Dragons’ senses of aesthetics”…

Shi An: “…”

The sound of his page turning was astonishingly loud.

The demon insect squatted on the side quietly like a chicken but couldn’t help but secretly look in the direction of Shi An curiously.

The speed of the young man turning the book was getting faster and faster, and his expression was gradually getting worse, and it seemed that he was on the verge of erupting——

Shi An looked at the chapter in front of him and fell silent.

“Dragon’s Mating Cycles and Heat”

“Dragonial Procreation and Inter—”

With a loud “bang”, Shi An slammed the book shut with a grim expression on his face as if he were about to set the book on fire.

The demon insect shrank back silently, trying to get out of the area affected by Shi An’s anger.

Shi An’s eyes have completely turned into vertical red slits, lines of scales faintly appeared on his cheeks, and the tips of his ears also became red as fire for some reason.

Only to hear him say fiercely,


Demon insect: “…” Fuck, so curious.

What could be written in that book!

Shi An murderously glared at the black fog and gritted out word by word, “Have you finished reading this book?”

The black fog: “………………”

Er, I’d love to say I didn’t…

But after being locked in that small box for tens of thousands of years, it became so bored that it had locked down every word, even the notes on which page and whether there were any creases were clearly remembered.

Shi An narrowed his eyes and leaned closer.

For the first time, the black fog felt such a strong sense of urgency – if he didn’t say something, he would really be killed!

At this juncture of life and death, it racked its brains, and finally had an epiphany, screaming, “That! That! Didn’t you ask me where the spell I summoned is! In the last chapter! The last chapter!”

Shi An calmly glanced at it and finally decided to focus on the most important things first.

He took a deep breath and, following black fog’s instructions, turned to the last chapter.

After a brief glance, Shi An suddenly cheered up.

The person who wrote the book was obviously genuine. There were hardly any major mistakes in the method of summoning dragons written, and the spells and spellcasting methods were very accurate.

After so much bullshit before, he finally saw something useful.

If the latter content was so practical…

Perhaps, this book could really help him regain his original shape!

Shi An’s eyes were sparkling.

He turned to the next page with anticipation—


Gone? ? ? ?

Shi An blinked dully.


According to what he just read, the author still had a lot to write! !

How could it be gone? ?

Shi An closed the book in disbelief and looked at the cover of the book——

He saw a small golden label branded in an inconspicuous corner on the thick, dark red glossy old book cover:

First half.

Shi An: “…”

There was still a next volume! ! ! !

His brain was buzzing with anger.

The demon insect on the side quietly probed over.

“That…sir, have you found any useful information?”

Shi An stared at him in a bad mood and growled, “What do you think?”

At this moment, the black smoke cautiously whispered, “Sir, if this book doesn’t contain what you want, there is actually a book—”

Shi An: “!”

He looked over in surprise.

“Really! Then vomit it out!”

The black fog looked distinctly embarrassed.

“Well, I didn’t eat it…”

Shi An: “…”

Seeing that the other party was on the verge of anger, the black fog hurriedly continued, “Listen to my explanation! I remembered! Before I was caught and stuffed into this black box, it was in a library, where there were two books like this, and I only swallowed one due to the critical situation! If it hasn’t changed over the years, that book should still be in that library—”

The insect was startled.

“Hey, I seem to have heard that the Mu family has a very ancient library, and many of the books in it are preserved from ancient times!”

“Crack”, Shi An broke the railing at the head of the bed.

The boy’s palm looked so white and slender, but it left five deep gouges in the hard wood, which looked shocking.

The insects and the black fog immediately quieted down and stepped back silently, for fear of being caught by Shi An in this state.

Shi An exerted another force, and the bedpost in his palm immediately turned to dust and fell down.

He said fiercely:

“That group of perverts! They wrote two books!”

——And, and they were illustrated!


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