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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 18.2 Bahasa Indonesia

“Er, it was the Chief who carried you outside…” (2)

“…” Damn, this dragon was too good at pretending to be pitiful!

The insect was very angry.

But mainly angry with himself.

“Why was he always deceived by the appearance of this dragon!

Was he weak? Weak my ass!”

“Oh, by the way,” Shi An suddenly remembered something,, “I had a dream when I passed out. “

He summarized his dream.

After listening, the demon-insect thoughtfully guessed,

“If that spell was successful, it could summon your body in full bloom, right? But if it failed, it wouldn’t do anything at all.

Because the summoner was very weak, he should have used some kind of magic augmentation, which is available in current human technology. This spell was only half successful, which led to these results. “

The insect asked, “But why did you become a human? I’m not too clear.”

Shi An had a vague notion.

On this continent, a name itself was powerful.

Only powerful fantasy species had names, and they gave their followers the right to know their names as symbols of blessing and protection.

Therefore, it was impossible for him to have the same name as this human being by accident.

The spell that caused him to become what he is now was probably related to this.

Shi An suddenly exclaimed, “I’ve decided!”

The magic insect replied, startled, “Wha…What?”

Shi An said,

“I’ll have to find where this human saw this spell—it’s ancient even to me, let alone a normal human. So if I can find the place where this spell was documented, maybe I’ll know how to transform back!”

Shi An was full of confidence again.

At this moment, the door of the ward was pushed open.

Lin Yanming, who was also wearing a hospital gown, walked in from outside.

When he saw that Shi An was awake, his eyes lit up, and he quickly stepped forward, “My God, you finally woke up! You know, you have been sleeping for more than three days…How are you feeling now? Is there any pain?”

Shi An said pitifully, “It hurts everywhere…”

Lin Yanming poured a glass of water and handed it to him.

Shi An took the water and sipped carefully, then asked, “Did anything happen in the three days I was in a coma?”

Lin Yanming replied, “Not much. The field for the true combat test was closed and martial law was imposed. Recently, people from the management bureau were investigating the situation. Apparently, it’s really serious this time. All students are strictly prohibited from approaching the vicinity.”

He touched the back of his head.

“I really didn’t expect that in true combat that day, I would be frightened and faint…”

Insect: You were bitten by me! Bitten!

Not scared!

Shi An felt that the demon insect beside him was agitated.

He pushed it subtly.

“…I only heard after I was rescued that you were actually trapped in the most terrifying core area, alas, fortunately—”

Lin Yanming suddenly stopped talking.

His expression suddenly became a little strange, and he glanced at Shi An instead of continuing.

Shi An noticed something was wrong and asked, “What’s wrong? Fortunately what?”

Lin Yanming hesitated for a moment and said,

“Uh, you just woke up, so you probably don’t know yet, but it’s like…”

“What is it?” Shi An asked.

Lin Yanming glanced at Shi An, and he lowered his voice.

“Er, it was the Chief who carried you outside…”

Shi An asked, “Which Chief?”

Lin Yanming glanced at him strangely and replied, “Mu Heng, Chief Mu.”

Shi An:


Lin Yanming was silent for a longer time this time, then hesitantly said, “And, um, it seems that your clothes were damaged for some reason.”

Shi An:


Lin Yanming pointed to the chair next to him. A dark coat was draped on it.

“Well, this is his coat.”

When Lin Yanming left the ward, Shi An took the insect out of the quilt:



The insect struggled helplessly in midair, kicking its six thin legs, then said weakly,

“That is, I didn’t lie to you just now, I really helped you to hide, I just…”

Its voice lowered more, “…I just didn’t say the last part.”

It really didn’t expect Mu Heng to do so in the cave!

Shi An stared at it for two seconds and let go.

He sighed.

“Forget it. It’s my fault I didn’t listen to your advice.”

And it doesn’t matter if he was carried out by that shiny human being—he will eventually enter his treasure hoard!

Shi An suddenly felt at ease again.

On the other side—

With the intervention of the crisis response department of the management bureau, the abyss rift clean-up went much more smoothly. In just a few days, the poisonous gas had been cleaned up, but unfortunately, because the rift was too expansive, many abyss species released from the cracks could not be completely eradicated.

The school had been able to officially resume teaching, but in order to avoid accidents, students were still not allowed to approach the abyss rift.

The freshmen placement test was once again on the agenda.

The proctors really did not expect that, after reluctantly finishing the second round of additional questions, the same difficult questions were put in front of the students again.

And it was all caused by the same person! ! !

It stood to reason that the final class placement would largely be determined by the results of the third round.


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