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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 17.3 Bahasa Indonesia

After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 17.3

Fuck, it’s over. (3)

Mu Heng took a deep breath, raised his hand and pinched the bridge of his nose.

For some reason, that upsetting feeling still hadn’t gone away, but at least it had allowed him to think.

Mu Heng looked at the boy who was lying under his coat at the moment.

The other party was sleeping soundlessly, most of his face was hidden in the shadows. Only his slender face down to his smooth chin was exposed. The whole body looked thin and delicate, almost submerged by the cloak covering him, and his slender legs were exposed outside, fair and lustrous. His frame was slender, and the bloodstains on it were particularly striking.

Although the light was dim, it did not affect Mu Heng’s recognition of the other party’s identity.

After all, they had met too many times during this period of time.

Shi An

The human who made him suspicious but left behind no evidence.

Inside the Management Bureau Laboratory.

Zhuo Fu’s cell phone rang.

The moment he saw the caller ID, he immediately jumped up from his seat, picked up the phone without hesitation, and shouted at the caller in a hurry.

“Oh my God, I’ve finally been able to get in touch with you! Do you know how many calls I made to you before! I even called your subordinates! But she said that you were on the mission. I was so anxious! Did you know!!! You’re absolutely right…that sword does react! I’m fucking stunned!”

He spoke like a machine gun, rambling endlessly.

“I think we may really have to plan for the worst, the magic anomaly detected before may really be a fantasy species, and! And! Really! It could be a dragon, you have to be careful—”

The man’s low, cold voice came from the microphone.

“I have seen it.”

Zhuo Fu was stunned: “Huh?”

“Dragon.” Mu Heng’s voice was still and calm.

Zhuo Fu: “…”

What the fuck?

“But I didn’t come to you because of this.”

Zhuo Fu looked like he was struck by lightning.

“Wait, to you, there is something more important than the dragon?”

Mu Heng: “…”

“I’m sorry, just keep talking.”

Five minutes later.

Zhuo Fu was floored.

He asked, “So, you mean, Shi An appeared unconscious from the abyss, and he was completely naked…?”

Mu Heng paused for a moment and corrected, “Half naked.”

“Same thing! Are you still carrying the prototype machine I gave you earlier?”


“Since you called me, you should have done the test, right?”


“So, is there anything unusual?”

After a long silence, a cold and deep voice came from the microphone.


“That’s it!”

Zhuo Fu said, “Trust me, this prototype is completely different from the previous one! It can detect abnormal magic fluctuations of 1/10,000th frequency. If the test machine shows no problems, then he should be fine, but…”

“But what?” Mu Heng asked.

“There may be something a little different about your little friend.”

Zhuo Fu grasped at his chin and asked, “Have you noticed any scratches on his body just now?”

There was a long silence over the phone.

“Are you embarrassed to look at it?” Zhuo Fu asked innocently.

Mu Heng was still silent.

But this time Zhuo Fu was keenly aware of his undeterrable anger.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he coughed dryly, skilled at admitting mistakes.

“Back to business. “

“I mean, your little friend may have been robbed by the dragon.”

Zhuo Fu stood up and strode around his office, continuing, “During the time we lost contact, I carefully checked the relevant information about the dragon class. I have to say that even among the many fantasy species, dragons are mysterious creatures. There aren’t many records about them, but all the existing ones contain similar things…”

“Dragons are creatures with cruel temperaments, and they love beauty and treasure.”


Zhuo Fu paused and continued: “But I’m just guessing. After all, you said just now that his current position is near the rift where the dragon left the abyss, right?”

“Is it possible that the dragon wanted to bring him back to the abyss, but before he could go back, the passage was closed?”

“Speaking of which, that little friend of yours looks pretty nice, doesn’t he?”

Before he could finish speaking, the call was cut off mercilessly.


Zhuo Fu stared at the phone screen in front of him and fell silent.

This was too heartless!

Mu Heng put the phone back in his pocket.

He should have known that Zhuo Fu would not be serious about anything.

He obtained no valid information from this phone call.

Mu Heng turned to look at the young man beside him.

The other party seemed to be completely undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of the outside world and was still asleep.

He stretched out his hand, pinched the other’s pointed chin with his gloved fingers, and turned the boy’s face toward him.

——However, at least on the last point, Zhuo Fu wasn’t wrong.


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