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Chapter 83: Simple And Effective!

“Grey, the box on the right, get the box on the right”

Klaus exclaimed from behind.

On seeing the boxes, he suddenly had a gut feeling about the one on the right. His gut feelings weren’t usually wrong as it always tends to bring something good.

The trio who were already aiming for the one in the middle quickly changed their direction towards the one on the right. Since Klaus said they should go for the one on the right, then they’ll do just that.

Of the ten people in the room, only the injured youth stayed in the same position. Klaus was the one who moved last, but he set his sight on that particular box. He knew given his speed and strength, there was no way he could get it. That was why he quickly told the others to help him get it.

“Fuck off”

Grey sent a lightning orb towards the youth who was about to reach the box Klaus told them to acquire.

The surprise attack stunned the youth as he didn’t expect the trio who were already moving towards the box in the middle to suddenly aim at the one he wanted.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

The youth yelled in anger.

Before the trio could reply, they suddenly heard another voice.

“That box is mine”

Three people suddenly moved in the direction of Grey and his group.

They were already in front of the box and Klaus had also caught up with them.

Currently, there were three different groups in the room. Grey’s group had the highest number with them being four, the group who just spoke consisted of the other youth in the Ninth stage and two youths who were in the Eighth stage. They had already acquired two of the boxes, but their greed was getting the better of them.

Given the fact that they had one person in the Ninth stage, they had no reason to be wary of Grey’s group since they felt the only person who would give them a tough time was Alice who was also in the Ninth stage.

Although they didn’t know the strength of Grey and Reynolds, but since they were in a higher stage compared to the two, they felt they would be able to easily defeat them. Unfortunately, they didn’t even add Klaus to the fray. Even though he was the one who came up with the idea of how to defeat the constructs, they all felt he wasn’t strong since he had to rely on Alice during the battle.

“This box is ours. Besides, you guys already took two of the three boxes in the room”

Klaus stepped forward and said.

He was actually quite upset with what the group was doing, they had already gotten two of the three boxes in the room, yet they wanted to take the last one. There was no way he would let that happen.

“Move aside ant, we’re speaking with those three”

The youth in the Ninth stage said in disdain. To him, he felt like killing Klaus wouldn’t even take much of an effort, so he didn’t even put him in his eyes.


Klaus immediately cursed out. He had never been treated in this manner before. And to think he even told them all the method of defeating the constructs. If he knew something like this would have happened, he would have preferred to let them die, it wasn’t like he was a saint anyway.

Grey’s eyes immediately turned cold, one of the people he hated the most were greedy people. You’ve already taken three boxes, at least let the others have a share. Even when he robbed…ahem took coins from the bandits, he left them with the copper coins.

Of the three people left by the side, one was injured, one looked at Grey with hateful eyes since he felt the last box was supposed to be his. The last one was hesitating if to help Grey’s group or just see how everything played out. He was the one who was supposed to take the box in the middle, but he was attacked by the trio who were currently facing off with Grey’s group. In the end, he decided to stay at the side since he didn’t know just how strong Grey’s group was.

Both groups attacked at the same time. Luckily, the room was spacious enough for the battle. Alice faced off against the youth in the Ninth stage, Grey faced off against the youth in the Eighth stage who was a Water Elementalist, while Reynolds faced off against the last youth who was also in the Eighth stage.

As the battle progressed, Reynolds immediately entered into a passive state. Seeing this, Klaus immediately jumped into the battle. He was already pissed off by the total disregard the youth in the Ninth stage showed him, so his attacks were fierce. The moment Klaus and Reynolds teamed up, the youth quickly fell into the passive state.

Klaus and Reynolds had grown familiar with each other’s attacking methods since they spared a lot, so their teamwork could be said to be almost flawless.

Grey’s opponent was shocked when their battle started. At first, he thought he would be able to easily take care of Grey, but as the battle progressed, he noticed he wasn’t even able to fight Grey to a draw, rather, he was on the losing end. He was still able to hold at first, but it all changed the moment Grey started using his earth element.

Alice being the cute, violent girl she was, was already beating the hell out of her opponent. She didn’t even give him a chance from the start and just pummeled him mercilessly.

Two minutes later…

“Hahaha, who were you calling ant? Grey, Alice, beat them up”

Klaus laughed out loud as he was enjoying the sufferings of their opponents.

The three people who were watching the battles were all stunned.

“Aren’t they a little too strong?”

The youth who was hesitating asked in dread.

“Too strong, too strong”

The other youth said foolishly while nodding his head. He felt happy that he didn’t recklessly attack Grey the previous time, else, he would have been beaten up badly. He was in the same stage as the youth Grey was currently beating up.

Of the three battles, Alice’s was the most fearsome, while the battle on Grey’s side was somewhat steady even though he’s beating his opponent. The battle on Klaus’s side was, well, somewhat odd.


A scream of pain suddenly rang out in the room.

When the three spectators looked towards where the scream came from, their eyes opened wide, and they subconsciously held their crotch region with sweat unknowingly pouring out of their bodies. They saw a scene that will frighten every male in the world.

Klaus’s leg was currently in between the crotch region of the youth they were battling. The youth’s eyes rolled back after the scream, and he immediately passed out from the pain. This was the first time he felt something like this.

When Grey glanced in the direction, he caught sight of what happened and nearly tripped over in shock.

“What the hell!”

He immediately pushed his opponent back before calming his racing heart.


Klaus’s psychotic laughter rang out. He felt really good about what he just did. While they were battling with their opponent, okay, beating him up, an idea suddenly popped into his head which he carried out without hesitation. The idea was simple, ‘kick your opponent in the balls’.

It was a simple and terrifying move. One attack was all it took to leave his opponent out cold. A sick smile appeared on his face after seeing the results of his attack.

The battle which was going on stopped with that scene. The trio was defeated, and they were defeated badly, to be honest. Grey’s opponent was aching all over, so was Alice’s opponent. The duo’s opponent on the other hand was still out cold.

The other two retreated towards the two boxes they had acquired previously. They picked up their comrade, and just as they were about to leave,

“Leave the boxes behind”

Grey’s calm voice rang out.


The youth in the Ninth stage eyes bulged in anger and veins were already visible in the side of his head. He regretted his decision of wanting to acquire all the boxes.

After leaving the boxes, just as they were about to leave, another voice rang out,

“And your clothes”

Klaus said mockingly.

The spectating trio almost fainted.

“Isn’t this too evil?”

The youth who hesitated previously asked with fear.

“Too evil, too evil”

The other youth repeated the word twice in terror.

In the end, the trio left the place with only their underwear on. This was currently the worst day of their lives. The youth who was out cold would have a better time for now since he didn’t know what was going on.

“What do you want to do with their clothes?”

Grey felt a headache when he looked at Klaus.

“Nothing, hahaha”

Klaus replied as he casually destroyed them.

After settling that issue, they all turned their attention towards the boxes once again…


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