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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 596: Bold Statement Bahasa Indonesia

“Grey should be done by now,” Void said before disappearing.

The forest soon regained its silence, looking at the place, it was like nothing happened.


Frost City.

High in the sky above the Mayor’s manor.

Grey and the Mayor were just facing off, about to start their battle.

Swoosh! Boom!

Grey attacked with a lightning ball.

The Mayor replied with a lightning bolt, striking Grey’s attack.

Grey’s attack was the winner in the struggle, quickly destroying the Mayor’s lightning bolt before it continued moving in the Mayor’s direction.

The Mayor evaded to the side, but his expression changed when Grey appeared beside him, attacking with his fist which was covered with blue flames.

Bang! Boom!

The punch sent the Mayor flying.

Before the Mayor managed to regain his composure, Grey appeared beside him and attacked again.

Bang! Boom!

The Mayor was knocked in the opposite direction, suffering burns on his back, with a few of his ribs broken.

Blood was already dripping out from his mouth and nose due to internal injuries.


He enveloped himself with lightning, and just as Grey was about to attack again. He attacked, punching his opponent with a terrifying blow.


The attacks collided, causing a loud explosion that pushed both fighters back.

Grey was the one who had the better of the explosion since he was able to block most of the impact. The Mayor on the other hand was further injured, suffering heavy injuries on his right hand.

The sleeves of his shirt had been destroyed, while his flesh was burnt on different parts.

He didn’t let it hold him down as he attacked once again.

Swoosh! Bang! Buzz! Boom!

They continued exchanging blows with Grey mostly sending the Mayor flying. The injuries on the body of the Mayor continued stacking, and before long, he could barely breathe properly.


The Mayor was sent crashing into the ground after trying to block Grey’s mixed attack of fire and lightning.

The impact of the explosion destroyed the Mayor’s left hand.


The Mayor crashed into the ground, causing a huge dust cloud to rise into the sky. Unlike before, the Mayor didn’t stand up immediately.

Even after the dust cloud died down, the body of the Mayor could be seen on the ground, with blood-stained clothes.

He was barely recognizable.

Grey slowly flew down from the sky, floating above the Mayor’s presently motionless body.

The Mayor opened his eyes, staring At Grey who was above him.

He tried to speak, but all he could do was cough out blood on multiple occasions, unable to even pick himself up.

“I’ll need a messenger to send to the Emperor, and you’ll be a great one,” Grey said while looking at him.

‘Void, are you done?’ He communicated with Void telepathically.

‘I’m already here,’ Void replied before appearing a few meters away from them.

‘Okay,’ Grey nodded when he saw him.

‘Did you know the Emperor has three shiny crowns?’ Void suddenly asked.

‘No, no I did not,’ Grey paused before answering.

‘Well, now you do. And guess what?’ Void spoke excitedly.

‘What?’ Grey asked, sensing a headache coming his way.

‘I’m going to steal all of them!’ Void declared.

‘Nice, but you do know that there are Sage Plane experts hiding inside the palace, right?’ Grey reminded him.

‘Damn it! I’ll steal it when he leaves the palace then,’ Void said.

‘I don’t think he ever leaves the palace. That’s the safest place for him. But can’t you hide from them?’ Grey asked.

‘Hmm, I can, but there are some cases where some people are sensitive to spatial tunnels. I can’t really take that risk,’ Void replied.

Grey was left speechless, this was the first time Void was thinking of the consequences of things.

‘Looks like he’s not too confident in his abilities to escape from a Sage Plane Elementalist. It’s good that he knows his limits,’ Grey thought to himself.

He had always looked at Void as a careless individual, well, given all he had done since he met him, he could be said to be careless. But from his words, the only reason he did those things was that he was confident in his abilities to escape.

“What do you want?” The Mayor managed to speak up, albeit his voice was barely audible.

Grey, who zoned out while speaking with Void, looked at the Mayor again, “Tell the Emperor that he should stop searching for me and my friends. We have no interest in his empire nor the scuffle with the other empires,”

“That’s all?” The Mayor asked, after managing to get in a sitting position.

“Oh, as a reminder, tell him the princes here will just be a warning, if he persists, then I’ll hunt down every single child of his,” Grey’s eyes went cold, sending a chill down the back of Prince Casper.

“What do you plan to do with the Prince?” The Mayor asked.

“Nothing important. I’ll just destroy his cultivation as a warning to his father,” Grey shrugged.

“But… I don’t have any problems with you,” Prince Casper chimed in when he heard Grey’s words.

“Yeah, but your father does. I do not take things out on others, but seeing how your father acts, I felt it would be better to give him a taste of his medicine,” Grey said.

Alice and Reynolds were back, they were able to successfully hunt down the five Instructors who were trying to escape.

When they heard Grey’s words, neither of them showed any signs of stopping him. Alice already hated Prince Casper and if she was the one making the decisions, then she’ll kill all the princes.

“You… you can’t do this to me,” Prince Casper begged.

“You’re lucky he’s sparing you. If it was up to me, you’d already be dead,” Alice said coldly.

The Mayor struggled to get to his feet, “Please, think this over. Doing this will only infuriate the Emperor,”

“I’ve already thought about it. Talking nicely with the Emperor will not make things better. I need to show him my resolve, if he messes with me, I’ll raze the entire empire down if I have to,” Grey said coldly.

His bold statement terrified everyone present here.


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