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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 486: Reaching The City Bahasa Indonesia

Grey soon started his journey with an unwelcome partner, a very powerful unwelcomed partner at that.

“Do you have any other elements other than the lightning element?” The lady asked as they were walking.

“Yeah, a few,” Grey replied.

“Oh, that means it’s not one. Which are they?” The lady asked curiously.

“Fire and…” Grey paused, not sure if he should say water, earth, wind, darkness, or the space element. He usually mostly uses the fire and lightning element, then he alternates between the wind, earth and water whenever he was in a place where he doesn’t want anyone to find out he has more than three elements.

Back in the Azure continent, he didn’t need to hide the space element since none of the people there had knowledge of it. But here, every individual knew of the space element, although he could hide it from those in lower Planes, it was impossible to hide it from those with higher Planes.

Given how resourceful the space element was, he wasn’t sure he wouldn’t use it while he was still with her.

“Is it more than three?” The lady asked when she saw Grey hesitating.

“Yeah, something like that,” Grey replied honestly.

He planned to reveal he had the space element as well, but he was still contemplating between the earth and water element.

“Come on, speak up, although people with more than three elements are very rare, there are a few. There are even cases of people who have more than four, but those almost impossible to see,” The lady explained.

“I have four elements, and two of them are quite special,” Grey finally said after giving it some thoughts.

“Okay, which elements then?” The lady asked like an excited little kid who was speaking to their elder brother.

Grey stared at her, if not for the fact that he knew that she was powerful, he would’ve thought she was just a little child.

“Lightning and fire are both special, while I have the space and water element as well,” He said.

“You have the space element? Wow! Now that’s a rare element,” The lady exclaimed.

“Yeah, I don’t usually tell people, but given how powerful you are, you’ll find out eventually,” Grey shrugged.

“Such a nice boy, I’ve sensed the spatial ripples around you. And that cat you have with you, it’s not common, right?” The lady darted a glance at Void.

“First of all, his name’s Void,” Grey corrected.

He has never liked it when people would refer to Void with ‘it’. He didn’t see Void as a magical beast, so he didn’t want others to as well. Not just Void, but since getting close to Void, the way he looked at other magical beasts was different.

“Sorry,” The lady apologized unconsciously.

She never expected Grey would speak to her like this given how scared he seemed to be of her. This showed how protective he was of Void.

“And he’s just a regular black cat that is above Dragons,” Grey explained.

The lady stared at Grey, then at Void, then at Grey again. She was trying to figure out how a cat would be above Dragons, the magical beasts that was declared as the strongest amongst all magical beasts.

Just when she was about to refute, she heard something that stunned her.

“He’s not lying, those oversized lizards are in no way comparable to me,” Void said proudly, sticking out his little chest.

Grey facepalmed when he saw this.

“Did the cat… I mean Void just speak?” The last asked, pointing at the Void.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Grey said, he couldn’t lie, after all, the cat was already out of the bag.

“Impossible! I mean, there are high leveled magical beasts that can speak after getting to Rank Five, but a cat? That’s simply unheard of,” The lady found Void being able to talk at Rank Five impossible.

There are high leveled cat type magical beasts, but none of them have the ability to speak while still in Rank Five.

“Like I said, a cat that’s above Dragons,” Grey said.

As much as he didn’t want it to seem like he was hyping Void, he couldn’t really downgrade him. Void was special, and he knew just how prideful he was.

“It… he has the space element as well right?” The lady asked.

“Yeah,” Grey nodded.

“Wait, seriously?” The lady asked.

“Yeah, I just confirmed that to you,” Grey said.

‘But, how come I can’t sense spatial ripples around him. It couldn’t be that this cat is above Dragons, right?’ The lady thought, a little confused.

“Alright, we should get going now. I still need to get to city,” Grey said.

The lady nodded, and they soon started their journey once again. With the lady with them, he felt a little more relaxed, after all, it’s not everyday you get to be in the company of someone powerful.

After seeing how free the lady was, he started speaking with her, asking her for help with the lightning element. She was already very powerful, so she knew more about it.

Grey got to find out from the lady that she was actually a Dual Elementalist, having both the lightning and light element. His interest in the light element was instantly rekindled, and he almost wanted to tell her to use it on him.

He refused though since he didn’t know if it would hurt him. He had heard of the healing properties of the light element, but he still haven’t experienced or seen it yet.

He didn’t know about Chris using it on him, so he still thought he hadn’t encountered the light element yet.

Grey started to comprehend the earth element at night once again, and Void started fighting against beasts again.

A few days later.

The group soon appeared in front of a large city. The size of the city was shocking, Grey had never seen a city this big, even the capital in the Qilin empire wasn’t this big.

“Wow, now that’s a big city,” Grey commented.

“Yes, and there will be lots of shiny things,” Void said with glittering eyes.


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