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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 484: Battle Between Powerhouses Bahasa Indonesia

“Void, stop destroying their heads, okay?” Grey said dejectedly.

This was their main source of income presently, and Void was busy going around destroying the cores of the beasts. Even with the state he leaves them, it’s almost impossible to sell their corpses.

“Why don’t we start a food stand or restaurant, given how good you are at cooking, you’ll naturally attract a whole lot of people. And don’t forget, you’re handsome too,” Void suggested.

“Guys will want to burn my face if they see me, do you think I’m ready for such a hassle? And besides, I still need to focus on cultivating,” Grey replied.

He wasn’t the least bit interested in cooking for others. Although, he couldn’t completely rule out the idea since he couldn’t be too sure how desperate they might be for money.

“What’s that technique you’re using?” Grey couldn’t help but ask.

He could sense that it was a space element attack, but it wasn’t close to the level of the power of spatial distortions, but it was still very destructive.

“It’s like sending out a small orb of fragmented space, once it hits a solid object, it will naturally destroy it if the object is not powerful enough to repel it,” Void explained.

“Oh, how did you come up with that?” Grey was left astonished by Void’s ability.

“I’m smart, what do you expect?” Void said, looking at Grey with a look of disdain.

Grey was caught between laughing and crying by Void’s reply.

“Can you teach me?” He asked.

“I don’t think you can, at least not in this continent. You’re still having difficulties with opening a space tunnel, this would be even more difficult,” Void replied.

Grey thought about it for a while and didn’t think what Void said was wrong. Even though he could barely create spatial tunnels now, he couldn’t use it to travel long distances like he could in the Azure continent.

If he could previously travel one hundred meters in the Azure continent, here, he is able to travel around ten or fifteen meters. The difference was insane, and one has to know that his elemental grade increased, which means that the distance he could travel in the Azure continent will be higher than what he previously could.

“Come on, let’s continue our journey,” Grey said.

It was still bright, so they would still be able to see more beasts as they head forward.

“Alright,” Void nodded before appearing on Grey’s shoulder.

The duo started their journey once again, Void was the one in charge of killing the beasts they encounter, while all Grey did was to make sure Void didn’t destroy the beasts cores and to also ensure that the corpse of the beasts were intact.

Void’s strength was unbelievable, even in the Aurora continent, he could still easily fight above his stage just like Grey.

A few days later.

Grey and Void were resting in a cave when an explosion suddenly rang out from some distance away.

“What’s that?” Void perked up his ears to ask.

“There’s only one way to find out,” Grey stood up before walking out of the cave.

Void hurriedly ran after him, curious at what caused the explosion. The explosions continued as they got closer to where the sound was coming from.

“Looks like there is a battle going on,” Grey said after hearing the continuous explosions.

They soon saw a ring of fire in the sky, opposite it was a person covered in a lightning cloak. The distance was quite far since they could barely see the figures in the sky.

“Oh, strong Elementalists fighting, we should watch!” Void said excitedly.

“And what if they just decide to kill us after they are done?” Grey asked, not even thinking about watching the fight.

“They won’t, come on, let’s watch. Who knows, you might be able to learn something from it,” Void persuaded.

Grey thought about it for a while, and felt Void had a point. These powerhouses wouldn’t be bothered with small fries like them, besides, it wasn’t like they were enemies.

While Grey and Void were still discussing if they should watch or leave, the battle has continued once again.

Lightning and fire were flying everywhere in the sky, just the aftershock from the attacks were destroying the forest below the duo. Even Grey was having a tough time with staying in the same position.

He was forced to moved further back when the duo moved closer to where he was. From what he was seeing, it looked like the Lightning Elementalist was having the upper hand, but Grey couldn’t really say he was certain.

A sea of fire covered the sky, almost covering a range of over two kilometer, but the man cloaked in lightning didn’t seem fazed by it. With a simple wave, multiple lightning birds appeared and started to dance across the sea of fire, quickly tearing it apart.

After they tore it apart, they flocked towards the Fire Elementalist. A sphere covered the Fire Elementalist before it exploded out, destroying all the lightning birds.

Grey and Void felt their faces and body dry up from the heat that got to them. All the trees dried up, and from some of the shrieks of beasts, they were certain that some of the lower leveled ones had died.

“So powerful,” Grey muttered while staring closely at the sky.

The distance between where they were and where the battle was going was at least over four kilometers, yet they could still feel the heat this strongly.

“Do you by chance know what Plane they are in?” He asked Void.

“No clue, but they should be above the Sage Plane,” Void replied.

Even he wasn’t too sure of the strength of the two Elementalists, but he knew that they were very powerful. Even the people he saw in the arena were not as powerful as these two.

Grey stared at the sky in awe of the strength of the people. He couldn’t help but imagine himself being this powerful, even more powerful than they were.

‘I’ll be this powerful soon, even stronger,’ He said to himself confidently.

They continued watching the exchange between the duo.

After almost thirty minutes, but fighters separated, with the Lightning Elementalist clearly on top in the battle.

The Fire Elementalist was the first to leave, and was attacked by the Lightning Elementalist while leaving, but the Fire Elementalist made no efforts to fight back, leaving as soon as possible.

The Lightning Elementalist stayed a little longer before leaving in the other direction.

Grey looked at Void, “Isn’t that last attack a little too shameless? I mean, the opponent was already leaving,”

“Of course not, as long as you can beat your opponent a little more, why not?” Void replied.

To him, it wasn’t a shameless act.

“You’re just as crazy as Klaus, I never expected you to find it shameless anyway,” Grey said before heading back to the cave.

He was still in the middle of comprehending the earth element, so he wanted to continue.

On his way back to the cave, he noticed something strange.

“Huh? There’s someone here?” He said softly.

“Yeah, powerful, very powerful. We should leave immediately,” Void replied while turning around.

The person inside wasn’t even planning to hide their aura.

Just as the duo turned around, an alluring voice came from behind them.

“And where do you two think you’re going?”

Grey and Void freaked out a little since they didn’t sense anyone coming close to them.

“Uhmmm… we’re going back to where we came from,” Grey replied calmly.

“Come on, I gave you two a show, won’t you, you know, pay me for my services?” The voice of a lady said.

“A show? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Grey said.

He still haven’t turned around yet. But he could tell from the voice that the person was a lady.

“Stop playing dumb, boy, the only reason I fought that long was because I noticed I had some audience, you know, it’s always great to entertain your audience,” The voice chided.

“We were only passing through, we didn’t have any plans of watching your battle,” Grey explained.

“Come on, turn around, I don’t bite,” The voice said.

Grey refused to turn around, even though he knew he was clearly no match for the lady behind him.

Buzz! Buzz!

The sound of lightning came from behind Grey, and butterflies made of lightning flew around Grey.

It was both a beautiful and dangerous sight.

Grey’s hairs stood straight, he could sense the tingling feeling of tiny bolts of electricity dancing around his body. Luckily, his lightning element’s grade was high, instead of being shocked by it, he was surprisingly absorbing it.

“Such a strange boy, even though this isn’t an attack, it’s strange that someone can absorb another Elementalist’s element,” The lady said, clearly shocked by what was going on.

“Now I’m even more curious about you, turn around, I’m not here to kill you. Besides, if I wanted to, you’d be dead by now,” The lady said, this time, her voice not as friendly.


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