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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 47: Overlord?! Bahasa Indonesia

Grey stared at his blade which had blood dripping from it, ‘So that’s how it feels huh’. He knew every Elementalist must kill, he had already known this day would come. He was not a heartless person, so seeing that he ended a life, he was somewhat shaky.

‘If I wasn’t strong enough then I would be the one lying in my own blood’ Grey repeated this over again. He knew these people would kill him if he wasn’t strong enough. If he didn’t kill them, they would kill him.

Nina and Tessa were stunned when they heard what the leader said, “He’s a Dual Elementalist, and his second element is the rare Lightning element”. They had thought he was just an Earth Elementalist because when he helped them the previous time, he only used the earth element.

“He killed him,” Tessa said with a shaky voice.

“Do you expect him to leave him?. Tessa, they deserve more than death, don’t forget they killed Ryan and would’ve also done the same to Claude and Aaron if they didn’t escape” Nina chided.

Tessa knew Nina was right, but she still couldn’t accept reality. Now she knew why her parents always told her the world was a brutal place and only the strong at heart could make it.

“You little bastard, I will kill you” The leader roared in anger and threw an attack towards Grey. He was a Fire Elementalist, seeing his brothers being killed sent him into a frenzied state. Now he didn’t have any thoughts towards the girls, he only wanted to kill Grey now.

Grey had already snapped out of the state he was previously when he killed the first man. He immediately got into his battle mode and blocked the flames with his blades which were covered in Lightning.

He was pushed back a couple of steps before he was able to get back his footing. When he raised his head, he saw a fire dragon moving towards him. He knew there was no way he could block it with his blades again as this was definitely a high-grade technique.

Grey dodged to the side, he breathed a sigh when the dragon passed by him.

The fire dragon suddenly turned mid-air and charged towards Grey from behind.

Grey who had already escaped to the side suddenly felt a chill and all the hairs on his body stood up. He immediately summoned a wall all around him. There was no time to think, the first thing that came to his mind when he felt the threat was to set up a defensive line before anything else.

He felt danger and his heartbeat intensified to a terrifying level. Just after the walls appeared, it was hit strongly.


The wall at his back suddenly exploded from the violent attack. Rubbles flew everywhere and dust covered the area Grey was located.

The girls and the others were all looking at the battle with interest. The men didn’t attack since they knew their boss would definitely be able to deal with Grey, although Grey was strong and was also a Dual Elementalist, they didn’t believe he could skip two stages to defeat their boss.

There was no way for the girls to escape, so now all they can do was pray Grey can defeat the leader of the group or else they were done for.

The leader squinted his eyes and stared at the dust intently. He wanted to know if his ultimate attack got the kid. His plan was perfect, after attacking with a normal fireball, he would send his strongest move just behind it. Even if the opponent was able to dodge the surprise attack, he wouldn’t expect what would follow next.

When the dust settled, everyone present focused on the place. The earth around the place was shattered and scorched around. Grey couldn’t be seen anywhere.

Both girls turned dispirited when they didn’t see Grey. “He lost”

“I knew the boss would deal with him easily. He didn’t even have a corpse left” One of the men said with a smile. Although one of them was dead and it was unknown if the other was alive, it wasn’t his problem. They all knew every battle they fought there would be a chance they might die. The prayer he always prays is ‘If anyone going to die, Lord let it not be me’ and it had worked for him so far. And it seems it’s still working.

“I thought it would be difficult, who knew he was just trash,” The leader said in disdain.

“You’re next” The leader turned and said icily. “But don’t worry, I won’t kill you. You would have to entertain us every night” He said lewdly as he licked his lips viciously.

Despair filled both girls completely, this was the first time they came out to train. One of their friends is dead, they don’t know where Claude and Aaron were and now they are about to be captured by these men. They felt deep regret, if they had known, they would have just stayed at the Academy.

The other men had already surrounded both girls and they laughed cruelly.

“Huh,” A surprised sound came out of the leader’s mouth. He turned towards the rubble and his pupils dilated from what he saw.

“Impossible” He blurted out with fear.

“Crack, Crack”

Sounds of lightning could be heard all around. The sky suddenly turned cloudy. A hand covered in lightning could be seen pushing the rocks from the body underneath it. Grey stood up from the rubble with a bare upper body with burn marks all around his body.

His shirt had been burnt completely and he was currently only covered from his waist down to his knee, from his knee down to his feet was also opened. The remaining cloth on his body had different holes on them, clearly, they were burnt.

Grey floated up into the air. He looked like the God of Lightning.

Lightning snakes could be seen dancing all around Grey’s body, his eyes glowed with bright blue color and his black hair was dancing in the windless night.

“What is that” The men exclaimed when they saw Grey’s appearance. They knew Elementalist could cover themselves in their elements completely, but it was something only people in the Overlord Plane could achieve. It was impossible for those in the Arcane Plane or even the Origin Plane to do this.

What was even more shocking was the fact that Grey was currently standing midair. That was not something an Arcane Plane Elementalist could do.

Grey looked at them with his emotionless glowing eyes.

They all felt terror, including the girls. The pressure Grey was radiating was something they had never felt before.

Grey stretched his hands towards the leader and pointed a finger at him.

“Crack, Crack”

The clouds were immediately filled with activity, the leader felt a terror he had never felt before.


The leader knelt on the ground, “My lord, please spare me” He started begging for his life. He thought Grey was a strong expert who hid his cultivation and now that he was angered he decided to unleash his full strength.

“Crack, Crack”

The activity intensified in the clouds, clearly, a bolt of lightning would fall soon.

The leader was scared shitless. When he noticed Grey didn’t respond, he stood up and ran for his life.


A lightning bolt almost the size of an arm came crashing down towards the leader.


The lightning struck the leader fiercely.


A horrid scream could be heard from the location the leader fled to.

The rest of the group felt their scalp tingle when they heard this. It’s not that they too didn’t want to run, but fear had already pinned their legs to the ground. They all raised their heads to see Grey staring at them.

‘Lord if he’s going to kill anyone else, let it not be me’ The man said his prayer in his heart with fear, he could swear he saw death when he stared into Grey’s eyes a moment ago.

“Crash, Crash, Crash”


Three explosions rang out as three bolts of lightning came crashing down on the remaining three men. Unfortunately, his prayer didn’t work out this time.

After eliminating the men, Grey turned his attention towards the two girls. Nina and Tessa immediately started shivering with fear, they could still smell the charred flesh of the men and hear the horrid scream of the leader in their heads. They couldn’t speak.

Grey slowly moved towards them. As he was getting closer, the girls were retreating in fear. He suddenly stopped and looked at them.

Suddenly the sky started clearing up and the lightning on Grey’s body started dying down. When the last lightning disappeared and his eyes returned to normal, he collapsed.


The southern part of the Misty Mountain

“What is that?” A middle-aged man said while looking at the North suspiciously.

“Lightning!, an Overlord Plane expert,” Another said with fear after he figured out the cause of the lightning.

“What is an Overlord Plane expert doing in the mountain, don’t tell me they’re here for the treasure too?” A lady asked with apprehension.

“No, I don’t think so. From the aura, the expert must be in a battle with another expert” An old man said. The old man had a wise visage and anyone who sees him will think he’s a harmless old man. Only those who were familiar with him knew how cruel he was.

“Let’s go investigate” Someone suddenly suggested.

“Are you insane?” The middle-aged man looked at the man who brought up the suggestion like he was a fool.

“If you want to die you can do it alone, why would you bring up the idea for us all to go together. Were we born on the same day?” The old man said with an annoyed tone.

The man immediately shut his mouth, he realized he made a mistake by bringing up such a suggestion.

The North has already been tagged a danger zone by all the experts gathered here. They were all in the Origin Plane, but a single Overlord Plane expert could kill them like they were ants.


Deep in the mountain, a fifteen-meter Stone Lion looked towards the north with fear. This was the King of the Misty Mountain. A magical beast that was close to the Overlord Plane, yet at the thought of there being an Overlord Plane expert in its territory, it was scared.

If it were to be someone in the Origin Plane, it would have come out and attacked without a second thought.


The northern part of the Misty Mountain.

The entire area was in a silent state, all the beasts close to where the battle took place had already fled the vicinity.

The girls looked at the unconscious Grey with gaping mouths. The burns on his body were gone, and his fair skin was visible for them to see. His well-developed muscles and his handsome face were a sight to behold. The girls’ emotions went from fear to awe.

They were relieved when the sky cleared up, it was a sign Grey wouldn’t harm them. But, how can he be so powerful?.


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