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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 442: How Rude! Bahasa Indonesia

“Another one down, four more to go. No wait, five, if I add that guy who escaped as soon as they got here,” The old man muttered to himself.

The bead was spinning continuously while absorbing all the blood that was coming from the people who died. Although all of them died from flames, the old man controlled the flames so well that they didn’t burn the blood.

An Elementalist’s control of their elements improves significantly after they get to the Overlord Plane. Breaking through to the Overlord Plane is like shedding to Elementalists, that’s when they get a deeper and more profound understanding of the elements. This is one of the reasons an Overlord Plane Elementalist could easily seize control of the attacks of those in the Origin Plane.

The old man waved his hand, and a wall made entirely of lava appeared, blocking all the attacks of the group who attacked him.

All the attacks came to a halt, not moving an inch forward.

“If there were even fifty of you, I’d still kill you all with the utmost ease,” The old man said.

He took a step forward and lava appeared around the four people, attacking from all corners.

Boom! Bam!

The four of them tried to defend against the attack, but the power of the attack was overwhelming.

Within a few seconds, all four individuals succumbed to the attack, screaming in pain as they died from the attack.


Grey who was watching from below the lava pool felt a chill run down his spine.

‘So, this is the true power of an Overlord Plane powerhouse?’ He asked himself, in awe of the overpowering strength the old man just displayed.

What was more alarming was that the old man didn’t even seem to be putting in any effort. It was like a simple walk in the park for him.

‘I wonder if he’s more powerful than Teacher.’ He suddenly recalled his Teacher.

From the few things he has heard about his Teacher, he could assume that even amongst Overlord Plane experts, he stood at the very peak. He should be able to single handedly defeat multiple people in the same stage as himself.

Doesn’t that mean that his Teacher could kill over two hundred Peak Origin Plane Elementalists on his own?

‘This isn’t the time to be thinking about that, I need to get out of here. The best time to leave this place should be when he’s absorbing his origin bead back.’ He planned his escape, still watching the movements of the old man.

‘To think he’s this powerful even without his origin bead.’ Grey thought.

The disparity in strength between an Overlord Plane expert and an Origin Plane expert shocked Grey greatly.

Since fighting against that beast in the Overlord Plane, he had increased his view of those in the Overlord Plane, but it seems like he needed to increase it further.

But after thinking about it properly, he felt it was normal since this man looks like he was in the Late stages of the Overlord Plane, compared to that beast that was in the Early stages.


The old man walked closer to the bead.

“Hmm, where could that guy have gone? I can’t seem to sense him anywhere in the tunnels. It’s impossible for him to escape this quickly. Although he’s quite suspicious, I don’t think he can escape this quickly,” The old man muttered to himself.

After waiting for a few more minutes, he finally gave up.

“Forget about it, I’ll absorb the bead now, I can always kill more people later in the future if this isn’t enough,” He said before sitting below the bead.

The bead slowly descended into his palm, after getting to his palm, he closed his eyes and the bead slowly started to merge with him.


‘It’s almost time, once it’s halfway through, I’ll jump out and run away as fast as I can,’ Grey thought while staring at the old man.

He immediately started to complete the merging process which he stopped midway. Now was the time to get into the Fusion State and escape.

On seeing that the merging process was halfway through, he jumped out of the lava pool.


The old man who had his eyes closed opened it instantly when he noticed a strange movement in the pool, to his surprise, he saw a figure covered in flames bursting out of the lava pool.

“You were here all this time? No wonder I…” The old man stared wide-eyed as Grey disappeared from view after appearing.

He was in the middle of saying a few words to Grey, but he suddenly disappeared.

“How rude, hmph!” The old man snorted before standing up.

‘Hmm, this will be a challenge since I’m still in the process of merging with the bead. This person is smart, but it wouldn’t be that easy to escape from this place.’ The old man thought before sitting down again.

‘Is he on the Overlord Plane?’ He asked himself, he soon shook his head.

‘No, I can’t sense the aura of an Overlord from him. But how can he fly then? Is it a special technique that gives him the ability of flight?’ The old man asked again.

The more he thought about Grey, the more interest he seemed to have towards him. It was rare to see an Origin Plane Elementalist who can fly.

Although there are some techniques that help with that, they are very rare, and only Wind Elementalists get that privilege.

‘But that speed, it’s not something someone in the Origin Plane should have.’ He thought about how quickly Grey disappeared from the spot.


Grey disappeared from the cave entirely, appearing outside it. After appearing there, he brought out the plaque, looked at the direction Ellis was located and charged towards that side at his fastest speed.


The old man who was expecting to at least attack him while he was trying to escape was stunned when he didn’t sense him in the cave.


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