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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 401: How Did You End Up Like This? Bahasa Indonesia

Oliver couldn’t believe what he was hearing, Reynolds was not only a summoner but a high-grade one at that.

Since the Academy usually runs background checks and all, he knew Reynolds was not a summoner at the time he got into the Academy. And even when he was in the Academy, there was no report of him being a summoner. This meant that he only recently became a summoner.

Cases like this are really rare, usually, most summoners are born with it. Only a few lucky ones get to actually become summoners after growing up, and Reynolds was amongst them.

“You four are quite something,” He praised the friends, unfortunately, only two of them were here.

“It’s nothing, we’re just doing our best to dominate everyone,” Klaus replied, making both his father and Grey roll their eyes.

“So, when do you plan on leaving?” Klaus asked, turning his attention back to Grey.

“Soon, it has already been over two months now since Void has been in this state, I really want to wake him up sooner,” Grey replied.

“Oh, that’s sad.” Klaus said, he suddenly went closer to Grey, whispering in his ear, “So, have you been able to, you know, get a girlfriend yet?”

Grey’s expression changed multiple times, they were speaking of something important, and Klaus just had to bring up the topic of a girlfriend.

“Answer me, this is important,” Klaus continued pestering him.

“You… *sigh* No,” Grey wanted to complain, but in the end, he answered the question.

Klaus would obviously continue disturbing him if he didn’t answer the question, so it was better he told him.

“Such a shame,” Klaus shook his head in pity.

Grey couldn’t believe he was acting this way because he hadn’t gotten a girlfriend yet. It was almost like Klaus was the one who hadn’t gotten one yet.

“If you continue in this manner, you’re going to end up like Uncle Chris, a loner who likes food and seeks solace in the company of a Griffin,” Klaus said with a serious expression.

“Klaus, I’m still very young. And given the lifespan of Teacher, he could marry any time he wants,” Grey reminded him.

“So you think, but before you know it, you’re already over twenty-five, and will still be a… I don’t even want to say it. You know what, how about I get you hooked up?” Klaus suggested.

“I’ll probably break both your legs and arms, if you keep on with this topic,” Grey threatened.

“Come on, just try it,” Klaus started persuading.

“Your face included,” Grey added to the list of places he wanted to break if Klaus didn’t keep his mouth shut.

“See, just once. Nothing more, all I ask for is for you to try it, just once,” Klaus begged.

Grey pushed Klaus’ face away from him, trying his best not to listen to his nonsense.

Klaus of course didn’t plan on stopping, he continued pestering Grey and before he knew it, they started fighting. Well, it couldn’t be called a fight, one was being beaten while spouting all sorts of nonsense, while the other had a sour expression even though he was the one who was beating up the other one.

‘At times like this, I really wish Alice was here. Unlike me, she wouldn’t hold back against this blockhead,’ Grey thought as he and Klaus were running around the shop.

Oliver watched on with a smile, seeing the close kinship of these youngsters was quite refreshing. Although, not everyone in the shop felt that way given how Klaus was yelling like someone who was about to be killed, and Grey had the expression of a serial killer.

Before long, Klaus and Grey left the shop, heading to the outskirts of the town.

Blake and Delia saw the two but didn’t do anything to get involved. Since it was Grey, it’s fine, especially if Klaus got beaten.

Delia wanted to help at first, but Blake stopped her, saying that this was how young boys usually interact after not seeing each other for so long.

Delia looked at him, her expression clearly asking if he thought she was a little girl who would believe such things? But in the end, she didn’t try to intervene since Grey wouldn’t really hurt Klaus.

Outside the town.

Grey and Klaus had walked out of the town, with Klaus having a black circle under his right eye.

“You’re really heavy-handed, you know that?” He asked while massaging his aching head.

“You’re foul-mouthed, and crazy,” Grey replied casually.

“What do you mean crazy? I was trying to help you out!” Klaus exclaimed.

“By walking up to a random girl and asking her if she would like to be my girlfriend?” Grey asked with a sneer.

“But she didn’t refuse,” Klaus replied with a grin, “That was your chance, but you blew it away,”

He shook his head as if disappointed by Grey’s performance.

“I’m not ready for all these just yet,” Grey said after a while.

“*Sigh* You’re wasting such a handsome face,” Klaus continued shaking his head, “If only Rey was the one with this face, I’d have taught him a lot by now,”

“Since you two are crazy, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were both assassinated for stealing people’s daughters, and maybe wives,” Grey said.

“We won’t be stealing them, we would be only stealing their hearts,” Klaus corrected.

Grey shook his head, he wanted to use this to mock Klaus, but after hearing his reply, he quickly gave up. He had already gained the advantage in a physical fight, if he were to start a battle of words, he would lose, woefully, especially now that Klaus was upset that he was beaten up.

“*Sigh* How did you end up like this?” He couldn’t help but ask.

“Fun, by having fun. You on the other hand are way less charismatic and entertaining,” Klaus replied with a smile.

“I should speak to Rey and Alice, it’s been so long!”

Klaus brought out the communication device from his pocket after the duo took a seat under a tree just outside the town.


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