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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 35: Principal Bahasa Indonesia

The entire empire was rocked by the news, they always had the notion that the Starlight Academy were the strongest. So for a single instructor from the Lunar Academy to charge over to the Academy and even almost killing an instructor was a surprise.

What shocked the people more was the fact that the Principal of the Starlight Academy let him go scot free. It was like a slap to his face. They were waiting patiently for more chaos to ensue, because they believed the matter won’t end like this.

Back at the Lunar Academy….

In a room in the teachers living area….

“What you did was rash” A soft voice said.

“I couldn’t just let him go like that, what if he had killed you?” The voice of a man rebutted strongly. Anger was slightly visible in his voice.

“She’s right Blake, you shouldn’t have just charged over without notifying us. What if it escalated more than this?” A stern voice reprimanded also.

“To hell with them, if it’s war they want, we’re not afraid of them” Another voice filled with anger spoke up abruptly.

“For once I agree with this hothead here. If it’s war they want, we aren’t afraid of them” A serene voice could also be heard.

The people gathered here were the Head instructors of each Hall, along with the injured Delia who was lying on a bed.

Delia looked at Blake and stopped speaking, she knew his personality very well. Once he’s angered, he wouldn’t think of the repercussions of his actions. Although he’s cool-headed some of the time, he mostly acts according to his emotions.

“We should try to resolve this peacefully, you should know the empire is at odds with the Azure empire. The emperor will certainly not allow for there to be any internal strife in the empire” Kyla the Head instructor of the Water Hall said.

When the rest heard this, they all nodded in approval to what she said. The Azure continent was ruled by the four major empires, which are the Qilin empire, Azure empire, Stellar empire, and the Blue wind empire.

The continent was divided into five parts, with each empire occupying one. The last part was the mysterious magical beasts forest. It is a land of fortune, but also a land of death.

Those who are lucky, venture into the forest and come back more powerful than they were. The people who have ventured inside and met lucky encounters, almost always turn out to be major powerhouses in the continent.

Not everyone who returns finds fortuitous encounters though. Some head into the forest in groups numbering over ten, but only a scant few would return. In some cases, none of the adventurers returns.

With each empire balancing each other, none have been able to claim total superiority over them. So they just settled for their territories, fights do break out between the empires, but it rarely extends into an all out war.

The Azure empire and the Qilin empire have never agreed for a long time now. If not for the fear of the other empires, they would have already had an all out war multiple times.

The Qilin empire broke out from the Azure empire after a huge war which took place hundreds of years ago. This was what also gave rise to the other two empires. The Azure empire used to be the only empire at that time, but due to revolt from some of the citizens and a betrayal, the empire’s power started dwindling.

This was the reason the Azure empire hated the Qilin empire greatly, but a war would be detrimental to both empires, so they’re keeping themselves in check. Each wouldn’t mind capitalizing on an opportunity if found.

The current struggle which might take place between the Lunar and the Starlight Academy will definitely be to the advantage of the Azure empire. If the Azure empire decides to launch an all out attack, both the Lunar and the Starlight Academy will be focused on their own battles. This will cause a major drop in the overall power of the empire.

The Stellar and the Blue Wind empire have always kept a neutral stance this entire time, but no one knew what they were planning.

“Fine, I’ll let this matter rest for now” Blake said with a cold voice. Killing intent could still be felt leaking out from his eyes. Delia glanced at him before sighing helplessly.

“What do you mean you’ll let the matter rest, you’ve already caused a huge disturbance at the Starlight Academy” A voice suddenly spoke up. The others turned around to see a middle aged man walking into the room.

“Principal” They said in unison. The man who walked in was the Principal of the Lunar Academy, he was also the mayor of Lunar City, Oliver.

Oliver nodded and studied the injured Delia for some time before shifting his gaze towards Blake. “Blake, I see you’re still as hotheaded as usual” Oliver said with a carefree smile.

When Blake saw that smile, he felt a chill down his spine. He was very familiar with Oliver and knew when he was angry or in a good mood.

“Not at all Principal, it’s just I couldn’t allow them to step on our instructors” Blake explained with a shrinking voice.

“I can’t say what you did was wrong. But you should have let the others know, at least you would have had backup in case of anything” Oliver said unhurried.

Blake expected punishment for what he did, Oliver has always been the type who liked avoiding trouble at all costs. People always thinks he has a weak personality, only those close to him knows just how terrifying he can be.

Oliver had a fiery temper when he was young, there was a time when he was offended by a clan while he was on a mission. He nearly wiped out the entire clan due to his temper. It caused a huge stir back then. Since then, he has always tried to keep his temper in check.

“Feed her this, it should help with her injuries” Oliver handed a tonic over to Blake before leaving. “Don’t worry about the outcome of what you did, I’ll settle it” Oliver’s voice echoed in the room even after he had left.

Blake stared at the departing Oliver, before staring at the tonic in his hands.

“You should drink this” Blake placed the tonic close to Delia. He stared at her for a while before heading towards the door.

“We should let her rest” Michael suggested. They all nodded their heads in approval before leaving Delia alone.

Delia just stared at the ceiling after they were gone. Some minutes later, she heard sounds of footsteps. Blake walked back into the room. “How come you’re back so soon?” Delia asked when she saw it was Blake.

“I came to ensure you take the tonic” Blake said calmly.

“Dummy” Delia said with a smile. ‘What a silly excuse’ she felt happy inside at the thought of Blake returning.

Blake didn’t respond to her comment and just sat close to her.


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