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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 252: Nothing Personal Bahasa Indonesia

“What?!” Alice, Grey, and Reynolds exclaimed simultaneously in shock.

“No need to panic yet, there’s also the possibility that this is just a coincidence and they’re heading in the same direction as us.” Klaus tried to calm the others down.

“There’s also the chance of them being sent by those guys, all in all, we’re either doomed, or this is just like I previously speculated, a coincidence.” He added.

“You’re not helping!” Grey and the others felt like beating him up.

How does he have the courage to say those words in their situation? If they were actually being chased by Overlord Plane Elementalists, then they were toast! Who’d joke with that?

“I’m just saying guys.” Klaus shrugged.

Grey felt like slamming him into the ground, this guy just doesn’t know when to shut up.

Alice and Reynolds tried increasing their speed, but they were already at their highest speed. If they were truly being chased by Overlord Plane experts, then no matter how much they increase their strengths, they wouldn’t be able to escape.

Grey looked around, trying to access the situation. His only bet right now was using the Fusion State, it hadn’t been long he used it, but breaking through helped him remove the excess energy in his body, so using it is safe. With his current stage, he should be able to advance to the First stage of the Overlord Plane since he had five elements which meant a boost of five stages. But he wasn’t sure the Fusion State would take him into the next Plane.

‘Can you sense their stages?’ He asked Void who was on Alice’s shoulder.

‘Hmm, one of them is in the Second stage of the Overlord Plane, while the other is in the Fourth.’ Void replied a few seconds later.

‘Shit! It doesn’t matter, I’ll have to try.’ Grey resolved his mind to use the Fusion State.

While Grey was preparing himself to use the Fusion State in case the Overlord Plane experts were coming after them, a middle-aged man was looking at Grey with a wry smile.

He was the man Grey’s mother assigned to keep him safe. During the first time he was protecting Grey, he rarely did anything, other than the time he helped when he was about to be assassinated. However, since Grey entered the trial land, his life had not been the same. First, he was unable to enter the trial land, which made him almost go crazy from fear. He was confident that if anything happened to Grey, Grey’s father might be lenient with him, but his mother would definitely kill him without a doubt.

When he saw Grey coming out of the trial land, it was the happiest moment of his life. He almost wanted to hug Grey at that time. Now, people had been trying to kill him, and it hadn’t even completed four days that he left the trial land.

‘Hmph! These people don’t know who his mother is, or else, they would rather die than chase after him.’ The man thought inside.

The two Overlord Plane experts who were already close to Grey and his friends suddenly stopped mid-air when they saw someone appearing all of a sudden.

Of the two experts, one of them had a robust body with an average height while the other who was taller had a smaller build. They both looked to be in their early fifties, with hairs that were already starting to Grey.

“Who might this venerable one be?” The robust one of the two men asked respectfully.

He was in the Fourth stage of the Overlord Plane, yet, he was unable to sense the man who appeared before them, he just appeared out of nowhere.

“Hmm, you’re respectful, unlike the others I’ve encountered.” The middle-aged man said while gently shaking his head.

All the people he encountered previously asked the same question, ‘Who are you?’. And they all acted arrogantly, these two though were exceptions.

“You’re a senior, of course, we should be respectful.” The robust man said with a bow.

He had already noticed this man wasn’t from the Qilin empire, so talking to him politely was the best choice. He still didn’t understand what the man meant when he said they were respectful.

“What are you doing here?” The middle-aged man asked.

The robust man hesitated for a while before replying, “We’re taking care of a small problem.”

“Oh! You mean the boy?” The middle-aged man pointed at Grey and his friends who were getting further away.

“How did…”

“*Sigh* This is your greatest mistake, had you been going after something else, I wouldn’t even be bothered with you.” The middle-aged man interrupted with both hands clasped behind him.

“Senior, you…”

“Unfortunately, this is the end of the road for you two. Anyone who has the thought of harming the young lord is not allowed to be left alive. It’s nothing personal, I’m just trying to stay alive as well.” The middle-aged man shrugged.

The two men were fear stricken when they heard the middle-aged man addressing Grey as young lord.

“Senior we didn’t…”

“Come, take me to your master. No need to try, that cheap trick of yours with that small thing can’t deceive me.” The middle-aged man interrupted the man once again.

He noticed they were trying to communicate with the young man with the small plaque-like device. Given his strength, blocking them from transmitting anything to the young man was not a problem.

The middle-aged man snapped his finger and they all disappeared.


In the forest.

“Huh! They’re gone.” Reynolds said when he noticed that the lights not only stopped following them, but disappeared.

Grey asked Void to clarify if the Overlord Plane experts were gone, after getting confirmation, he nodded to the others.

“You see, I told you there’s also the probability that this was just a coincidence.” said Klaus who was still on Grey’s back.

“Let’s keep going, just to be safe. I’m sure those guys are still chasing after us.” Grey said not stopping.

Klaus who was on Grey’s back was the most carefree among the group.


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