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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 251: Bad News Bahasa Indonesia

“Huh!” A confused expression appeared on the face of the mayor.

“No need to explain to you. If news of this gets out, then our months of hard work would be in vain. You didn’t think I’ll come here alone, did you?” The young man smiled lightly before using the wind element to forcefully push the mud around him.

He floated a few feet into the air before landing on dry land.

“The boy is ingenious, I haven’t seen or heard of anything like this.” One of the men who was an Earth Elementalist praised Grey before casually making an earth pillar rise from the ground where he was standing, taking him out of the mud.

He didn’t only take himself out, he also did the same for the other eleven people.

“Have you notified them?” The young man looked at a man who was dressed in blue amongst his companions.

The man nodded before raising his hand, to show a small plaque-like item.

“What is that?” The mayor looked at the item curiously.

Firstly, it was like a plaque, but it gave him a unique sense.

“This is something we made recently, it can be used to communicate with others within a five kilometers radius.” The young man stated proudly.

It took them years of research before they managed to produce something like this, but they had no means of increasing the range of the communication.

“Wow!” exclaimed the mayor, he was awed by this.

This gave him more confidence that working with these people was the best choice. The Qilin empire couldn’t come up with something like this, well, none that he had heard of.

“Let’s go, they should be heading to the city walls.” The young man took a step forward before covering his feet with the wind element and moving at a breakneck speed. The mayor barely caught a glimpse of him.

Of the other twelve people, there were two Wind Elementalists, one Lightning Elementalist, Four Water Elementalists, two Fire Elementalists, and three Earth Elementalists.

The Lightning Elementalist was the one who followed behind, before the two Wind Elementalists. The others were slower since their elements aren’t ones that drastically increases the speed of its user.


Outside the villa.

After Grey left the villa, he ran towards the east. The city gate was located in the south. He and the group initially planned on staying in an Inn before leaving, but since they’ve been discovered, they need to leave the city as soon as possible. He ran from the mayor’s villa to the nearest street.

Although it was already almost midnight, Grey noticed the city was still active. People were walking to and fro in the streets, and he could hear shouts from some parts of the city.

‘Moving on the ground might delay me.’ He thought while rubbing his chin.

‘That’s it!’

He jumped onto the roof of the building close to him and started running on top of it. The distance between each building was around five to ten meters, this was something he could cover in a single jump. He started moving from rooftop to rooftop, heading straight for the city walls.

The city walls stood at around twenty meters high. To Grey and his friends, that was a piece of cake.

It took him almost five minutes to get to the city walls. On reaching the walls, he leaped over it without much problems, to find the others waiting for him outside.

“So quick?” Klaus who was currently leaning on his knees was left stunned by Grey’s speed.

It hadn’t even been up to one minute that they left the city, yet Grey who was supposed to delay their opponents was already here. If not for the trust he had for him, he would have asked if he truly delayed them.

“Go!” Grey didn’t stop.

The people from the Azure empire might have already reached the Fourth stage by now, he didn’t know what their true strength was. All he knew was that, it was not something they should want to find out.

Alice and Reynolds immediately followed after him. Klaus who was catching his breath could only complain inside before chasing after the group.

They soon disappeared into the forest around the city. Using the normal pathway wasn’t a good idea since they are trying to escape from their pursuers.

Another five minutes passed before the young man from the Azure empire showed up on the top of the city wall. This was the side Grey and his friends used.

“He’s very fast.” The young man said while staring in the direction Grey and his friends took. It was almost like he saw them running in that direction.

He had already reached the Fifth stage of the Origin Plane, yet he still wasn’t able to catch up with Grey. This discovery left him dumbfounded.

The Lightning Elementalist was the next to appear on the city wall.

“Tell them to stop them.” The young man turned to the Lightning Elementalist before jumping down from the city wall.

The Lightning Elementalist followed suit, just after they jumped off the city walls, the two other Wind Elementalists appeared on the wall, before going after them.

Two lights flashed through the night sky, heading in the direction Grey and his friends took.


In the forest, Grey didn’t stop running for one bit. Times like these were the times he wished he was alone.

Alice and Reynolds were fast, but not to his level, Klaus on the other hand was a drag. Grey literally had to carry him on his back after they ran for two minutes. This excited Klaus since he didn’t have to bother with having to run anymore.

“Faster you two.” He said while looking at Alice and Reynolds who were behind them.

Reynolds had the urge of beating him up, while Alice was already planning how she would beat him up once they escaped their current predicament.

Just when Klaus was about to continue mocking the duo for being too slow, he saw two flashes in the sky. His heart immediately sank.

“Bad news guys, two Overlord Plane Elementalists are coming in our direction.”


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