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Grey and the others soon got to the Qilin empire’s camp. There were different tents and Klaus asked if the group could get a private tent. A guard took them to a tent that wasn’t far from the Overlord Plane expert’s tent.

The guards felt the people from the Azure empire might still try to kill them, they even went as far as stationing three guards at the front of the tent.

“Let me take a look at the cat.” The lady said gently.

She realized speaking to Grey in an authoritative way wouldn’t yield any results.

“Thank you for your concern, but it isn’t needed. He’ll be fine.” Grey spoke in the same emotionless manner.

He could tell that the way the lady was looking at Void was strange, so he didn’t want to hand him over to her. Since he had the healing tonic from the Blooming Vipers, he would use one on him.

“Hmm, okay. Take this, it should help.” The lady took out a tonic from the small bag she was wearing.

She felt curious about Void, but since Grey didn’t even want to let anyone else take him, then there was no use in disturbing him about it.

Grey took the tonic from her and went into the tent.

“Thank you, my friend is just sad because his pet is injured. He’s usually not like this.” Alice thanked the lady before going in.

Klaus and Reynolds also thanked her before going in, they knew the reason Grey didn’t thank her was that he was still annoyed, but mostly worried about Void.

After entering the tent.

“What are you doing?” Klaus asked when he saw Grey busying himself around the tent.

The tent wasn’t that large, around fifteen square meters. There was a cotton that separated it into two. Grey was currently on the other side of the tent, moving from one spot to the other.

“Array, those old guys are snooping around in here. I think they are curious about Void.” Grey spoke hurriedly.

Compared to before, he was relatively calmer now, so he could think properly now. If he brought out something like the healing tonic, they would be able to sense how extraordinary it is.

Presently, he knew his life was in danger given his previous performance, so bringing out this as well would put him in more danger. There’s also the problem of him making the healing tonic appear out of nowhere.

“Do you have some stones?” He asked looking at the trio.

He had studied Chris’ array books, so he knew of an array that could block the senses of those in a higher Plane from snooping. Although, he wasn’t really confident in it since he had not done it before.

They gave him the stones that they had in their bags, after placing them in the needed lines, the lines lit up before fading.

“Give me your bag.” He stretched out his hand to Klaus.

There was a chance of the array not working, so he wanted to act like he took the tonic out of his bag.

Klaus passes his bag over to Grey who quickly placed his hand inside like he was taking something out. The hand he placed inside was the one the spatial ring was on.

He brought out the tonic and quickly poured it into the mouth of Void.


In the tent of the Overlord Plane expert from the Azure empire.

“Looks like the brat has a way of healing his pet.” The old man said while closely monitoring Grey’s actions.

He knew he wasn’t the only one who was watching Grey. Grey’s performance was just too eye-catching that he had the idea of luring him to their empire. If the Azure empire could nurture a talent like him, he could single-handedly defeat an entire army once he grows to his peak.

Grey not heeding to the lady’s orders even made him more convinced that he could bring him over to their empire. Luckily, he wasn’t that old yet, so there’s still the chance of brainwashing him. All they needed to do was provide him with all he wanted, and he would slowly start becoming loyal to them.

The old man knew a thing or two about the Qilin empire, and he knew the Lunar Academy was not on good terms with the Royals because of a certain man called Chris.

“He’s proficient in arrays as well, such a talent.” praised the old man.

It was only now he recalled the inscriptions he saw during the battle. This further made him want to make Grey a part of their empire.

“Huh!” He exclaimed slightly when he realized what Grey was doing.

“Cunning brat.” He complained after he couldn’t sense anything happening anymore.

He was forced to come out of his tent and ascend into the sky, but to his surprise, he wasn’t the only one who appeared mid-air. This time, it was all four Overlord Plane experts from all camps.

The two experts from the Blue Wind and Stellar empires were middle-aged men. Who wore casual clothing.

“Why are you all looking at my camp?” The lady asked.

“Don’t act like you also don’t want to know what the boy is doing?” said the old man.

“Hmph! What he’s doing is none of my business.” The lady snorted coldly.

Yes, she was curious, but she couldn’t give these old guys the chance to pry into her empire’s genius’ secret.

“Why don’t we go and check?” The old man from the Azure empire insisted.

The other two men from the two empires looked at him but didn’t reply, after looking in Grey’s tent direction once more, they went back to their tents.

“Not everyone is as stupid as you are, old man.” The lady laughed seeing the others ditching him.

“Hmph!” The old man snorted coldly before going back to his tent.

He wanted to convince the other two to force their way into the Qilin empire’s camp but looks like his plan was unsuccessful.

‘I’ll take the boy, one way, or another.’ He thought.

The lady looked at Grey’s tent for some time, “*Sigh* This is going to be difficult.”

She couldn’t control Grey, nor his friends. And from the looks of it, neither can the empire. As it stands, the relationship between the Lunar Academy and the Royals was heated, and there were a lot of rumors going around about a possible fight against them.

Three hours went by, and Grey and his friends stayed inside their tent without coming out.

Just like Void said, the healing tonic was very impressive. Void wasn’t awake yet, but he was already looking good.

Grey was sitting close to him stroking his fur, a slight smile was on his face.

‘Void is going to freak out if he finds out we soaked him in water for over two hours.’ He thought jokingly.

Later that night.


A voice came from outside Grey’s tent.

Alice and the others walked out, but Grey was currently sitting in a meditative state. He was extremely tired from the prolonged battle with Aetonth, adding this intense battle and the emotional stress, he couldn’t stay awake.

On going out, Alice and the others saw the lady standing outside.

“We’ll be leaving first thing in the morning, we can’t afford to let you stay here any further.” said the lady.

“Okay, thank you for your help.” Alice bowed to show her gratitude.

Klaus and Reynolds quickly bowed, well, after being dragged by Alice.

The lady left and the trio walked back into the tent.

They were speaking of today’s event when they suddenly sensed a power surge from the motionless Grey.


The tent rippled as the energy wave spread in all directions.

Klaus and Reynolds looked at Grey, and they were surprised to actually see the elemental particles around him.

“This…this…” Klaus couldn’t complete what he was saying.

Five different elemental particles were around Grey, red, silver, blue, brown, and green. This represented five elements, fire, lightning, water, earth, and wind.

“How’s this possible?” Alice opened her mouth in shock.

“He’s having a breakthrough.” Reynolds said with surprise.

“We know that, but he only has three elements, this doesn’t make any sense.” Klaus said.

An Elementalist can only absorb the elements that he an affinity to, so how can Grey absorb five different elements.

“Quickly…” Alice looked at Klaus in panic.

Klaus had already made a move, creating an ice sphere that covered Grey completely. After the first shockwave that spread out, Klaus quickly sealed Grey inside his ice sphere, this stopped the aura from spreading out.


In the Qilin empire’s camp.

The guards sensed a strong energy wave that quickly disappeared.

“What’s that?” One of the guards asked.

“Go over to their tent, make sure nothing happens to them.” The leader ordered.

He felt it might be an assassin who wanted to kill Grey and his friends, but accidentally released some of his aura.


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