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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 216: Kill Him! Bahasa Indonesia

The leader of the guards from the Azure empire smirked on hearing what the leader from the Qilin empire called him, he didn’t care what they said about him, so long as he’s doing what he was told to do by his empire, he was satisfied.

But his smirk didn’t form completely before it turned into a frown. Looking in Grey’s direction, he could see that he was trying to stand up.

“Impossible! How can he survive that?!” He exclaimed in disbelief.

He knew just how powerful his attack was, there was no way in the world that even someone in the Seventh stage could survive it after being hit by the full force of it. Yet, Grey who was only in the Fourth stage of the Origin Plane not only survived, but he was currently about to stand up. It wasn’t even up to a minute yet!

Klaus, Alice, and Reynolds who were running in his direction were elated when they noticed Grey was actually moving.

“Haha! I knew he wouldn’t die. You old dog, count your days.” Klaus laughed out hysterically while not forgetting to threaten the leader of the guards from the Azure empire.

“It’s impossible, he shouldn’t be able to stand this early even if he survives.” The leader from the Azure empire didn’t even bother about Klaus’ threat because he still couldn’t believe what was happening.

The leader from the Qilin empire who previously stood on the same spot thinking Grey was dead was beside himself from joy. He couldn’t believe Grey was alive. He acted quickly and headed in the direction of the leader from the Azure empire. He was afraid if he went in Grey’s direction, then the leader from the Azure empire would get there before him, after all, he was closer than he was.

Grey was currently struggling to get on his feet, blood could be seen flowing out from the side of his mouth. The veins on his head bulged out while his eyes were red due to anger.

After the light died down, he didn’t even get the time to take in what was happening in his surroundings before he was attacked. When he stood up, he recalled Void was previously on his shoulder.

“Where’s he?” He asked while touching his shoulder.

He couldn’t feel Void there. Hastily, he looked around. Lying about thirty meters away from him, was Void who was currently motionless. His previous black fur was covered in blood. That was when it all settled in Grey’s head, just as the attack was about to reach him, Void jumped from his shoulder, taking the full force of the attack.

This was the reason why even though he was hit by the strike, it didn’t affect him by much. The reason he was hurt was because of the times he bounced off the ground, other than that, he was feeling a slight pain in his chest. Had he taken the strike head-on, given his physical defense and earth armor, he wouldn’t die, but he would most likely be seriously injured.

“Void.” He muttered softly as he staggered in his direction.

“Void!” He ran quickly while yelling the motionless Void’s name with watery eyes.

If he was told that he would cry one day because of Void, there was no way he would believe it. He didn’t even think that if he were to see Void in such a state anytime he would get emotional. But one shouldn’t forget that even though he tries to act mature sometimes, he was still only seventeen years old, and he had never seen anyone close to him being hurt before.

Klaus and the others were running towards him, yet, he was running in the other direction where Void was lying.

A ruthless glint suddenly flashed past the eyes of the leader from the Azure empire.

‘This boy is a threat, he must die.’ He didn’t think that the small cat on the young boy’s shoulder was what saved him, but he didn’t care either.

Since Grey was able to obstruct his attack even if it wasn’t even up to five seconds, he had already regarded him as a threat to his empire. According to the orders they received, it was to remove all potential threats. Currently to him, Grey wasn’t a potential threat. He was a threat! A threat that he had to eliminate at all costs.

“Kill him!” He immediately gave the order to his guards.

Unlike the leader from the Qilin empire, he wasn’t scared of them fighting to the death with the other guards. The reason for this was simple, he knew the guards from the Qilin empire wouldn’t dare to fight to that level. His current plan was to hold off the guards from the Qilin empire and kill Grey, since Klaus and the others were also here, he would kill them as well.


The leader from the Qilin empire immediately attacked, trying to stop the leader from the Azure empire from going close to Grey. He was an Earth Elementalist, so his attacks weren’t something his opponent could neglect. The earth element wasn’t just used for protection, it’s also deadly in attacks, and it has been proven during multiple wars. Its greatest asset when it came to attacking was its terrifying weight.

The boulder that the leader from the Qilin empire sent towards the leader from the Azure empire was blocked by the ice wall that appeared before him.

Bam! Crack!

Cracks appeared on the ice wall the moment the boulder came in contact with it. The force from the boulder was too much for the ice wall.

While it was still cracking, another boulder hit the first one, increasing the power.


The ice wall fell apart after a second boulder celebration into the scene.

With no other option, the leader from the Azure empire was forced to stand and fight against the leader from the Qilin empire.

The guards from each camp had already started a brawl. But since the guards from the Azure empire were closer to Grey, some were already heading in his direction while the others tried to stop the guards from the Qilin empire.

The entire scene was a mess, but the group from the Blue Wind empire and the Stellar empire just watched from the sides with folded hands. This had nothing to do with them.


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