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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 214: Incensed Klaus! Bahasa Indonesia

Outside the trial land.

Before Grey and his friends came out.

Some guards could be seen on each camp, carefully patrolling the area. There was the threat of them being attacked by magical beasts, after all, they were at the borders of the magical beasts forest, so they had to make sure the place was safe.

Each empire left a group in the camps to help protect the youngsters once they came out of the array. There was no way to predict when they would come out, so there was always someone watching it constantly. Once anyone exits the array, there is a group that would immediately transport the person back to the empire. Given the conflict between the empires, especially the Qilin and Azure empires, it wasn’t safe for the youths to stay there.

Over the past ten days, at least twenty youths had already exited the trial land, and they were all in the Origin Plane. Although not even one-tenth of the people who went in had come out, the guards from their respective empires were all happy seeing the increase in the strength of the youths.

At the Qilin’s empire camp, some guards could be seen discussing.

“*Sigh* Only two from our empire have exited the array so far, could it be that most of them are dead?”

“I don’t think so. Maybe they are trying to further increase their strengths during these last few days.”

“Yeah. The Azure empire are just like us, only having three people coming out.”

“Hmph! Those stupid fools, to think they would try to assassinate one of our geniuses.”

“Hehe, if not for the fact that we still have to wait, I’d have killed someone already.”

The guards discussed while glancing at the Azure empire’s camp. Three days back, the second person from the Qilin empire exited the trial land, he was surprisingly in the Fifth stage of the Origin Plane. As soon as the guards from the Azure empire noticed this, he immediately attacked, trying to kill him.

Luckily, the guards from the Qilin empire were quick to react, so they managed to block it in time without harming the young lady who just exited the trial land.

When they wanted to attack, the guard from the Azure empire said he saw a magical beast that was why he attacked. Since if both empire’s guards went into an all-out battle it would benefit the other two empires, the leader of the Qilin empire’s guards told them to keep calm, for now. Besides, they were also given the order to kill any genius above the Fourth stage of the Origin Plane that was from any of the other empires. But they didn’t dare to do it so blatantly.

The guards from each empire were all around the Sixth and Eighth stage of the Origin Plane, only the leader of the guards were in the Ninth stage of the Origin Plane. But hidden within each camp was an Overlord Plane expert. They were there in case of any mishaps.

While the guards were still discussing, the array lit up.

“Someone is coming out.”

The guards from each camp rushed out of their camps before the light would die down so they could see which empire’s genius came out of the trial land.

The lights soon died down, and Alice, Klaus, and Reynolds came into view. The guards from the Qilin empire who were closer to the array quickly surrounded the trio. The guards coming from the camps still hadn’t gotten there yet so these guards had to protect them.

It didn’t take up to two seconds before the other guards got to where the array was, since the guards from the Qilin empire had already come out in full force, the Azure empire’s guards didn’t try anything funny. Almost all the guards from the Qilin empire surrounded the trio as soon as they got there. Although they were only in the Third stage, the guards didn’t want to risk it, after all, only two of their empire’s geniuses have previously exited the trial land.

“Quickly, before they try to attack.” The leader of the guards said as soon as he got there, not forgetting to glare at the group from the Azure empire.

Before Klaus and the others could say anything, the guards pushed them away from the array towards their camps.

Most of the guards from the Qilin empire followed behind the trio so they could ensure their safety. It wasn’t like anyone would come out instantly, right?

“There’s…” Klaus tried explaining but he was cut short.

“Talk after we go in, these people wouldn’t mind fighting us just for the chance to kill you three.” The leader of the guards said.

“I know, it just…” Klaus tried speaking again but he was once again interrupted.

“Please, wait till we enter the camp.” The leader said but continued taking them to the camp.

Klaus, Alice, and Reynolds felt like they were prisoners who were being taken to the dungeons. They wanted to speak but the leader of the guards would always interrupt them.

They immediately lost their patience. The leader of the guards said they might be attacked by the guards from the other empires, doesn’t that mean that when Grey comes out he would also be attacked?

Klaus looked back and realized only two guards were close to the array, and they were even at the Sixth stage of the Origin Plane, while the other empire’s guards were still there. Some haven’t even started going back to their camps yet.

“Fuck this! Now you listen to me, my friend will be coming out soon, and since you’re saying those guards would attack us, the chances of him being attacked is higher since he’s far stronger than us.” Klaus cursed out in anger.

He also said some more vulgar words, that made the guards’ expressions changed. Some were angry, while the leader on the other hand nearly fainted.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?” The leader of the guards asked.

“Did you give me the chance of speaking?” Klaus asked looking at him angrily.

“Why are you still standing here? Get going!” He ordered like a commander.


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