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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 21: Let Me Admire In Peace! Bahasa Indonesia

Grey followed Chris and headed towards the east, they got close to a forest. Grey looked around with curiosity, he was really excited about their journey.

On seeing they were about to head into the forest, Grey couldn’t help but ask, “Senior, will we be heading to the Academy by foot?” Grey was puzzled. ‘What have I gotten myself into, at least he should have prepared a carriage to take us there’?

Chris laughed when he heard Grey’s question, “Hahaha, of course not. Come with me, I’ll show you our ride” Chris motioned for Grey to follow him into the forest.

Grey looked at him suspiciously before heading into the forest. They walked for some time, before they got to an open field in the forest.

Grey was stunned by what he saw, there was a large bird like creature laying on the grass in the open fields. When Grey got closer and saw the creature up close, he was more astonished. It was a legendary creature.

Its head was that of an eagle, it was coated in glossy brown feathers and had dangerous curved beaks. Two tufts of feathers sprang up its head like they were ears. At its shoulders, a pair of powerful, feathered wings could be seen folded at his back. Behind the wings, the feathers faded into tawny fur, and what looked like the body of a lion took over.

Its front leg was that of an eagle with razor sharp talons that could easily rip him apart, while its hind legs were that of a lion with terrifying sharp claws which only the tip could be seen.

As Grey got closer to it, the creature raised its head to look at the stranger who was coming close to it. Its black beady eyes were enchanting. Grey looked at the majestic creature in front of him, and was lost for words.

“This….this” Grey couldn’t complete his statement and was stuttering none stop. Grey had seen magical beasts, so this wasn’t his first time seeing one. But this was the legendary beast he had only seen in books, it never crossed his mind he will be able to see one at the start of his cultivation journey.

“This is Brown, she will be our ride back home” Chris introduced the creature with a smile. He had expected this reaction, so he wasn’t surprised. Every time he went out to carry new students, this was always the best part for him. Whenever he sees the shocked reactions in the faces of the new students, it always makes him laugh.

“It’s a Griffin!” Grey exclaimed. Grey’s eyes never once left the creature since seeing it for the first time.

This was one of the rulers of the sky in terms of aerial speed, and it had terrifying strength. How can Grey not be shocked. He started wondering the identity of this Senior who came to this small city.

There was no way he will get to ride a Griffin here if he were ordinary. Griffins weren’t legendary for nothing, first of all, getting the chance to see one was incredibly hard as they were rare beasts. Taming one was even harder.

Griffins are proud beasts and would rarely allow themselves to be tamed by humans. Even when caught, it would fight back with all it has.

Clearly the relationship between Brown and Senior Chris isn’t ordinary, since he could leave her here without worrying she would escape for so long.

Chris walked towards Brown and gently caressed her feathers. Grey just stood at a spot looking at the majestic beast without moving. This truly was unexpected. Now he was also eager to go to the Academy. How would the Academy look like, he couldn’t wait.

“Are you going to stand there all day, come on lets get going” Chris laughed again on seeing how Grey was still standing stunned.

“Is she really going to be the one to take us there?” Grey asked again to be extra sure. Although he knew it was a stupid question, he just had to ask it.

“If not her, then who?. Do you have any other means of going?” Chris retorted grumpily. ‘I think his brain is already fried from shock’ Chris thought inside.

Grey dropped his head embarrassedly. ‘Can’t you just reply normally, you have seen the creature for a long time, this is my first time seeing it. Let me admire it in peace’ Grey thought grumpily.

Grey suddenly felt he made the right choice in choosing the Lunar Academy, just seeing a legendary beast before he even went to the Academy suddenly felt worth it. He could brag with this for a long time. He almost wanted to run back to Martha and tell her he just saw a Griffin.

When Brown stood up, Grey was once again stunned by its immerse size. It stood over 5 meters tall with a length of over 3 meters. It truly was a majestic beast.

Grey walked closer to Brown with extreme caution. He was scared of irritating the beasts, else it might just rip him to shred with those terrifying talons it possessed.

As Grey stood closer to it, he felt how small he was. Chris just stood at the side looking on. He has always enjoyed this. This was the reason he always came to little cities for the test. This was the fourth time he was coming to Red City for the test. Surprisingly, he witnessed Grey took the test twice.

Unlike the other representatives, he can head over to other cities. Maybe it was fate that made him witness the miracle which Grey was. He couldn’t describe the feeling, but he knew Grey wouldn’t be someone ordinary in his life.

He had heard of how Grey suddenly started training in the forest after failing to awaken his element. Not only that, but he also heard how Grey was able to defeat Derek who was already at the Eighth Stage of the Collection Plane easily.

This wasn’t something someone ordinary can achieve. He was looking forward to Grey’s future accomplishments.

“Come on lets get going, we have a long journey ahead of us” Chris said after allowing Grey fill his eyes with the image of Brown some more.

Brown squatted down so they could climb onto her. Grey climbed up easily and looked ahead with great enthusiasm. They were about to head for the Academy.

After they climbed up and steadied themselves, Chris patted Brown on her back indicating it was time to leave.

Brown took off into the air…


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