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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 165: Why Do We Always Get Chased!? Bahasa Indonesia

“Phew, finally, we’re out of that place!” Grey breathed out a sigh of relief as he dashed out through the opening on the wall.

He turned to look back at the opening, and could still hear the painful roars of the quasi dragon, only, it was gradually turning faint.

The statue was yet to return to its previous position, so the opening was still there. The roars soon died down, and Grey curiously walked over to the opening and stretched his head into the opening to see if the array lines he saw previously were still there. He was quite curious about it but because he was escaping, he didn’t get a good view of it.

Just as his head appeared on the other side of the opening, he instantly withdrew it and jumped to the side, falling in a kneeling position.


A stream of fire came out of the opening, blasting into the wall on the other side of the hall, before spreading to the left and right of the hall simultaneously.

Void who was still savoring the moment of being able to use the space element once again, instantly used it when his tail was almost caught by the fire.

‘What the hell did you do!?’ He asked after appearing four meters away from the opening.

“Nothing.” Grey scratched his head awkwardly as he replied.

The fire continued streaming out until the statue went back to its previous position after five seconds.


The statue made a rumbling sound as it closed completely, once again sealing the quasi dragon in the lab, waiting for the next time an unfortunate person would venture here.

“Wow! This had been an eventful experience.” said Grey as he exited the Fusion State.

‘Yeah.’ Void nodded.

This had been the most heart-racing period of his life, and it was quite exciting. They almost died on some occasions against the quasi dragon, before he realized his darkness element was super effective against it, and then Grey jumped five stages and fought toe to toe with the quasi dragon, although he was overpowered sometimes. And just when they were about to exit the place, the quasi dragon which had kept its stage low all this while immediately started increasing in power, before being stopped by an array.

‘Oh! What was that orb thingy you did that exploded?’ Void asked when he remembered the time Grey used the fusion orb against the quasi dragon.

“About that…” Grey fell silent for a while, contemplating whether he should tell Void about it or not.

‘Other than his obsession for shiny things, he’s pretty trustworthy.’ He thought.

Thinking of his experiences with Void, and how he had helped him on some occasions during the time they had spent together, he decided it was time to tell him about it. Although, he wouldn’t tell him about the chaos God or the chaos element.

“I can fuse the elements.” said Grey faintly.

His voice was so low, it was almost like he was muttering gibberish.

‘You can what now?’ Void asked with a confused face.

All he heard was I can, other than that, he heard nothing else. He could tell what Grey was about to tell him was a secret given his first hesitation before he finally answered.

“I can fuse all my elements together.” Grey spoke loudly this time so Void could hear him properly.

‘What!?’ Void exclaimed, dumbfounded by Grey’s words.

Although he didn’t know much of the world, he too had multiple elements, so he had naturally experimented on trying to merge them. Which obviously ended in a failure. The only thing he knew was possible was coating one element with another, not fusing.

“Yes, that was what you saw me do previously.” replied Grey.

He had expected such a reaction given what he told Void was something impossible for others, but not him, if he were to tell Void that he could not only fuse the elements but also his essence beads to boost his stage, he couldn’t help but imagine his reaction. But he wouldn’t tell him about that, neither will he tell him of his ability to comprehend other elements. He wanted to study him more, after all, they had only spent just over two months and a week or two together.

‘That’s incredible!’ Void said excitedly after his initial shock.

‘Can others do it as well?’ He could not help but ask.

If it was possible for others, then he would love to learn it, after all, he had witnessed its frightening power.

“I don’t think it’s possible. I can’t really explain how I can do it, so don’t ask.” Grey said when he saw the enthusiasm in Void’s eyes.

He could almost tell what Void was thinking from his eyes, so he just rejected before he asked. Even though he was quite curious to see if another person would be able to do it if given the technique, this was not something he could just teach to anyone.

Void looked down a little disappointed, but he soon threw it to the back of his head.

‘How did you increase your strength by that much?’ He asked curiously once again.

He had never seen Grey do that before, so he was also very curious about it. One has to know that although it was possible for someone to increase their stage, it was unheard-of to increase it by five.

During their encounters with others, there had been times when their opponent would use a secret technique to boost their strength, but it was always by a single stage. So even if there were techniques that are of higher quality than the one that opponents of theirs used, it shouldn’t be by this much, right?

“That, I can’t really explain for now. I’ll tell you later.” Grey shrugged, avoiding to tell him the truth about this.

‘Hmm, okay.’ Void nodded understandably.

He knew everyone had a secret that they wouldn’t share so easily, for Grey to even tell him about being able to fuse the elements was already a sign that he trusted him, albeit not completely.

‘So, what now?’ He asked looking at the wall that the fire of the quasi dragon burned.

“We should le…”


A rumbling sound stopped Grey who was speaking midway, the sound was followed by intense shaking in the hall.

‘What’s going on?’ asked Void.

“I don’t know, but we should get… Oh my God!” Grey who was speaking suddenly exclaimed while looking behind Void.

‘What? What?’ Void asked twice when he heard Grey’s exclamation and also the look of dismay.

“Behind you.” Grey pointed with a slightly trembling hand.

Seeing Grey’s reaction, Void quickly turned around.

‘Oh my God!’ And just like Grey, he exclaimed.

“Run!” Grey turned around and dashed out of the hall, heading for the exit of the building. Void who was able to use the space element once again, disappeared and appeared on Grey’s shoulder, looking behind him worriedly.

‘Why do we always get chased!?’ He thought a little dejected by their predicament.

Behind them, there were at least fifteen seven meters long lizards and four two meters frogs chasing after them, but that was not all, more were still pouring out of the openings on the wall of the hall.

Grey and Void were previously at the middle of the hall, and there were about ten statues they hadn’t checked, five on each side of the hall, and to their greatest surprise, all ten had openings, not just the one they entered.

Although these beasts weren’t as strong as the quasi dragon, they were not weak either.

Grey was only able to sense the stage of the first four, and they were all in the Sixth stage of the Origin Plane.


The door to the building exploded, with Grey dashing out of it. He didn’t dare to wait and open the door, so he just blasted it away before he got there.


The loud croaking of a frog was heard two seconds later as two of the frogs were the first to appear outside the building, giving chase. The other frogs as well as the lizards all dashed out of the building, following behind Grey and Void.

Grey ran as quickly as possible trying to escape from the pursuit of the beasts behind him, but the frogs were actually slowly closing the gap between them.

”Damn it!’ Grey complained when he saw this.

Had he not used the Fusion State moments ago, he would have used it to escape from them.

Although he could fight them one on one, as a group, it was impossible for him to fight against so many of them.

‘Where are we going?’ Void asked while looking behind them.

‘Anywhere.’ answered Grey.

He almost felt like crying, this was the fourth time he had been chased by a group of beasts since entering the trial land, he was chased twice by the bunnies, once by a horde of apes after Void stole their shiny treasure, and now, a bunch of reptiles was going after him.

He was almost certain that no one had been chased as much as he had, and even if they had, most of them would not survive it.


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