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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 139: Overpowered Ability Bahasa Indonesia

At the back of the building.


“Fuck! Too much water essence,” Grey cursed out as he tried to escape from the spot he was standing on. But due to the suddenness of what happened, he failed and sank downwards.


The sound of water splashing out sounded in the area.

Currently, over half of Grey’s body was submerged in mud-like water. What differentiated this from mud was because of the excess water, so instead of it turning into mud, it turned into a small pool of about a twelve-foot radius, that was filled with dirt.

“Shit! How could I have forgotten about this possibili…” Grey’s words were cut short when water filled with dirt entered his mouth.


Grey spat out multiple times, he didn’t forget to rinse his mouth with water and spitting it out again.

“*Sigh* How unlucky,” He sighed after managing to wash off the taste from his mouth.

Due to failing multiple times, he forgot that he was doing the test right under his feet. When he was trying out this attempt, he channeled in way too much water essence, and the result was not surprising. He fell into the pool of water he created.

Had he know this would be the result, he wouldn’t have attempted it one more time, rather, he would’ve just rested and gone back to the building.

How embarrassing was it to fall into the dirty water?

‘Luckily, no one was present.’ Grey thought feeling lucky.

Just as he was about to step out of the pool of dirt and wash up.

‘What are you doing?’

Grey heard the familiar small voice in his head.

‘*Sigh* Just when I started feeling a little lucky, guess someone was bound to see me in this state,’ He tiredly shook his head.

“I’m bathing, wanna join?” Grey replied while splashing the dirty water around.

Void suddenly disappeared from his previous spot, appearing some distance away.

‘Who baths with such dirty water?’ Void looked on curiously.

“People, of course, who else would?” Grey replied while putting on an expression of enjoying his dirt bath.

‘Are all humans just as strange as you and your friends are?’ Void couldn’t resist asking.

When he first saw Grey, he felt he was quite weird. This further Increased after he made contact with Grey’s friends, Klaus and Reynolds to be precise. He felt Grey and his friends were a weird bunch, Alice excluded.

“How come you’re up this early?” Grey tried to change the topic while getting out of the dirt pool.

‘I’m already done with absorbing the drop you gave me.’ Void declared proudly.

“Oh! That’s fast, I thought you’d take another hour or so,” Grey said while washing the last bit of dirt off his body.

‘When did you finish absorbing yours?’ Void asked.

“About four hours ago,” Grey said.

Void was stunned by how quickly Grey finished absorbing his. It took him just over ten hours, and he was already thinking his absorption speed was fast, but on hearing Grey’s time, he felt a little disheartened.

‘Monster,’ Void said before looking around curiously.

“Huh!” Grey turned around abruptly when he heard this.

‘But, there’s nothing here.’ Grey scratched his head, confused by Void’s statement.

It was only after some time passed did he realize what Void meant.

Since there was nothing left for him to do, he created a pool by using his earth element to create an opening on the ground, and used his water element to fill it up, he took off his last surviving wet clothes, spread them on the trees so they could dry up, and jumped into the cool clean water.

‘*Sigh* How relaxing, I should do this more often.’ He thought.

Void came closer to the pool, touched it with his paw, and silently retreated.

Grey who was leisurely cooling-off caught sight of Void’s strange behavior.

‘He doesn’t like water.’ He thought.

From how Void reacted, Grey guessed there was a possibilty that he didn’t like water.

“Hey Void, aren’t you going to cool off?” Grey asked trying to confirm his guess.

‘No, I’ll just watch from the side,’ Void said firmly.

“You’re scared of water?” Grey asked raising my brow.

‘No, who would be scared of water?’ Void said looking at Grey oddly.

‘Hmm, maybe he truly isn’t afraid of water.’ Grey thought.

After three minutes went by, Grey got somewhat bored because Void hadn’t been speaking since.

When Grey was alone previously, he would go for hours, and sometimes even days without speaking to others while he was here, but since meeting Void, he would quickly get bored if he’s not training, cultivating, fighting, or sleeping.

The thought of Void being scared of water crept into his head once again.

“Since you hatched, you haven’t taken a bath. Why don’t you wash off now, at least that way, you’ll smell nice,” He tried persuading.

‘Who says I haven’t cleaned myself? And I do smell nice,’ Void said.

Grey and Void soon got into an argument. Void stuck with saying he had cleaned himself, but Grey kept telling him that licking himself was different from taking a proper bath.

“Fine to settle all this, why don’t you just take a dip?” Grey said trying to stop their little argument.

‘No,’ Void refused once again.

‘There’s no way I’m getting into that.’ He thought, looking at the water.

“Fine,” Grey finally verbally agreed to his refusal.

‘*Phew* That was close, luckily, I stood my ground.’ Void breathed out heavily while thinking.

He hated getting his fur wet, so naturally, he didn’t want to get into the pool.

Grey closed his eyes and his lips curved upwards.

“Void! Catch,” He threw a small fruit to Void.

This was something he found in one of Quinn’s companions’ bags. It really couldn’t be said to be a great treasure, but its aroma and taste were quite appealing, and it also contained a little essence inside.

Void raised his head vigilantly, when he saw the fruit coming his way, he instinctively wanted to dodge thinking Grey threw a ball of water at him, but the aroma of the fruit shot straight into his head and he paused in place.

‘Hehe, got him.’ Grey laughed evilly inside while creating a ball of water behind Void.

He initially wanted to use the water alone, but when he recalled Void’s space element, he knew he would be able to escape easily. But if he’s distracted by something, then there’s no way he could escape.

Thinking his plan was already a success, he couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

But his smiling face froze, and the next scene shocked him. The water ball, as well as the fruit which was supposed to hit Void at the same time suddenly disappeared and appeared on top of Grey.

“Ouch!” Grey unconsciously yelped even though the hit he got from the fruit didn’t hurt him in any way.

The water ball also fell on top of him, exploding on impact. Grey was very careful when he was creating the water ball, so it didn’t have any strong effect, its only use was to completely soak its target.

“What just happened?” Grey asked while rubbing his head which took the hit from the fruit.

A smirk had formed on Void’s little face.

‘Hehe, I’m not dumb enough to fall for that trick.’ Void chuckled looking at Grey.

“It still doesn’t explain what just happened,” Grey said still confused.

‘This is just an innate ability of mine, I can mess around with the space around me, this way, I could easily return an attack that is being sent towards me back to the unsuspecting attacker.’ Void explained, not forgetting to omit its limitations.

It’s not that he didn’t trust Grey, but what if after he found out its limitations he adjusts the water he sends his way? He couldn’t take that risk.

Grey sucked in a cold breath when he heard Void’s explanation.

“Such an overpowered ability! The space element truly is something else!” He exclaimed.

Since the ability had something to do with space, then it’s surely something of the space element. How great was it to return an attack that was sent your way? It’s an epic ability, to say the least!

But, Grey knew such great abilities all had limitations and in some cases even side effects. Take his Fusion State, for example, that was nothing less of an overpowered ability, but it had limitations as well.

Grey’s curiosity towards the space element increased and he started asking Void things about the space element, which Void told him what he knew about it. The truth was, other than what his abilities could do, he didn’t really know everything about the space element.

Just as Void finished explaining, the ground he was standing on suddenly turned into a pool of dirt, just like the one Grey created previously, and he fell into it with a ‘Plop!’.

The sudden appearance of the dirt pool shock Void. But alas, he couldn’t escape his fate. After managing to come out of the dirt pool, he was forced to get into the clean pool Grey was soaking in.

“Haha, I won at the end.” Grey laughed when he saw Void’s expression when he entered the pool.

And so, one human and a cat enjoyed the cool pool in the midday sun.


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