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A Saint Who Was Adopted by the Grand Duke – Chapter 27 Bahasa Indonesia

“My, isn’t that a portrait? It seems like Grand Duke Darwin.”

“It is an amazingly impeccable drawing.”

“I don’t seem to recall which artist had this sense of style. I’d like to ask them to draw me a piece.”

Aside from the reason the frame was brought, they also wondered why this specific painting was presented. However, after scrutinizing the art, the crowd couldn’t shut their mouths in admiration of its sanctity.

All reactions differed, but overall, they all admired the appreciable expertise.

“Who do you think designed such a work of art?”

Darwin rolled up one corner of his mouth and replied in a rather profound voice.

“To draw this well, Pirka? Or maybe Leven could be…”

“Wasn’t it Lubeng from the last exhibition?”

The names of famous painters popped, one after another. Darwin’s smile deepened as the nobles mentioned the names of the leading professionals.

He seemed to be more amused than ever. His smug shoulders appeared to be soaring into the sky.

*TL/N: Shoulders soaring into the sky meaning someone is very proud.

“Your Highness, whose skills was this? I’ve never seen such a portrait. It’s a new style of painting. Did you discover anyone?”

Pohiba, famous for his art collection, couldn’t hold back his curiosity and approached Darwin. His eyes glistened like a beast searching for its prey.

Darwin smiled haughtily, wearing an expression that expected such reactions.

His mouth was itching to show off since the moment he had lifted the quilt.

“My daughter drew it.”

At the moment, a different level of silence swept over the audience.

The air turned cold as if hit by a strong typhoon.

The shocked aristocrats whispered before Darwin as they sent glances towards him.

“Did Grand Duke Darwin have a daughter?”

“No, I’ve never heard of it.”

It was a famous fact that Darwin hasn’t remarried since his ex-wife passed.

The only children she had given birth to were his twin sons.

Speculation erupted everywhere as there may have been a hidden child.

Darwin made it clear so there wouldn’t be nonsense circulating.

“I adopted a child a while ago.”

This was his first adoption announcement made at an official meeting.

Adoption into the Grand Duke’s family was not something that could simply conclude as simple. It was a big event as his children could lead to heirs to the throne in the future.

“Suddenly, a child?”

“I heard the Grand Duke despised children…”

Darwin, the same person who killed a baby infant right in front of their mother on the battlefield, adopted a daughter.

“Where did she come from all of a sudden?”

“Is that important?”


No one could speak more in front of Darwin.

Everyone just moistened their lips and rolled their eyes from Darwin’s glare.

“I’m going to have a formal party soon, so please congratulate me then.”

“Haha, I’ll be there for sure. Please do invite me.”

“Con, congratulations!”

The mouths of the nobles were as light and quick as ever.

Perhaps the news that Darwin adopted a daughter would soon spread throughout the whole empire.

Darwin’s purpose was to announce Esther’s existence anyhow.

He let the nobles continue their chatter, then escaped to the balcony to obtain some fresh air.

“There’s no moon.”

There was no moon in the sky.

On a day when the goddess was not there, there would be a night like this.

Darwin felt that this darkness somehow resembled Esther. He recalled the empty eyes Esther possessed since the first day they met.

“I didn’t think even you could have that look on your face.”

Benjamin crept up to Darwin, who was lost in thought. He followed him out to the balcony.

It was only then that Darwin presented a comfortable expression.

“Benjamin? When did you come?”

“I only just arrived. I was a bit late because the wheels of the wagon happened to roll off.”

Benjamin was the only man Darwin ever recognized as an acquaintance. When both left for war, they acquired great trust from each other.

“Have you seen the portrait?”

“Yes. Quite frankly, I was surprised. You didn’t say anything to me. Please give me at least a hint.”

“It was a sudden decision, so I didn’t have time.”

“I’ll listen to it in detail the next time.”

“Yes, let’s make room for ourselves then.”

This place was not a recommended area for them to speak freely. The two agreed to meet separately and shook hands.

Benjamin then called Darwin somewhat apprehensively.

“Your Grace, may I ask you for a slight favor?”

Intense and loyal Benjamin wasn’t the type to be interested in succession.

He had always been giving credit to others and compensating them, but now he was asking Darwin a favor.

Darwin stared closely at Benjamin before nodding.

“What is it?”

“The portrait I saw earlier. It felt quite sacred.”

Benjamin didn’t fail to notice the consecration of the painting. After all, he was the person currently in charge of the management at the local temple.

Darwin agreed with his bewildering statement, claiming that Esther was a candidate amidst the many other saint candidates.

It was only understandable that Esther’s paintings were considered sacred because of her divine power.

“So… I’d like her to draw Noah.”

Benjamin hesitated for a long time before he parted his lips wearily.

Darwin, who intended to grant his dear friend any favors, abruptly lowered his voice, his alertness rising at the name Benjamin mentioned.

“Are you still taking care of Noah?”

“Wouldn’t I have to stay by his side? Even if everyone turns away, I intend to serve him until the very end.”

The voice blown by the wind was lonely and deep. It was a voice mixed with many emotions.

Darwin swept his hair roughly, troubled by the uncalled-for request.

“How is he doing lately?”

“Well, he can’t open his eyes. The priest said there wasn’t much time left.”


“So, I would like to leave his presence in the least. If it were a portrait painting performed of divine power, I was wondering if it would contain a little more of his true image.”

Benjamin dropped his head to keep Darwin from drawing back his offer.

“I know it’s a difficult request. However… can’t you please grant permission for this one? I will never let anyone know. Leave it for me to prepare everything. Just this once.”


Darwin sighed deeply.

He didn’t want Esther to do anything dangerous, but he couldn’t refuse as Benjamin never asked him for much.

“I’ll speak to my daughter first.”

“Thank you.”

The eyes of the two intertwined on the dark balcony.

** ━━━━━━━⋅•⋅⊰∙∘༓∘∙⊱⋅•⋅ ━━━━━━━**

Rabienne visited the saint’s room at the same time every day.

Today, she brought the medicine with her like she normally did, but somehow, the saint was sitting in bed.

Rabienne hesitated as she witnessed her conscious appearance.

‘How did it happen?’

She wasn’t dying away like usual but instead controlling herself to stay awake. It was strange how this happened.

In any case, Rabienne hid her innermost feelings and presented the saint with a friendly smile.

“Saint! You seem in great shape today. It’s been a while since you awakened yourself.”

“Yes. The goddess has been in my dream.”

The saint’s eyes remained clear.

Her eyes denoted the same brightness as those in her former days.

Rabienne, who noticed such peculiarness, took a seat next to the saint.

“Wow, really? Why did the goddess appear?”

Rabienne stamped her feet with envy. Her ruby-like red eyes twinkled and presented their liveliness.

A smile spread on the saint’s face as she observed her cute expression.

“I’m not feeling well, thus I’m already seeing a sign of the next saint.”

“…The next saint?”

Rabienne opened her mouth, her heart pounding.

Blood circled all over her body, her expectations rising.

Rabienne’s cheeks flushed. She believed the next saint to be her.

“What did you see?”

“That’s… it’s not the time to speak yet.”

“I won’t tell anyone. Let me know. Please?”

The saint could not ignore Rabienne’s constant whining.

It was all the more so as she knew that it was Rabienne who took care of her every day, as well as her position in the temple.

“Then you should keep it to yourself. Alright?”

“Of course. You know how heavy my mouth is.”

*TL/N: Basically she doesn’t open her mouth much.

Eventually, the saint closed her eyes to recall the dream she had last night.

Even though her body was weakened, she was still a saint. When she recalled the Goddess’s will, her eyes turned hazy.

“The only star in the night sky, the grayish-brown hair that embraces the world…”


Rabienne’s clear voice snapped the saint’s will.

The saint quickly shook her head in a desperate attempt.

“Ah, did I just say grey? I, I guess I spoke the wrong word.”

“Yes, you’re mistaken. That can’t be.”

The saint’s awkward way of speaking and expression made it so obvious it was a lie.

But Rabienne smiled, holding a look of ignorance.

“Saint, you must take your medicine.”

“Thank you.”

The saint, whose spirit had returned for a moment, soon fell asleep after taking the strong sleeping pill.

The back of Rabienne’s hand trembled as she gazed at her.

“Stupid. There’s no way you can see grayish brown and not my hair color. She was probably drugged and talked shit.”

She tried pretending that she was fine, but inside Rabienne’s mind, anxiety began to develop. The suspicion that she wasn’t the next Saint.

Rabienne then left the sleeping saint.

Though outwardly calm, she was simmering inside.

“Who had grayish-brown hair?”

Although it was an unusual color, quite a few people came to mind. She had no idea who was the individual among them.

Rabienne decided to stop by the office. She wanted to check the list of adult female candidates.

Someone waved and called Rabienne’s name from the other side.

Rabienne checked his face, then smiled broadly.

It was a sincere smile that no one had ever seen before. Rabienne held onto the hem of her skirt and ran fast towards the man.


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