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A Saint Who Was Adopted by the Grand Duke – Chapter 17 Bahasa Indonesia

“Sebastian? Why… Oh! Right. I called him.”

Judy smacked his forehead.

He invited Sebastian to show off Esther but ended up forgetting everything.

“But the words Lord Sebastian spoke to lady Esther…”

“What did he say?”

As Dorothy proceeded to conclude her report, Judy’s voice turned algid.

Fortunately, Dorothy had quite an exquisite recollection.

She recited Sebastian’s every word without a single fault.

“What? Half a penny? Sebastian, that fat kid really said that, right?”

Judy, who had listened intently to Dorothy’s report, exploded and stomped as he sprang through the corridor.

‘You dared touch my sister?’

Red veins bulged from his blazing eyes.

His flaring eyes showed that he had no intention whatsoever of letting this incident go.

** ━━━━━━━⋅•⋅⊰∙∘༓∘∙⊱⋅•⋅ ━━━━━━━**

Around the same time, the main temple.

Rabienne diligently strolled along the halls, her white priestly habiliments expressing ultimate pureness.

She presented a smile filled with kind gentleness.

“May the Goddess bless you.”

“In the name of Epistos.”

Everyone who passed by and encountered Rabienne paid a friendly greeting.

It was only natural, as she was the most influential candidate to be considered as the next Saint.

Rabienne blissfully enjoyed the gazes that were thrown her way. While playing the role of the saint that everyone coveted, she concluded for her to be the only person who could commit to the position decisively.

Thanks to her vigorous brainwashing, the fourteen-year-old seemed much more mature in everyone’s eyes.

Her natural dignity was meticulously impeccable. As she had been thoroughly raised as a saint since birth, her knowledge was additionally on par with the adults.

‘Am I a bit late?’

As Rabienne sped up her pace, she was abruptly called for by Eina and Tara, both junior candidates.

“Oh my! Lady Rabienne. Where are you heading?”

“Ah, Lady Eina, Lady Tara. The Holy Lady of Cespia has called for me.”

Exasperation and annoyance soared through Rabienne now that her path was blocked, but she managed to smile softly without expressing her inner feelings.

Her real face was always hidden under a thorough mask.

“Admirable. Saint Cespia is always seeking for Lady Rabienne.”

Eina raised her hands before her heart in admiration. She pretended not to be, but her voice was plenary of envy and jealousy.

“Not at all. The saint is watching over for other temple candidates in addition.”

Rabienne was irked over the bothersome conversation.

She opened her mouth to excuse herself, however, Tara’s words were far more expeditious.

“But, Lady Rabienne. Have you heard the rumor?”

“What rumor?”

Tara’s eyes glistened excitedly. She glanced around to ascertain no one would hear, then recited quietly in a hushed voice.

“Why, you know, the junior candidate who used to visit Lady Rabienne from time to time. There is a rumor circulating that the b*tch disappeared.”

Rabienne unconsciously held her breath.

However, she quickly relieved her tension and raised her callous mouth.

“Do you mean Diana? Come to think of it, I haven’t seen her in a long time.”

“I heard she left with an old aristocrat.”

“Some saw her meet a man inside the temple.”

It was certainly nonsense considering Diana’s age.

However, Rabienne lowered her eyes as if she had recalled something.

“Perhaps it was related to who Diana said she was going to meet the last time…”

A slip of the tongue was more than enough.

Rabienne’s words became a catalyst that emboldened the two.

“I knew it. In the first place, the problem was that an orphan managed to become a candidate.”

“That’s right. This is what happens when you bring in unqualified kids.”

“Let’s speak to the priest so that we won’t receive orphans in the future.”

For the gallant Tara and Eina, the rumors of Diana had been confirmed as true.

‘They’ll be gossiping to the fullest.’

On the morning of Diana’s departure, Rabienne was the only person who had witnessed her.

Rabienne wanted to hide the fact that the insignificant Diana had left for the Grand Duke’s Family.

It was still questionable whether the b*tch had been taken to the Grand Duke’s family.

She had previously sent someone due to her apprehensiveness, but she never heard from him.

‘There was a use of value from her.’

When Rabienne befriended Diana, whom everyone ignored, and pretended to be close to her, she could easily recognize and revere her. The child’s talent was striking.

Rabienne, who worked to abstain the laughter that threatened to escape from her mouth, soon replied.

“I think I’ll have to excuse myself; the Saint must be waiting.”

“I apologize, Lady Rabienne. We’ve taken up too much of your time. Please go ahead.”

Rabienne advanced swiftly as soon as she finished greeting the candidates.

The place where Saint Cespia rested was the southern annex of the temple.

It’s a place which no one could enter. However, Rabienne was an exception.

Rabienne, a person never blocked from anything she wished for, greeted Verdo, the person in charge of guarding Cespia’s room.

“Senior Verdo.”


Verdo was in charge of guarding the Saint. He stood in front of the room where the Saint was resting and waited for Rabienne, who arrived at this time every day.

The medicine Verdo had prepared in advance was handed over to Rabienne. The deep bowl filled with dark, black liquid.

Rabienne’s laughter deepened.

She grinned and pulled a diminutive glass bottle from her pocket.

She carefully opened the cork and added two drops of liquid from the glass bottle into the medicine bowl.

It was only two drops, so it didn’t show when mixed.

The gazes of Rabienne and Verdo crossed for a brief moment.

“Then I’ll go in.”

“Yes. Please take good care of the Holy Saint.”

Inside Cespia’s room, various kinds of therapeutic plants were arranged to somehow revive her energy.

A bed lay at the center of the green-ornamented room. Cespia could barely breathe as she lay.

She was a Saint with power comparable to that of the Emperor’s, yet her decrepit appearance was miserable. Her body was so thin that her bones could be seen through.

It hadn’t been long since Cespia changed into such a pitiful state. Although she gained a disease, it wasn’t severe until recent years where she had grown old.

“Saint, I’m here.”

It was only after Rabienne sat next to her and greeted the saint that Cespia recognized someone else was present.

“Oh… Rabienne, you’re here.”

“Yes. How are you feeling today?”

Cespia’s eyelids scarcely parted. She stretched her hand into the thin air but remained unable to reach Rabienne.

“Well. I don’t think there is much left now…”

“Don’t say that. You must get better.”

Rabienne clasped Cespia’s hand tight and encouraged her vigorously.

“I can’t get better… Cough, cugh. Ha…”

Cespia proceeded to cough violently. It wasn’t just a mere cough, as a stream of blood flowed through her ragged lips.

“Saint, you can’t remain like this. Please drink the medicine.”

“What’s the use of taking medicine now?”

Cespia shook her head.

She knew she didn’t have much time left anyhow, therefore she wished to spend the time she was given left comfortably. However, whenever she took that medicine, her mind diverted and she lost consciousness.

Rabienne bit her lips furtively. The process was almost completed, but if she didn’t take the medicine once a day, things would go irrevocably wrong.

“No, I can’t let you go yet. Please drink this for me.”

Rabienne pleaded desperately as she filled the medicine with a spoon.

Cespia didn’t wish to take the medicine, however, she had no choice but to open her mouth when Rabienne implored desperately. She couldn’t refuse to take the medicines Rabienne prepared herself.

‘What a good girl.’

She was proud of Rabienne; she was a special individual. As she thought so, Cespia forced herself to drink all the medicine. As soon as she managed to swallow the liquid, her vision blurred and her mind turned hazy.

“…Thank you. If it weren’t for you, I would have died from this illness.”

“You do know? I am always on your side.”

“Yes, I’m afraid I’ll have to… take a break…”

Cespia’s sparkling eyes soon lost their vitality. Her blue, cerulean eyes disappeared under the heavily positioned eyelids.

Rabienne smiled broadly at the sight. She couldn’t stand the joy. Then, she leaned her head against Cespia’s chest and sang softly.

“I’ll be back tomorrow.”

** ━━━━━━━⋅•⋅⊰∙∘༓∘∙⊱⋅•⋅ ━━━━━━━**


Esther rose as she loosely rubbed her eyelids.

She positioned her palm over her now open eyes.

Esther blinked blankly, soon observing her surroundings in a startling stance.

“Did I sleep in a bed?”

Somehow, she was lying atop a soft bed.

As Esther scanned through her memory, she recalled being previously carried by Judy.

“And then I don’t remember what happened after…”

Esther sighed lightly.

No matter how tired one is, it made no sense to fall asleep to the point of not waking up until the morning.

This phenomenon was an indication that her Saint awareness was nearing.

‘There must be a bit of time left.’

As she agonized over the situation, her head began to ache.

As she sought to drink water, something fell next to her feet.


A white, dainty rabbit doll?

Esther held the rabbit doll in both hands and lifted it absent-mindedly.

What is this? She tilted her head to observe the thing more closely, if not for the sudden clamor from outside.

Esther’s gaze turned to the door.

The door slowly slipped open and Judy’s head popped through the small gap.

His eyes turned round as he peered into the room.

“Uh? She’s awake!”

The door instantaneously slammed open and numerous people flooded in.

Judy at the lead, followed by Dennis, Darwin, Ben, Dorothy, and the other attendants.

“Why all of you…?”

Esther mumbled in bewilderment.

“She’s finally awake.”

“Are you alright?”

Judy and Dennis rushed towards the bed.

The two stared at Esther with anxious eyes.

Judy, in particular, sat atop the bedside chair, held his chin, and gazed at Esther grievously.

“Everyone… What is it?”

Esther stammered as she questioned the sudden atmosphere.

“You were ill.”


“Yes. You haven’t woken up for two days.”

Thanks to Dennis’s kind explanation, Esther realized that she had slumbered for quite a time.

‘I can’t believe I’m already like this…’

Esther clasped the bed sheets tightly.

No matter how unwell she was, losing her consciousness for two days wasn’t something anticipated.

“I’m sorry.”

Darwin’s face hardened as he heard Esther apologizing.

“Being sick is not something to apologize for.”

Unlike his usual blunt way of speaking, the glare existing on Darwin’s eyes was deadly.

He vented his dissatisfaction using his eyes whenever he didn’t find favor in something.

Ben fell a safe distance from him.

Darwin raised his hand after staring at Esther for a moment.

Esther witnessed his hand and instinctively crouched down, wondering if he was going to hit her.

However, Darwin’s big hand only gently landed over her forehead.

“Fortunately, the fever has gone down.”

Only then did Darwin’s voice sound softer.

“Are you originally weak?”

“No, I’m healthy.”

Esther’s cheeks flushed.

Such interest was burdensome and unfamiliar for her.

“Then, you’re probably tired? Since you finally regained consciousness, let up get you medical treatment.”

Darwin’s eyes, which shone fiercely, soon turned away.

Then the door opened and the waiting physician’s made their way, one after another.


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