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A Saint Who Was Adopted by the Grand Duke – Chapter 102 Bahasa Indonesia

Updated: Mar 22

“There is also a well here. Why go all the way?”

Dennis recalled the well he passed by earlier and asked in wonder.

“The water dried out here. It’s already been about three months… The adults tried asking the Temple to help several times, but nothing happened.”

“The temple doesn’t do anything right.”

Initially, it was the Temple that insisted on taking charge of the slums. Under such circumstances, they demanded huge amounts of funds every year.

The amount of wealth they would have accumulated was definitely considerable. It was astounding how the slums were left unattended until this point, with all the fortunes raised.


Esther, who was listening intently, swallowed the last bite of her potato and stood up.

“Jerome, where’s the drywell?”

“Behind that building.”

Esther’s eyes glistened, glad the location wasn’t far from this place.

“Brother Judy, come to the well with me for a while.”

“Uh? Okay.”

Judy jumped up excitedly at Esther’s request, although unaware of what they would be doing.

“I’ll come with you.”

“Please stay with Jerome.”

Esther winked Dennis’s way. She was going to utilize her mana ability, so Jerome had to stay so he wouldn’t witness her.

Among the escorts that stood at a far distance, she only motioned for Victor to follow them.

The well was stationed behind the building Jerome pointed to. The surrounding area was filled with overgrown weeds, proving the place was not managed properly.

Judy reached the well first and peered inside.

“I can’t find a single drop of water.”

“I agree.”

Esther got on her tiptoes and glanced inside too.

The well was so dry that not even a drop of water could be detected.

“But why are we here? No way… You can revive the well?”

“I’m going to try first.”

Esther grinned at the astonished Judy and knelt to touch the ground. She closed her eyes.

While she concentrated in order to detect a source of water, a flowing energy was distinguished underneath the soil.

‘There’s still water.’

Fortunately, the area wasn’t completely dry, although the main waterway was blocked by dirt and mud.

Esther opened her eyes, a contented smile on her face. She would be able to reverse the water path back to the well using her power.

Judy imitated Esther’s movement, curious what she was feeling underneath the ground.

“What happened?”

“I think it’ll be solved fine.”

Esther glanced around once more for safety measures before letting go of her overflowing mana.

After confirming no one was nearby, she directed her mana through the ground using her palm.

There seemed to be no change on the surface, but after a while, something exploded from the bottom of the well.


Seeing that the water began to spring forth, the three joined together and looked inside.

“I knew my lady was a saint candidate, but… are all candidates this talented?”

Victor muttered so with a blank face.

“I don’t think so? Ugh, why don’t I have this ability?”

Judy, aware Esther was a Saint, shamelessly replied to Victor as he observed the water rise.

But there was a problem.

The tree beside the well was pulled from its roots as it couldn’t stand the sudden rush of water.

By the time the three realized the fact, it was already after the tree began to slowly lean sideways. It happened in an instant.


“My lady!”

Judy and Victor rushed in simultaneously in an attempt to protect Esther.


However, Esther instinctively pulled herself back the moment she sensed the tree falling from above her head.

The tree was dry, so it didn’t pose a great threat, and thanks to Esther’s swift movement, everyone avoided the conflict safely.

“…You’re fast.”

“Right. I think we should train Esther.”

Victor and Judy awkwardly rubbed their shoulders that collided with each other as they tried to save Esther.

At that moment, Esther ignored the two, overcome with bewilderment at the person she witnessed before her.

There was one more person who jumped in to cover her, besides Judy and Victor.

She never expected to meet him here.

“Sir Khalid?”

“Ah… Hi. It’s been a while.”

He slowly retracted his hand, which showed he was also trying to prevent her from being hit by the tree.

“Do you know him?”

After thoroughly confirming not one inch of Esther’s body was scratched, Judy stared at Khalid.


“Huh? He was the one from the Temple…”

Victor muttered in recall of his last visit to the Temple with Esther.


Judy put his hand on his waist, unsure whether the person was sent to retrieve Esther.

“What are you doing here?”

“I had earned a few days off. As I entered the Tersian territory, I happened to see you, so I followed.”

“You came to Tersia for vacation?”

Coming to Tersia when he had no connections. Esther’s eyes were filled with suspicion.

“I heard from the Saint that you were here. I’m here to meet you.”

Khalid only stated the superficial reasons, making sure to exclude the fact that he was here to receive blood.

“I haven’t seen you in a while. Will you give me some time?”

The way he looked at Esther was quite friendly. He couldn’t help but laugh continuously at their encounter.

However, Esther adamantly refused.

“I’m sorry.”

“Huh? Why? You don’t want to talk to me even for a second?”

Khalid stuttered in embarrassment, shocked at the direct rejection.

He was ordered to receive blood, but right now he simply wished to genuinely chat with Esther.

He was happy to see her after a long time. His heart pounded at the blunt refusal.

“Yes. I won’t meet you even if you visit again, so please don’t waste your time.”

Esther’s answer remained cold even as she observed the hurt Khalid.

‘He must have been sent by Rabienne.’

Khalid was Rabienne’s person anyhow. If he had heard about Esther from Saint Rabienne, there was no way he could have arrived this far with pure intentions.

“Our Esther is doing very well. She’s much smarter than her older brother, wouldn’t you agree?”

Judy whispered to Victor as he observed the situation with his arms folded proudly.

Esther filtered everything well on her own, so Judy wasn’t required to step in.

“I think we’re done talking. Let’s go. Dennis is waiting.”

Judy pulled Esther from Khalid with a very satisfied expression on his face. He hid Esther behind him so that Khalid could not see her.

‘Did a revelation come down at the Temple?’

Esther was doubtful. When she got home, she would activate the holy water to determine her suspicions.

“I’ve told him several times that no one would like reading books, but he didn’t listen to me. I’d rather run around.”

As they approached the vacant lot, Judy clicked his tongue as Dennis read Jerome a history book on the bench.

Dennis closed the book when he saw the two returning.

“Esther, you don’t look so happy. Did something happen?”

“A while ago, Esther ran into someone she knew from the Temple.”


Esther didn’t want to talk more about Khalid, so she pretended not to hear and turned to Jerome.

“Are you having fun studying history?”

“Yes. I want to learn how to write.”

Jerome hugged the book he received from Dennis while laughing happily.

“What happened to the well?”

“Has it been fixed?”

“Really? Did Sister fix it?”

“No. When I went there, the water was already full.”

Even when Esther denied his words, Jerome’s eyes already seemed to be filled with faith in her.

“I won’t tell anyone. Who really are brothers and sister?”

Jerome’s mother recovered her health as soon as the three left, and they were even distributing food today, so he was very very curious, was what he said.

Esther replied honestly, as she had already spoken of the matter with Darwin.

“We’re from the Grand Duchy.”

“Gasp. Did the Grand Duke hire brothers and sister to help us?”

There was a bit of a misunderstanding, but she didn’t bother to correct him because it would be better if he thought that way.

“Yes. When people ask you who we are, just say that. That way, they will know the Temple wasn’t the cause of this.”

First off, she wanted to break the people from the illusion of the Temple even if it was only limited to Tersian territory.

“Okay, sister.”

The three accompanied Jerome home and boarded the wagon they had placed nearby to return home.


A sigh left Esther’s mouth as she held her chin and stared out the window on their way home.

Whenever that happened, Judy and Dennis would exchange glances.

‘I think she’s in a bad mood.’

‘Yeah. She’s totally down.’

‘Should we take her there?’

‘That’d be a good idea.’

As the two swapped conversations while lip syncing, they stopped the carriage in an attempt to relieve Esther’s mood.

“Esther, get off the carriage for a second.”


Once she hopped off, a large bakery appeared in front of her.

Esther tilted her head and followed her brothers into the store.

As the door opened, a sweet smell permeated her nose. Esther’s eyes began to glisten.


Esther’s eyelashes fluttered as she placed her hands against the glass display that presented a delicious looking cake.

She stared blankly, as if possessed. Saliva formed inside her mouth.

Judy spread his shoulders triumphantly and said.

“Choose whatever you like. This brother will get it for you.”


“Of course.”

Esther’s desserts were frequently made by the patissiers at home, but there were many more categories of sweets she had seen for the first time today.

Esther’s eyes twinkled as she wandered the store to choose her dessert.

‘Everything looks delicious.’

If she could, she’d take a bite from everything here, but Esther made sure to choose carefully as she was limited to a certain amount.

She soon picked up her dessert after much consideration.

“Did you finish choosing?”

Judy received the plate from Esther. She nodded vigorously and headed towards the counter.

He shoved his hand into his pocket to appear cool and lavish when…


Judy’s expression darkened. No matter how desperately he scoured his pockets, the money he was searching for didn’t reach his fingers.

“What the heck? The money… I don’t have it.”


Dennis frowned while gazing pathetically at Judy.


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