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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 95: Season of the Harvest (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 95-Season of the Harvest (1)

During the half a year spent as Klinssman, Kang Min-hyuk experienced a lot. In the past, Klinssman’s knowledge was the focus, so the class was neglected, but now he actively used the royal magic academy’s educational environment. After school, he accepted the wizards’ challenges and shared information by talking with those who wanted a taste of his power. He realized how far his renown had spread when a farmer said he wanted to grab a sword instead of farm equipment and brought it up with Kang Min-hyuk.

“People call me Daenong. I was born into a poor family…do you know how I got to where I am? It’s a secret, but I am not worried about a poor crop. There is a famous place in the world full of mana power. Many miracles happen there. People usually leave after getting a spirit like ‘Sansam’ in Myeongdang, but the true power lies in the land. I fertilize that land. Since Myeongdang is not large, its yield is limited, so the power of Myeongdang is put into fertilizer. Then, that year’s harvest inevitably becomes a big hit.”

The farmer was quite rich. He wanted to gain strength himself and offered great sums of money in exchange for Klinssman’s skills. Kang Min-hyuk did not want a price. He simply had a conversation with the farmer, and when he taught him the basics of reinforcement, he told him his secret. It was one of countless experiences.

The farmer’s words reminded Kang Min-hyuk of a possibility. ‘Myeongdang. According to the farmer’s description, the energy of Myeongdang directly affected the crops. What if it was put into magic? The mana room attracts mana even in a neutral environment. What if the mana room in the great hall was used? Wouldn’t the effect be great? It was a possibility.

Once recovered, Kang Min-hyuk met with new people. A few days later, he was confronted by Max Plank – a fifth circle wizard who surprised Min-hyuk by being self-taught. Following their confrontation, they held a heartfelt conversation.

“I was so envious of the people of the Royal Academy. Blessed from birth, they have an environment in which to grow as wizards. But not now. They spend a ton of money every day to train in their mana room, but nature has an alternative. If you repeat the training to accept mana there, you can get a comparable effect, if not as much as the mana room. That’s how I was able to reach the fifth circle.”

They were helpful words. Kang Min-hyuk gained knowledge through school classes, while the world gains experience through interaction with people. Accepting the wizard’s challenge, he learned about his battle experience and how various wizards grew. Even a single magical discipline was divided into hundreds of paths depending on who used it. Kang Min-hyuk started drawing new pictures in his mind with the information he had obtained after the duel contest. He would analyze magic, think about how to destroy magic, and think about how to become stronger. The half-year passed so fast.

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