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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 88 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 88: The Way Two Civilizations Fight (2)

After the preliminary round, a strange smile found its way to Kang Min-hyuk’s face.

[Klinssman: 60th. Advance to the finals]

Only 64 participants had been selected for the finals, and Klinssman had made the cut. Min-hyuk knew how to deal with Armadillo, and Klinssman’s body was even stronger than before, so he had confidence in his abilities. The result was tight, though…from 60th place to 64th, the rankings were divided by 2-3 seconds. The 65th participant’s time was five minutes and four seconds, so if Kang Min-hyuk took ever so slightly longer, he would have failed.

The fact that the magical civilization’s wizards were stronger than expected made Kang Min-hyuk feel excited rather than humiliated. These wizards were the future – it was a prospect he felt oddly comforted by. The wizard to take first place was Elisha, and her results were astounding. One minute and forty-eight seconds, it had taken her. The record screamed of blood and laughter.

No matter how fast he was, and even if Jeong Pan-ho had taken the test in his place, he couldn’t deal with 30 Armadillos so swiftly. It was a monster-like record. Among the people ahead of Kang Min-hyuk, there were several fourth circle wizards. It was clear that the magical civilization was ahead of the fortified civilization when defeating many enemies.

Kang Min-hyuk was glad to have passed, regardless of his slightly disappointing grade. After he checked out the wizards’ stats, he experienced a sincere desire to stick with them. However, while Kang Min-hyuk was admiring the wizards’ records, they reacted even more emphatically to his. They had all assumed that he would be eliminated – the twist of events was shocking.

“Klinssman made it to the finals!?”

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