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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 37: The Obscure Reality (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 37: The Obscure Reality (2)

The new generation of wizards and warriors worked within a different structure to how things were done traditionally. As monsters manifested and the fortified civilization blossomed, trained warriors rose through the ranks to reach the position of absolute power. The seniors of the swordsmanship department offered these instructions to the first-year students:

“You must strengthen the bonds between warrior and wizard in the joint class. You are equals now, but you will be far superior as soon as you step out of education and into society. You have a privileged starting point compared to the magical students.”

The early days of the joint class were prosperous. It was extremely useful for laying the groundwork so that students knew what to expect from a hunt. They could learn the team dynamic and adapt to their role within that. However, as the divisions between the two departments grew, it became a vastly different experience. For the swordsmanship students, the joint classes were little more than a way to assert their dominance, reinforcing the difference between physical ability and magic so that they could realize the position of Eul.

Lee Jang-hoo’s expression hardened. There was nothing to refute from Kang Min-hyuk’s analysis.

The party reacted as though Kang Min-hyuk had taught them nothing they didn’t already know. They had no idea. Due to dungeon training’s impulsive arrangement, nobody had time to research its contents, so lizard-men was a relatively new team concept. However, they were known to be a fairly simple opponent. None of the warriors had considered how they would work with the wizard – they were unsure of the role that he would take. Usually, as soon as the blue aura burst from the sword, a wizard’s role was dispensable.

The first-year swordsmen and sorcerers were the same age and applied the same effort to their studies. They grew up similarly; the only difference lay in the paths they chose. Kang Min-hyuk, however, was different. The overlap he’d experienced due to his background in Suhomun meant he’d tasted both worlds. He wasn’t surprised by the way Lee Jang-hoo and his party reacted to him; he’d seen the same look countless times before.

As the successor to Suhomun, he’d dealt with many monsters, not just lizard-men, but a great variety of opponents. He learned quickly about these monsters’ characteristics and how to attack them to achieve the greatest level of injury. He spoke,

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