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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 36: The Obscure Reality (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 36: The Obscure Reality (1)

Sang-hoon is the most proficient wizard in the department of magic.

What is his most difficult class?

Lee Hak-beom’s basic theory? Baek Dong-seok’s practical lessons? No…it is Kang Min-hyuk’s lessons that challenge him on the deepest level. Kang Min-hyuk becomes a tiger as he teaches him.

“Watch this! Doubles casting is a way to use mana memory. The magic you’ve used is constantly reborn in your mana, keeping it clear enough to handle complex processes. That doesn’t mean you can put blind faith in mana memory. In the end, your faith must lie in yourself: you complete the casting. If you perform the cast while fiercely rotating the circle’s mana, your double-casting will be much faster. The meaning of magic is the act of creating something new through merging your body’s mana with outside forces. But what if you could utilize the mana of nature? The pressure on your body to produce maximum mana is reduced – you can use nature’s energy to help your making of magic. So, starting today, we’ll focus on that.”

Sang-hoon was shaken. Methods of fast casting by mana rotation and assimilating nature’s mana completely defied everything he knew about magic. He had many questions at first. It is a wizard’s nature to be curious and Sang-hoon harassed Kang Min-hyuk until he could understand. Kang Min-hyuk never hesitated to answer.

In the end, through constant validation of Min-hyuk’s higher knowledge, he could no longer see him as a classmate.

“The man is a monster!”

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