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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 18: Magical Conference (6) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 18: Magical Conference (6)

A slow clap began to rise. Soon, the applause spread throughout the whole room, as if it was a highly contagious disease. People jumped to their feet and shouted:


“What a fantastic presentation!”

“Well done!”

“This is groundbreaking!”

The audience was not made up of ordinary people—it was made up of fellow Wizards and academics who had a direct stake in the information Min-Hyuk had presented and who fully understood the implications it had. Impressing them was noteworthy. Min-Hyuk was very pleased with himself.

The Magic community was small. The presentation had gone well, and those who had some influence over what became widely known about Magic were all in the room; the concept of Double Casting would soon become common knowledge. For a topic that was considered nearly impossible, this was fantastic news.

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