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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 107: Special One (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 107-Special One (1)

Upon opening his eyes, Kang Min-hyuk surveyed the white ceiling of a hospital room.

‘I lived.’

He laughed, though pain still racked his ribs. His physical condition wasn’t as severe as suspected: there were no signs of a significant chest-wound; luckily, it was just punctured flesh. He was able to recover quickly thanks to the wizards who had been waiting in advance. Medical magic was an exceptional power – a real game-changer. Even though he had not undergone surgery, Kang Min-hyuk knew that he did not need any further treatment.

His injuries were shallow; the main reason Kang Min-hyuk lost consciousness was due to the mental shock and side effects of spirit instinct that occurred when his mana depleted. Also, as physical exhaustion came, Kang Min-hyuk wasn’t forced to hold onto consciousness.

‘Perhaps it’s impossible to fight my father with only five circles?’

The duel could have ended faster if Kang Deok-cheol had made up his mind. Kang Min-hyuk chose the path of a prepared performance, but he battled in vain against Kang Deok-cheol. There was nothing strange about the result – it was as Min-hyuk expected: Kang Deok-cheol could only be defeated by a seventh circle wizard accompanied by a golem. Deok-cheol’s power corresponded to approximately eight circles, but a golem heightened a wizard’s ability.

Go Young-cheol sped to the hospital as soon as he heard of Kang Min-hyuk’s awakening. At first, he was anxious, but his concern faded into a grin upon seeing his condition.

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