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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 106 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 106

Although many suspected Kang Min-hyuk to challenge the guardian gate, much speculation remained as to who would stand as his opponent. There were many prospective candidates – one of the favorites being Lee Jun-ho.

“Maybe Lee Joon-ho is influential? Kang Min-hyuk, representing the past, and Lee Jun-ho standing as an emblem of the future would be more than a battle – if Lee Jun-ho defeated Kang Min-hyuk, the symbolism would be profound.”

It seemed to be an appropriate match. Lee Jun-ho was a known genius and exceptionally gifted with a blade, but his ability to defeat Kang Min-hyuk was debatable. Cheon Mu-baek was mightier than Lee Jun-ho, so would the golden generation’s frontrunner be too much of a gamble for Suhomun?

Another option was Jeong Pan-ho.

Jeong Pan-ho would play the role of gatekeeper properly. Most people agreed that Cheon Mu-baek was a class below Jeong Pan-ho. Even when attacking the S-Class Dungeon Dark City, Pan-ho showed tremendous power to defeat the transcendental Death Knight alone. At that time, Kang Min-hyuk’s performance wasn’t bad, but Jeong Pan-ho’s skill in battle exceeded his.

Jeong Pan-ho seemed to be the ablest person to clear up the situation without compromising Kang Deok-cheol’s honor. The public also mentioned another possibility:

Could it be that the Guardian Swordsman himself could stand?

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